List of E3 2016 Publishers and Developers Released: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Lead the Charge

The ESA just published the first list of participants to E3 2016, and of course the big three Sony, Microosft and Nintendo lead the charge, followed by many of the biggest publishers like Activision, Bethesda, Take-Two, Electronic Arts, Square Enix and many more.

You can read the full list below, keeping in mind that this might just be a first draft, and that more might be added down the line. Others might still be present, but as guests of bigger publishers like Sony or Microsoft.

Participating to E3 also doesn’t provide hints on what kind of presence a company will have. For instance we know that Electronic Arts won’t have a booth this year, but will have rooms for press meeting. We also still don’t know whether Nintendo will hold a press conference this year, with the advent of the NX, instead of sticking to their now established livestreamed format.

  • 505 Games
  • Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Alienware
  • ASTRO Gaming
  • BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc.
  • Behaviour Interactive
  • Bethesda
  • Bigben Interactive
  • BlackJack Studio
  • Capcom U.S.A., Inc.
  • Crytek GmbH
  • Cubicle Ninjas
  • Deckbound
  • Deep Silver, Inc.
  • DGL Toys
  • dreamGEAR, LLC
  • Electronics Arts
  • Epic Games Inc.
  • Focus Home Interactive
  • Gaijin Entertainment
  • Gameforge
  • GameSpot
  • Goodgame Studios
  • Grey Box
  • GungHo Online Entertainment Inc.
  • HORI USA Inc.
  • Hyperkin, Inc.
  • IGN
  • Immerex
  • InComm
  • Innex, Inc.
  • InnoGames
  • KOEI TECMO Games
  • Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
  • Maximum Games
  • Mecca Electronics
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Natsume Inc.
  • Nexon America, Inc.
  • Nintendo of America Inc.
  • NVIDIA Corporation
  • Nyko Technologies
  • Oculus
  • Performance Designed Products
  • Phononic
  • Plantronics
  • Prima Games
  • Razer
  • RDS Industries Inc.
  • SEGA Europe
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited
  • Square Enix, Inc.
  • SteelSeries
  • Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
  • Telltale Games
  • Tencent America LLC
  • Tobii
  • Twitch
  • Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Virtuix Inc.
  • Virtuos
  • Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • XPEC Entertainment Inc.
  • XSEED Games

Something I find quite interesting is the presence of CD projekt RED. The last expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Blood and Wine, will probably be released before the event. Could they be ready to show off Cyberpunk 2077? Time will tell.

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  • Vagineer1

    I see no Level-5.

  • Squalllionhart

    Zelda wii u HYPE!

  • Hearthwing

    Nintendo has a chance to just blow everyone away this year. Pokemon Sun/Moon. New 3D Mario, Zelda, NX. They have some cards there.

    • TristanPR77

      I am afraid those cards while are good, Wil not blow everyone away.

      • Tmfwang


      • Hearthwing

        They have in the past. They could easily win game of the show.

        • rsco6969

          But does it really matter who “wins” don’t get me wrong I’m excited too hear more about a new console from Nintendo and to see what developers are signing up to support it, but the premise of “win” is completely subjective take for instance if you are only interested in Sony or Microsoft then Nintendo most definitely will not “win” anything, if on the other hand your love heart is Nintendo then regardless what they show off will instantly make them “win” maybe we as games should be more focuses on the bigger picture and see what games are coming out to all systems and judge E3 based on the quality of the titles shown.

    • Sunny11

      Not a single new IP.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        You never know. They could pull out another Splatoon (and I don’t mean Splatoon II, just another new IP like Splatoon, even if Splatoon 2 would not surprise me).

        • Sunny11

          Yeah but for Nintendo so far and few between…

        • YuriFan

          Splatoon 2 would be nice.
          It still shows that Nintendo can still come up with Creative ideas even in a generation that’s flooded with shooters.

      • Hearthwing

        Who cares. Not everything revolves around new IP, sometimes it is about giving people what they want. They want Pokemon, Mario, Zelda.

        • WTGHookshot

          Like they gave people a Metroid that they wanted? Or an Eternal Darkness 2?

          Or even with those existing IPs, where is the full title console Pokemon game people have been wanting since the very first set of Pokemon games released?

          I love Nintendo, but they don’t always give people what they want…

          • Hearthwing

            Do not be a moron. Nintendo has more IP that people want than any other publisher in the industry.

            Luigi’s Mansion 2
            Kid Icarus
            Punch Out
            2d Mario
            Star Fox
            Sin & Punishment

            Nintendo brings back more IP than anyone.
            “where is the full title console Pokemon game people have been wanting since the very first set of Pokemon games released?”

            A small minority want this. The audience is on handhelds.

          • TeLin特林

            “A small minority want this. The audience is on handhelds.”

            Look, man. You don’t know this. There never has been a full-fledged pokemon game on a console(full-fledged. Not watered down pokemon stadium, photoshoot, or that other gamecube game). So, unless you have some data that shows that a majority have said they DON’T want a version on consoles…

            And also…if they put it on consoles and made it appeal to both Pokemon fans that have a nintendo console as well as a few changes to bring over some JRPG fans(which wouldn’t be too hard, don’t need many changes. Just a slightly deeper story) then they could have a hit.

          • Hearthwing

            GameFreak has said the audience is on handhelds, they do the research, they know.

          • TeLin特林

            You have any data? Or just mimicking their opinion?

            Because there are plenty of jrpgs on consoles that prove otherwise. Just look at Ni No Kuni, which many Pokemon fans held in high esteem.

          • Hearthwing

            I love Ni No Kuni, the sales are pathetic compared to Pokemon. There has never been a Pokemon like console JRPG that has been a smash hit.

          • TeLin特林

            An original iP gets 1.5 million sales is pathetic….thererfore Pokemon on consoles would also have pathetic sales?

            The Wiiu has “pathetic” sales compared to the other consoles. See how obnoxious that is(I would imagine so since you are a Nintendo defender).

            They need to start casting a wider net.

          • Hearthwing

            Compared to Pokemon it is. There vision is a game you can take with you. period. For someone so anti censorship, you seem to not care about a devs vision when it suits you. I love the hypocrisy.

          • TeLin特林

            I’m not censoring them.

            Look up the definition.

            And like I said in another comment, they’ve made plenty of other Pokemon games on the console.

          • Hearthwing

            And I showed you they never want to put main games on consoles, side games are different. You only care about a devs vision when it suits you.

          • TeLin特林

            A “side” game can be similar to the main game.

            Stop repeating that obnoxious last sentence.

            Gamefreak doesn’t have to make the damn game.

          • Hearthwing

            A side game by definition is not like the main game.

            Is Mystery Dungeon like the main game?

          • TeLin特林

            Is Persona like SMT I, II, Iii, etc? Lol try again.

          • Hearthwing

            You are comparing gamefreak to ATLUS. Apples to oranges.

            Atlus made no such statement about only handheld games, just about the etrian series

          • TeLin特林

            You mean rpgs to rpgs. Lol

            You did start your comment talking about spinoff being dissimilar vs similar.

          • TeLin特林

            You said rpgs…you compare how a game was dissimilar. Stop moving the goal post.

          • Hearthwing

            you are making very little sense. GameFreak laid out what they wanted to do which is different than Atlus.

          • TeLin特林

            “you are making very little sense”

            Says the guy who doesn’t know what the word similar/spin off means.

            “GameFreak laid out what they wanted to do which is different than Atlus.”

            And? GameFreak doesn’t own Pokemon. Not even a majority. Pokemon spin off games have been made. By other companies. Nintendo and the Pokemon company(and even Gamefreak if they want to give input) could make a console version that is similar to the mainline games, while being similar.

            I’m not telling them what to do. I’m not bad mouthing them for not doing so.

            You are so far up yours and Nintendo’s a$s that you can’t even discuss hypotheticals without worrying about “offending” gamefreak.

            “Oh, no! Vecha wants pokemon taken away from Gamefreak! Oh…there were spinoffs?! Well they didn’t do well! And one was an rpg! Oh, it wasn’t similar? Well a spinoff isn’t supposed to be similar! Oh, Atlus has similar spinoff games?! Well! Gamefreak has laid out plans and Don’t you dare take away pokemon away from them!”

            You’re the one with circular logic.

            It’s a hypothetical. No, gamefreak doesn’t need to make it. No, it wouldn’t be “taking it away” from gamefreak if a spin off was made. No, a spin off doesn’t have to be vastly different. And NO a similar spin off wouldn’t be taking away the main game.

            I don’t give a $hit what a developer or publisher has said in the past about the main game. $hit changes and this is a hypothetical situation.

            There have been spin offs, even rpg-like spin offs. We don’t know if it would only sell 2 million copies, especially if they stayed closer to the handheld formulas with some changes(seeing as you’re A-ok with changes in other pokemon spin offs…including Nintendo, gamefreak, etc).

            Atlus and gamefreak aren’t the same. But the analogy works as they make Jrpgs with spin offs to the mainline games(gamefreak more on the lite side).

            And this has NOTHING to do with self-censorship in localized games.

            Did I cover anything? Or is there another bug that’s crawled up your as$ that’s paranoid about twitter “activists” like “gamers” gate?

          • TeLin特林

            They both have main games and spin offs. Atlus has some spin offs that have less to do with SMT and some that are nearly identical.

          • TeLin特林

            Persona is very similar and like the main game.

            A side game doesn’t have to be like or unlike the main game. Try again.

          • Hearthwing

            Persona is not that similar to the main game. No dating elements, first of all.

            Nobody said it did, you keep changing your argument.

          • TeLin特林

            Really…that’s it? Doesn’t have a dating element means it’s not “that” similar?

            So, let me get this straight, to you, to be “similar” it needs to be exact?

            Jesus man….

            I replied to YOUR argument that Pokken is enough since it’s a spin off.

            I stated a spin off can be similar to the main game.

            Now you’re gonna dice out the differences of persona and SMT(along with the other SMT spin offs I’m guessing)?

            Dude…you really need a dictionary.

            You know good and well people want a Pokemon game on the consoles that is similar to the handhelds. Doesn’t need to be an exact copy, but not a poor man’s pokemon either.

          • Hearthwing

            A minority of people do. More people want them on handhelds.

          • TeLin特林

            Show me the data. You still have yet to do so. Gamefreak “assuring” me does nothing.

            Especially when “minority” can mean anything….in addition to how much the spin offs sell. Even with the ones on the console reaching only 1-2 million.

            And you continue to repeat yourself instead of addressing my reply to your new obnoxious comment.

          • Hearthwing

            The pokemon spinoffs sell 1/10th of the main games

          • TeLin特林

            And your point is?

            The spin offs aren’t similar to the main games.

            You love cherry picking with your replies.

            Nice little troll.

          • TeLin特林

            Thought you’d might like to see this:


            QUOTE: “But there are a lot of people who want a home console version, we know. Especially now with internet features that let people battle and trade. But the way that handhelds allow people to come together… if we could figure out a way to make that happen on consoles it would be an option on the future, but right now that’s just not possible. If you’ve ever been in the audience at the Pokémon World Championships, that’s my ideal for Pokémon, all these people gathering together and playing with each other. If there were a way that a console could enable that, it might be an option, but right now, handheld it is.”

            “BUT THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO WANT A HOME CONSOLE VERSION, WE KNOW” Thought I’d rub that in a little heh

            Doesn’t seem like they are as butthurt over a possible console game like you think.

            And also looks like a hint at NX being a hybrid…or Nintendo may have a hybrid console/handheld in the future.

            Kinda like with Dragon Quest PS4/3DS…almost.

          • Hearthwing

            And yet they will not do it. Have you ever heard of pandering to an interview?

          • TeLin特林

            “heard of pandering to an interview?”

            Ah…so you only trust them when it suits you. 🙂

          • Hearthwing

            The truth is in the action. Are Sun/Moon Wii U games? No.

          • TeLin特林

            The point flew over your head. You spew nonsense that they’d never go portable due to that most people supposedly wouldn’t want, or gamefreak would never …

            I showed you a quote where he acknowledges that many do want it.

            I went over a couple analogies.

            I tried to have a discussion. But your only interested in oneliner troll bait.

            And then you say, “fact is its not on Wii u” as if to say…what? That they didn’t make a console version? It doesn’t prove it couldn’t or wouldn’t work.

            Jeez you’re truly something.

            Later Mr. Gamergater. Hope you sign up for a logic class.

          • Hearthwing

            What points are you making? You are a hypocrite who seems to not understand basic points about GameFriek.

          • Hearthwing

            You are living a dreamworld. At this years Pokemon Championships, the question was asked about a potential console game and they laughed it off.

          • TeLin特林

            And you’re living in a banned world.

          • Hearthwing

            We do not know what NX is. Nice treating rumor as fact there.

          • TeLin特林

            And you ignored the quote.

            Reading comprehension with paragraphs ain’t so strong?

          • Hearthwing

            GameFreak, the devs behind the main series, have not done console games. You do not even know anything about the series at all……………

          • TeLin特林

            By “they” I’m including Nintendo. They own 33is percent of the pokemon company.

            Those dots help you feel more comfortable with your argument?

          • Hearthwing

            Wii U’s sales are pathetic compared to PS4. That is just a fact. You need to stop being so afraid of facts.

          • TeLin特林

            I’ve continued to mention facts and data. You haven’t.

          • Hearthwing

            You have not mentioned a single fact or data.

    • sawao_yama

      Same can apply with Sony or Microsoft with new or established IPs. You don’t have to be a fanboy to see that all three publishers have a chance to blow everyone away.

      • Hearthwing

        Not this year. This is looking like 2010/11

        • sawao_yama

          Sure it is -_-

        • WTGHookshot

          They definitely have the chance.

          Sony has Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dreams, Uncharted 4 single player DLC, Detroit: Become Human, Sony Bend’s new game, Santa Monica’s new God of War game, The Last Guardian, Playstation VR and all the games coming to it, Sucker Punch’s new game, Sony San Diego’s new non-MLB: The Show game, Sony Japan Studio’s new game, Final Fantasy VII Remake footage, the rumored new Crash Bandicoot game, potential third party exclusive games like Agent, Shenmue III, and other IPs we haven’t even yet heard of, etc.

          Microsoft could have a bit too, depending on who they’ve worked with. Potentially, we could be seeing a Lost Odyssey sequel from Mistwalker.

          • Hearthwing

            Does not look like it to me. If Nintendo Drops a new console, it is over.

            Nintendo already every E3 is usually the hitmaker for a site. IGN pretty much always reports Nintendo news being the most popular.

          • BlackestNight63

            I’ve seen Nintendo drop the ball for me when it comes to console unveilings. I had hope for Wii U when it was announced and then when they showed it, I was utterly disappointed. They need to blow me away to get me on board.

          • Prizm

            Yeah, I think the general public is more apprehensive about Nintendo these days. Nintendo of Japan needs to get its head out of the clouds and get in touch with today’s gaming culture. I’d love to throw my money at the NX, as long as it’s the right kind of machine.

          • BlackestNight63

            You’ve read my mind. The new president is looking to change things so I want to see what he can pull off.

          • mechlord

            Yeah…lets stop mentioning the last guardian. it makes sony look bad.

          • WTGHookshot

            How so? If you are talking about how long it’s taken to come out, that’s less to do with being bad at making the game but more that Team ICO are perfectionists and Sony lets their studios do what they want for the most part. Also, Diablo III, Final Fantasy XV, Team Fortress 2, Starcraft II, and many others have taken long times and barely no one is going “Blizzard, you guys are terrible.” or “Valve, you suck! 11 years to make Team Fortress 2? What a joke!” So, why does The Last Guardian get so much scrutiny?

          • TeLin特林

            “Microsoft could have a bit too, depending on who they’ve worked with. Potentially, we could be seeing a Lost Odyssey sequel from Mistwalker.”

            Don’t you f*cking dare get my hopes up! Don’t you dare! XD!

            (Also if MS gets that on the Xbone…please add backwards compatibility along with it. Along with Blue Dragon. And I wouldn’t mind a BD2 or a similiar themed game like it. Though if I recall correctly, it was the leaked like).

  • DEO エリヤデボンオットリ

    Yeah Take Twoooooooahhhh GTAV story content I hope fingers crossed.

    • crash bandicoot

      Or a new read dead

      • Thank You Based Nippon

        Or new Bully?

        • Negi Springfield

          Or new LA.Noire?

          • The Ahegao Master

            Can’t we just have them all :(?

          • palasta .

            No. Only Agent. 😛

          • TallSilhouette


      • L3AK3D

        Hopefully/fingers crossed for a new Red Dead

        • Patricia Chan

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        Read Dead Reademption 2 <3

    • WTGHookshot

      They already stated they cancelled their single player content plans.

  • tom

    maybe persona 5 and ff XV take all spotlight, and hopefuly some new titles from capcom,SCEA,and SCEE

  • YuriFan

    Konami still goes to these things?

    • Sunny11


      • doplerradar

        They probably still make that soccer game.

  • Subject_17

    Man, I love E3.
    CD PROJEKT RED = Cyberpunk 2077?

    • L3AK3D

      It might also just have to do with Witcher 3 stuff.

      • DLConspiracy//

        Let us dream…. 🙂

  • Thatguy

    Blizzards’ so damn big they have to throw their own convention.

    • WTGHookshot

      Eh, it’s more that they don’t want to share the spotlight, not necessarily size. After all, Blizzard has less than a handful of games announced. It’s just they make an event out of it.

      Similar to Bethesda/id with Quakecon.

      • Thatguy

        It was a sarcastic truth you can say.

  • Larry Wright

    Hopefully Nintendo shows off and gives a release date for their new console. As for Sony, a release date for TLG and RIME would be nice.

  • Rob

    Square Enix. 🙂

  • Jeffrey B

    Atlus!..Persona 5!
    CDProjektRED..Cyberpunk 2077!
    Take Two… Red Dead Redemption Remastered?…The Warriors? lol
    KONAMI.. Silent Hills Pachinko Machine! hypehype

    • TeLin特林

      I’m worried Atlus will pull a, “so sorry…delayed.”

      Please let me be wrong.

      Also…RDR2. Remastered is fine, but rather have a sequel. Especially since the Xbone is getting(most likely after leaks) the backwards compatibility added(Guess Rockstar could try to do a simple remaster for the ps4.)

      And I highly, highly doubt we’ll see Cyberpunk 2077 so soon since they said they didn’t like spilling the beans too soon with both Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk. But hey, I’m alright with being wrong.

      And F*cuk Konami.

  • LDS

    Did I just see Alienware’s on the list???

  • TeLin特林

    Giuseppe Nelva….your fanboyism is showing.

    Why do you only show PS4/Xbone in the image?


  • Iggy452001

    cd projekt red did mention that they may be ready to release Cyberpunk in 2016, but even if its a spring 2017 this is the big show to showcase it.
    red dead 2 would be awesome as well, may be why there was no story dlc for gta, everyone was working on red. wonder what the online half of that would be like.

    • VersaType

      *Red Dead 3. There’s been two games in the franchise: Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption.


    Mass Effect Andromeda & RE7 where are you ??? ♥ ❤ ❥ 🙂

  • Hearthwing

    Nintendo’s potential to announce a 3D Mario is amazing.

  • 2B

    lol konami.
    can’t wait to see all the mobile games