Dark Souls III Looks Absolutely Fantastic in 11 Minutes of Brand New and Brutal Gameplay

Today, those who held strong through the excruciating ordeal of an actress trying (and failing) to beat a Dark Souls boss over and over during a livestream, were rewarded with a glimpse on 11 minutes of brand new gameplay of Dark Souls III.

During the livestream, we got to see sword & shield, mace, bastard sword and scimitar gameplay, and it looked really, really good.

You can check it out in the videos below, while we wait for the release on April 12th for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Japanese console gamers will get it on March 24th).

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  • crash bandicoot

    Cant fuck1ng wait for this game

  • AdriaanDR

    Is it just me or is this guy really bad at this?

    • mooshroom

      Only watched the first one so far. But I don’t think he’s good, but not as bad as you’re thinking. He’s really focused on showing off specific abilities and not on playing properly.

      • AdriaanDR

        Check out video 4 and 5… I don’t even know what he’s trying to do there, show off how easy it is to miss enemies? Prove that trying out a heavy attack while surrounded by 3 enemies will get you killed?

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Gotta love Souls elitists 😀

          • AdriaanDR

            Well I was just expecting a gameplay demo to include at least a part of somebody playing the game without getting hammered by (relatively easy) enemies every 10 seconds :p Apologies.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            He’s a PR. His task is to show the game and entertain the audience, not to be good at the game 😀

          • Octavio Valdez

            While I agree with you, he could have also used the opportunity to show some of the cool moves a player could pull off, so people see how the game encourages you to try out all the moves the weapons can offer combined with the new weapon arts. Still the game looks awesome can’t wait to give it a run

          • mooshroom

            But the point of these videos is to show off the battle/weapon arts. Notice how pretty much every attack he’s using are the battle arts?
            Though one thing to point out to AdriaanDR is that’s why this guy is sucking, he’s ONLY using battle arts. Imagine trying to play Bloodborne using only transforming attacks or Dark Souls using only forward-R2s. Pretty much everyone would suck.

          • Badouken

            Pretty sure no one would flawlessly play these kinda games going in fresh / not knowing whats going to happen… so I’m not sure what some people are expecting 😛

          • mooshroom

            Except this guy isn’t fresh, he knows what’s happening. He ain’t no noob.

        • mooshroom

          Trying to show off the Battle Art of the mace, which seems to grant the player extra poise and makes attacks while the buff is active deal more poise damage.

  • Sunny11

    I’ll buy the Dark Souls 3 Complete edition with all DLC that will release by the end of the year, im more hyped for NI-OH!

    • kurdishcurse

      True dat! Ni ohs devs (amazingly, same devs that made the glorious ninja gaiden) stated that darj souls and ninja gaiden were an insperation to ni ohs development. Which i am more than happy about. My only concern is that the bastard that made ninja gaiden 3 is working on it too. Hopefully enemy/environment/weapon/armor variety is atleast on par with demons souls or bloodborne, Not to mention game length.

      • Sunny11

        Didn’t the NG3 dev heard about the complaints etc but yeah from seeing all the NI-OH gameplay trailers so far it looks really promising 🙂

  • Leia Hart

    Day one collectors edition already preordered. I’m going through Bloodborne withdrawl!

    • Emir Gacevic

      Hahaha same with bloodborne,did the dlc…third time beating the game,got the secret ending,am at lvl 150 atm. 😀 best game of this generation by far !

  • uchihalordxX

    Alright!! hypedd (‘: i’ve been in NG+5 in bloodborne so i have this feeling that darksouls3 is gonna be much harder.

    • MrTouchyMan

      Cadis Etrama Di Raizel-Nim…!!

      What are you doing in here?

  • CrusaderForever No Regret

    Holy, just got done watching the video 1 and this looks very good. I get a massive Demon’s Souls vibe from this. I did very good in Demon’s Souls but struggle in Bloodborne. I am terrible at remembering to heal myself HAHA! Will have to play Bloodborne again some day. I hope Dark Souls comes to PSNow at some point. Would like to give that a try.

  • LeerEndLos

    Hopely it will arrive at SteamOS later…who knows!

    #GoVegan #Steam

  • WryMouthX

    Got 2 pre-orders made for XO. Getting all 3 games on one console is a seller for me. TOo bad they didn’t provide a digital code for the collectors edition.

  • Emir Gacevic

    Why is there no limited dark souls 3 ps4 !? 🙁 i sold my normal ps4,so ill buy the uncharted or batman…dont know which?!?!

  • kurdishcurse

    Nothin new here. Atleast dont lie in your posts man. God dammit.

    • mooshroom

      New scimitar (single, not the dual-wield one) gameplay and bastard sword footage.

  • Aaron blanchard

    Wow, looks like dark souls. What’s new other than graphics?

    • DonEmu

      Enemies, Bosses, Weapons, Armors, Locations, Lore

      • mooshroom

        Don’t forget the new mechanics.
        And I guess new characters could be lumped in with new lore.

  • You made it to GameSpot’s website! 🙂

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I believe someone just called me a “youtuber” ^_^;;;


  • Ok, think I’m going to get this after seeing the speed of attacks in video 2… Will see 🙂

  • Horice Norice

    This gives me worries. Is it me or have the graphics been downgraded. Certainly the lighting has changed completely from the demos.

    • mooshroom

      No, the game is at the highest brightness setting, for one, which would make the lighting look off (does the exact same thing in Bloodborne), plus you’re watching a capture from a livestream, so the quality is not at its best.
      But the character animation are vastly superior to what they were and the blood spatter effects are sharper than they used to be.

    • Xankar

      No downgrade, game just looks choppy because it’s a recording of a twitch video that was then uploaded to YouTube. You can expect some pretty big video quality drops from that. Also, yeah, brightness was really up there which affects the lighting.

  • Lady Maria

    GOTY for sure, but i want Bloodborne 2!!!

  • animalovich


  • Bryan King

    Looks like Bloodborne, pretty awesome! Something about the aesthetic of Bb makes it a little bit better though… that wetness on everything!

  • theshavenwookie

    Praise the moon.

    • Big Boss

      Wrong game. Bloodborne 2 won’t be out for a while