Sony Discontinues Shipments of PlayStation Vita TV in Japan

Sony added to the official Japanese listing of the PlayStation Vita TV, or PlayStation TV as it’s called in the west, the label “出荷完了,” which translates to “End of Shipments.” This means that shipping of the home console spin-off of the PS Vita will be discontinued in the country.

This applies to both the stand-alone PS Vita TV and to the “Value Pack” with DualShock 3 and memory card.


PlayStation Vita TV, or PlayStation TV, as it was called in the west, was never a successful product in Japan. The latest known numbers by Media Create, dated January 3rd, indicate its lifetime sales in the country at 185,452 since its launch on November 14th, 2013. The firm stopped providing separate numbers since, possibly knowing of the upcoming discontinuation.

While the concept was certainly interesting (and I personally play my PS Vita TV more than my portable Vita), sales were definitely hindered by the fact that developers often launched their games without PS Vita TV compatibility, due to the necessity of implementing dedicated controls that didn’t make use of the touch screen and rear pad.

This does not mean that the console will disappear from the Japanese shelves immediately, as it might take a while for stocks to be completely gone, but only four units remain at the moment of this writing on Amazon Japan for the Value Pack, and five of the stand-alone version, while at the popular retailer Yodobashi Camera both versions are already completely sold out. If you want the lovely white version as a memento, you may want to get one while you can.

At the moment we don’t know if the discontinuation will extend to the west any time soon, and we’ll let you know if Sony makes an announcement on that.

[Thanks for the tip: Masaru Aoyama]

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  • Rob
    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I won’t miss it. Because I’ll keep playing it as long as it lives. I much prefer my Vita games on a TV 😀

      • Carlo

        Huh I was always wondering about this maybe I should get one now. 1 question can I use the same PSN account on it (the one I use for my VITA) and download games / play games at the same time? or will I need a separate account?

        • MegaRay

          Yes you can. You can have up to 3 Vita (TV ot not) for the same account last time I checked

          • Carlo

            Good to know maybe I’ll get one and give it to my niece. I actually prefer playing on the portable. I asked since the VITA is weird when it comes to accounts and stuff. (Can only link 1 per VITA / had to erase everything to link a new one etc.) Thanks

          • MegaRay

            Yeah, accounts on Vita is confusing. They should made it like PS4 or PS3. You welcome.

        • zero

          Make sure that the games you want to play on PSTV are actually supported by the PSTV before buying one.

          • MegaRay

            There’s a hack to enable all games. Haven’t tried it myself since I dont have a pstv.

          • zero

            Heard it got patched a while ago, though?

          • MegaRay

            As long as you don’t update your PS TV you can do the hack, or so I believe. I didn’t do my homework on it yet 🙂

          • zero

            As long as the PS TV you bought was packaged with a firmware old enough, that is 🙂

          • MegaRay

            Naturally xP

          • Carlo

            Yup I checked only 1 game isn’t compatible. I just found out its really cheap here in our country. Add to the fact that I already have a PS3 so no need for a bundle its going to be good gaming

      • Eric Davenport

        I just wish they would let you play Vita games an your PS4. I have the PSTV but I’m too lazy to switch to it =P

      • Badouken

        Bought one for like $40 with an 8GB card and a free game and PS3 controller. Totally worth it for Persona 4 Golden! But thats pretty much all ive used it for… perhaps one day Ill bring it with me when I travel to remote play my PS4 games!

    • stopbeingafanboy

      It’s funny that you use that game. Metal Gear HD collection is one of the games that STILL won’t freaking work on PSTV.

    • theodor70941

      rest in peace in peace? It’s just RIP, why are there so many people getting this wrong…?

  • Kaneki Ken

    Instead of making this spin off, they could have wasted on First party game before Playstation stop first party production for the Vita or they could have use the money to market the Vita in the west as great as Japan marketing that it be at least at as popular as PSP was back in the days.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Armchair marketing with hindsight is always easy to do. Me, I’m glad it exists, as playing on a small screen when I’m at home is awkward. Options are good.

      • Kaneki Ken

        I wondering who was the person hired to market the Vita in the west because I have only seen 2 ads in New York since the second year upto now and that was Sly Cooper 4, KillZone Mercenary. I didn’t know a spiritual successor of the PSP (PSVITA) existed until my friend told me about it and show it to me, that was mid 2014. Right now, I am hoping for a price drop for the PSVITA or memory card price drop this year because many are waiting to price drop to buy it.

        • crazyhunter

          You can buy a vita for 170 a price drop wont happen

          • nextleveltaken

            Yeah, but a price drop should happen.

        • sawao_yama

          It was being marketed like crazy, on gaming websites, tv, magazines, and other outlets. Not sure how you missed out, considering that every gaming website mentioned it!

          • Jinzer0

            It was being marketed on dedicated GAMING outlets. Anyone who takes part in those outlets are aware of the Vita.

            But, on TV? Yeah when it was first launched it had TV adverts, now or the past 3 years? Not so much. Where as Nintendo actually advertises 3DS and its big game releases. Some people STILL refer to the PSV as a PSP? A lot of people still aren’t aware of the PSV/PSTV existence?

            But, Japanese-Centric and Indie games won’t impress the Casual or some Hardcore Western demo-graph gamers. PSV/PSTV lacks Sports, FPS, TPS, WRPG and Open World/Sandbox games.

          • Kaneki Ken

            Well I was not into gaming back then so I never bother checking for news about games on the web, well I watched TV for hours, never once saw any other ad showing Vita games (except Sly Cooper 4 and KillZone Mercenary that was like for a week) or the Vita by itself, and I don’t count the ads for remote play since it’s basically saying is an extra controller or portable PS4 screen you can play you PS4 games on the go but no Vita games are shown. It have been market like crazy but here in New York, Many people don’t know what is a PSVITA and is rare finding people playing the VITA. I have seen some college dudes, 2 little kids playing the PSVITA. When I show many people the PSVITA, they always tell me “is that a psp” or “is that a newer model of the PSP”

  • JP

    Time to hurry up and bring the android streaming app officially to all android phones and the get the pc streaming app to market.

  • awvnx

    I didn’t think the compatibility issues were as bad as people were saying, but then again I was never interested in playing most of the Western games from more than a year ago that were never made compatible. Plays most of my weeb games just fine though.

    • NeoTechni

      They are. My Japanese VitaTV played a total of 2 of my games. Had I known about the whitelist I would have cancelled my preorder. After the whitelist hack it plays all of my physical games. There never should have been a whitelist. You don’t tell paying customers that they can’t use what they paid for

  • camnpat

    If Sony had focused it more on apps after launch, and make it more like a cheap alternative to Apple TV or Roku that can play PS games, it would have given it the legs it needed to last a bit longer. The hardware is/was good.

    • Reginabchristopher4

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  • AriesSiren

    If they would have supported it properly with full vita compatibility, it would have flourished. Thing sucks.

    • Luis

      They dont even support the vita so why would they support this thing? It was doomed from the start.

      • theodor70941

        They still support the vita, just not in the west. Asia still gets a LOT of vita exclusive stuff, however most gaming media don’t mention this since those games almost never make it over to the US/EU… Which is kinda sad since a lot of them are in English. So it’s up to the customer to import the games if they want them

        • Luis

          Thats all 3rd party.

          • theodor70941

            Your point? A exclusive is a exclusive no matter if it’s made by first party, second party or third party.

            Also a lot of these so called “3rd-party” games are published by Sony themselves

  • MegaRay

    I wanna buy one, hack it. And play all my Vita games on it 🙂

  • BigHal

    I got one for £40 just to play TxK on the big screen (since Atari put a stop to the game coming over to PS4 – gits).

  • Ziriak

    For some reason they didn’t support it much. It’s like they gave up before it was launched.

  • YRD

    Prepare for the vr headset to fail aswell.

  • Ruggarell

    The Vita sucks anyway it’s holding back the PS4. Stop being cheap and buy a PS4 instead of watered down handheld versions.

    • sawao_yama

      Nah, you suck by being cheap and not having both vita and ps4 :p. The vita is a fantastic device.

    • “The Vita sucks anyway it’s holding back the PS4″……Yes please tell me about all those dev’s, franchises, and programers that are too busy on Vita to even look at the PS4. Seriously! Do you honestly want to play Criminal Girls 1 & 2 that badly on PS4?

    • ekibyougami

      I have both PS4 and Vita. Stop calling people cheap if you’re the one who’s cheap, plebeian.
      In case you haven’t noticed, Vita versions of multi-sony-platform game releases usually outsell their PS4 version counterparts in Japan.

    • iamakii

      Good luck playing your PS4 while on commute or on the road. We have handheld consoles for a reason.

      • Ruggarell

        If I’m outside I have important stuff to do bruh.

        • Juner

          Fail trolling at that 🙂

        • Blaine

          I doubt anyone who has the word “bruh” in their vocabulary has important things to do.

    • stopbeingafanboy

      30 plus million ps4 out there. Nothing is holding back the ps4.

    • Juner

      Very desperate aren’t you? 😉

  • Denion

    Does this mean that they’re gonna stop making upcoming vita games compatible with it?

    • stopbeingafanboy

      That might be up to the devs, but expect support for the pstv to drop dramatically.

  • StarTheory

    I want to get it but at the same time I don’t, been told that Sony’s support is garbage and it even lacks basic services.

    • NeoTechni


  • Blaine

    I really wonder what it would have taken to get Netflix and Youtube apps on it, make all Vita games that could realistically patch out touch controls compatible with it, and get a decent internal memory. Sony thinks it failed because “it didn’t capture the consumer’s imagination”, but I disagree; I wanted one since the first time I saw it, and I remember there was hype around it when it was announced. But they put absolutely nothing on it to set it apart from the Vita. It’s got a gimped library, no apps, and you still have to deal with the expensive memory cards? Don’t need hindsight to know this was going to fail, people have been saying it needs those things since it was announced.

  • NeoTechni

    Why does Sony keep deliberately shooting themselves in the foot?

    It’s just like that recent lawsuit they lost over deceptive marketing for Vita/PS3 remote play. All they had to do was remove the single line of code that blocks remote play from working in all games (which hackers proved)

    All they had to do to make VitaTV worth full price is remove that blasted whitelist. Letting us use USB harddrives in lieu of expensive memory cards would have gone a long way too.

  • BigHurt360

    It will join my Betamax and MiniDisc in storage.

  • TheModerateUser

    Had it Had Full Compatibility with all vita games it would’ve lived.

  • scemar

    In a world where Sony had put more interest in having the best product, the Vita would have supported micro HDMI by default and the Vita TV would have attempted to support all games.
    And micro SD cards.
    And both might not have been such underwhelming meh’s.

  • Panty Sniffer

    vita is dead in the wora

  • Ronald Berk

    5his thing is going to be a Collectors item now