First PlayStation Plus Game for April Revealed: Armature Studio’s Dead Star for PS4

It’s still very early to know what games will be included in the PlayStation Plus instant game collection in April, but Sony just provided the first title: Dead Star.

The reveal was made in a slightly unorthodox way, with a PSN notification to those who pre-ordered the game (revealed by Twitter user BLAMdrew), refunding their pre-order since the game is now going to be provided for free to those who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

Developed by Armature Studio, Dead Star is a fast-paced space shooter for PS4 (and PC), and you can see a trailer below.

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  • AzazelSC

    Agree, another wasted month.

    • press X to continue

      You guys should write a macro. Whenever an article mentions PS+ games, it will automatically post rivers of tears into the comment sections. Or is there a browser add-on already?

      • ziegler4101

        lmfao that cracked me up

  • Good Hunter

    Wow, I wonder what the next indie will be …

  • djnealb

    When it said fast paced space shooter, I was really hoping for a flight simulator space shooter and not another twin stick shooter.

  • Nitre

    couldnt give less of a shit. all i ned ps+ in april is for dark souls 3.everything else doesnt matter.

  • jakdripr

    I was kinda hoping for something more like warhawk or strike vector, ill still give this a shot(I mean why not right?) but first impressions are luke warm.

  • Netronader

    Reminds me of super star dust so im down to clown im loving these indie games I wouldnt of normally bought these games.

  • StarTheory

    I can download games like these on my bloody phone… is Sony even trying?

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Right? The corporation is literally making billions off of the PS4, yet we get tiny games that we could beat in a couple of hours?

      • Agustin Freyre

        Want AAA’s? Pst, pst: ….buy them. You cant expect a full library of great games for 50 bucks a year. Oh oh, but on ps3- shhh. On ps3 they gave us big games to make us pay for PS+, but thats not needed anymore. So… yeah. Buy games.

  • dark_knight44

    Sweet! Been in the beta and game is so much fun. Can’t wait, thank you sony!

  • zero

    Smart move, spread announcements out throughout the month, spreading the hate too!

    Usually I like these kinds of games though, so I’ll give it a try, however, after having gotten Galak-Z this month, this feels a bit repetitive.

  • ElementaB

    This looks pretty cool. I will DL this for sure.

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Wow, PlayStation Plus sure has a lot of value. /s I’m actually on everyone’s side in regards to defending the Plus titles every month because they don’t have to give us these games and the games don’t have to be AAA, but since the PS4 is so successful, you’d think we’d be getting more for $50 a year. All this does is upset more and more gamers and tarnishes the PlayStation brand.

    • Jon

      The thing with the playstation brand is that it is being diversified so quickly (Clothes, venues etc) that unfortunately the ball had to get dropped somewhere. The sad thing is that it is in a field that they pioneered (PS Plus games).

  • MyBodyIsReady

    Awww not another space F-ing space shooter. PSN is full of this crap at the moment. We JUST had Galak Z. I guess the complaints fell on deaf ears again

  • DonEmu

    So neither Infamous nor Killzone this month either. Smh…

  • Sarcasmology

    72 game licenses for $50/year = $0.69 per license.

    If you want modern games, then you need to pay modern prices, and stop throwing quarters at devs like they’re an 80s arcade machine.

    If you’re expecting a Rocket League every few months from PS+, you should just quit the program, because you’re just deluding yourself, or don’t understand what PS+ is. If you see greener pastures somewhere else, well, go frolic there, as no one wants to hear someone complain about how they didn’t get a $5-$60 game by only paying $0.69. That’s just gross entitlement.

    • The-Beast

      Before I subbed for the games, but I stopped caring about them, although there’s some really nice ones every now and then. Now, I renewed my plus because of the multiplayer, something I never cared much before, and now the games seem just like a little bonus, not something to be really excited for.

    • R.K

      LOL criticism over a service doesn’t make you entitled. Especially when the competitor continues to offer better games on the month.

      • Sarcasmology

        There’s a difference between criticism and expecting the unreasonable. Personally, I’d prefer PS+ dropped PS3 and PS Vita games, and just focused on 2 PS4 titles so they had more money to devote to 2 games instead of 6. Either that, or offer tiered PS+ support so you got to choose what systems you had and received games for.

        See? Those are far more reasonable approaches than constantly expecting a return of 29x-86x my $0.69 every single month ($20-$60), which “gamers” have zero hesitation doing anytime a PS+ title doesn’t suit their tastes is announced.

        And of course Microsoft is going to attempt to offer a better deal than its competitors when it’s stuck in second place. They need every advantage to attract customers. Yet I have yet to meet someone making a $350-$500 investment because of a ‘digital surprise bag’ system.

        • R.K

          Whether Microsoft is doing it out of desperation or not, its been out doing PS Plus on the current-gen platforms. You can spin that both ways and say ” hey since PS is in the lead they don’t give a shit about PS Plus offerings”. But lets stay on track to reality which is Microsoft is offering more retail titles for Free. So in that sense it offers a better value, but I do get that as Plus is on 3 platforms it won’t be as competitive. But most people standpoint’s come from PS4 and One, where on system gets 4 every month sometimes more. While the other gets 2 plus every month. Not to mention people will NEED to buy Gold and Plus its required for online MP which is what a majority of people buy these units for.

          • Leia Hart

            That’s quite the dilemma RK. They have the option of paying $50 a year and getting free games they don’t like or not paying $50 a year and no multiplayer or video streaming access. If $50 a year is putting any kind of noticeable dent in your finances, mobile gaming is a more affordable option.

          • Sarcasmology

            Agreed, Leia. Also, I think Microsoft has some spare change kicking around for charging the same price for 10 years and not having a Games with Gold program the entire time.

          • No. More games to choose from, as Sony would get a heapload of crap if they put games that already have been on plus. GwG is quite newer and can choose from more games. It’s also easier to convince a developer familier with plus games to let their game be on GwG.

          • R.K

            When did I ever mention anything about affordability LOL, learn to read

          • Vergil Reinhardt

            Careful, your pathetic hard on for MS is showing.

          • R.K

            Careful now you’re stupidity is showing

          • Vergil Reinhardt

            “Careful now you’re stupidity is showing”

            Do you need help realising what you just said whilst calling me stupid or do you think you can figure it out on your own? Regardless you are clearly as gormless as you seem.

          • R.K

            LOL nothing I said is biased because all of it is true, when comparing PS4 vs Xbox One on Games with Gold and PS Plus, the Xbox One has received more retail titles. If you can disprove me and show my stupidity go for it, if you can’t you’re more moronic than the dipshit comment you made

          • Do I really have to go back to those wiki lists to make another list of retail titles? Forget it. You can not compare GwG to Plus because GwG hasn’t been around as long as plus has, so plus will always has more games then GwG.

          • R.K

            You keep jumping back in between points. The stance right now being argued is PS4 vs Xbox One on Games with Gold and PS Plus. Which doesn’t have as much of stark difference in retail titles offered. But for your sake

            PS4: Injustice, MGS 5: GZ, Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris, The Walking Dead S2, Teslagrad

            Xbox One: Raymond Legends, AC4: Black Flag, MGS 5: GZ, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, The Walking Dead S1, Thief, Killer Instinct S1 Complete Edition, Sherlock Holmes and Lords of the Fallen

            PLEASE tell me where in the hell you’re getting PS4 getting more retail titles. PS Plus on PS4 does have more titles in general. But as you said its been around longer. I’m not even gonna bother including the 360 BC titles, cause that would make it even more unfair. Notice I did include cross-buys such as Teslagrad for the PS4 side.

          • Vergil Reinhardt

            Damn, didn’t realise you could survive without a brain but it looks like I was wrong.

          • R.K

            Gotta love all the foolish dipshits on the web

          • Vergil Reinhardt

            Gotta love dipshits on the Internet calling others stupid when they confuse your and you’re. Back to class, kid.

          • R.K

            Gotta love the stupid tools who correct your grammar, when they have no point left LOL go back to your moms basement old man

          • Vergil Reinhardt

            I corrected your grammar in my second response, and in this country we don’t have basements so your incredibly mature and well thought out insult is moot. I am done losing brain cells to you, go ahead and reply but just know I won’t be reading whatever witty insult you come up with next so I suggest not exhausting yourself with another thigh slapper.


        • omarcominyo

          It’s not unreasonable to expect variety though, they’ve stopped announcing the PS3 Plus titles lately and left them out, what does that tell you? Also, who gives a shit WHY Msoft are offering a better service lately anyway, all I care about is the games, not the reason behind them!

          • Leia Hart

            Then buy them?

          • omarcominyo

            I do, I bet I spend more on games a year than you earn, so I will have my say!!

          • Leia Hart

            Lol I’ll happily show you up on that any day of the week. I’d say pm me your psn name to compare, but you won’t and just like to hear yourself yap.

          • omarcominyo

            You’re the gobshite here little girl!

          • Thatguy

            That’s a bit backwards isn’t it ? Did you get the service for the actual reason it was intended or the free games ? (Which I will reiterate that you’re not entitled to in the first place). Because the “reason” behind the games is because you subscribed to the service. Not the other way around.

            Also another of people complaining, is because xblive is offering better games right now. So the comparison is obvious. You don’t want to say it, but its pretty obvious. People weren’t complaining with about what they got with the ps3(indie or otherwise).

          • omarcominyo

            Yes for the games, next question?

          • Actually, *I* DID subscribe to plus for the free games (when it was Borderlands, years ago) and decided to keep the sub because of the games I’ve gotten over the years.

          • Thatguy

            Well you simply got hung up on the wrong aspect of the subscription. So with that said, you literally set the bar of expectancy far too high. I admit the games we got were better during the ps3 era opposed to now. That’s a given, but I know they were free then and they are free now and I wasn’t entitled to neither. So I honestly don’t see the reason to gripe about it. Simply be patient and eventually the good games will start to roll in.

          • Not really. I’ve paid for Gold for years too, just to get the benefits. Not the games. I wasn’t mad when PS announced PS4 would need Plus for playing with others online.

            Plus just end up as a bad deal for me because the interesting titles that hits plus, I already have when they do hit. Puppeteer was the last one I was really excited about – well then there was rocket league but that was a launch and that was a kicker in its own ballpark TBH.

          • Thatguy

            I understand that, but again the games are incentives, NOT the purpose of the subscription. With or without the games you would have ps+ regardless, If you wanted to play online. You’re getting your hopes up for something you have no control over. Just be happy with whatever you get. If its something you actually like then great, if not, then oh well. Continue to enjoy you online service.

          • yes, I “complain” but I never ask for better, newer or bigger games.

          • Thatguy

            ……………..then what’s the point in complaining ? That’s a completely redundant statement at this point. You’re literally saying you complain about “nothing” if not for those things. Lol

          • merely showing I was hoping for something better for me (looking at that I usually have the bigger titles already when they hit plus or gwg).

        • Thatguy

          Boy, let me fetch the Extinguisher, because you’re on fire right now.

      • Really? Xbox gamers says this too. ugh. People need to realise that they are quite equal. The ones hit the most are us, who subs both platforms and get the same games on both.

        • R.K

          Same games on both? What?? When did PS Plus offer Sherlock Homes and Lords of the Fallen on PS4? I agree for PS3 and sometimes it tends to be Plus coming first in terms of getting those games than Games with Gold. But on the current-gen spectrum it has not been the same for the most part.

          • Right.. Taking only account for this months plus and gwg is making me in the wrong – try expand a bit.

            Using these two lists:


            Games that have been on both:
            Bioshock Infinite
            Brothers: A tale of two sons
            CastleStorm (plus was complete ed)
            Chariot (not mentioned on gwg list i linked to, but search for it)
            Crysis 3
            Deus Ex: Human Revolution
            Gotham City Imposters
            Hitman: Absolution
            Just Cause 2
            Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
            Mafia II
            Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (not listed on plus list, so search for it to confirm)
            Plants vs Zombies
            Saints Row: The Third
            Sleeping Dogs
            Thief (albeit, one is old gen, and one is new gen!)
            Tomb Raider

            That is 22 games GwG and Plus games have in common, and there might even be more. So please…

          • to expand to my post above.. GwG has been around for almost 3 years. That is a little over 30 months. 22 of those months had a game that had been on plus.

          • R.K

            Did you even read the first part of my sentence…I said ON PS4 and Xbox ONE ON PS4 and XBOX ONE

          • you cant ignore the old gen games, since those are still released and still getting into both free games programs.

          • R.K

            Oh i’m not I actually agreed with you if you actually read anything I said, but when comparing the offerings on current-gen they haven’t been the same and thats what I am comparing

          • Maybe so, but on new gen only, both consoles have gotten cheap indie games with a few golden items inbetween.

          • R.K

            Yes both Xbox and PS4 have gotten shit titles from time to time, but Games with Gold has given you more retail titles, while being around for a less period of time.

          • not if youre looking only on new gen games. dont turn the numbers to cover your argument – it shows and its dumb.

          • R.K

            What are you talking about? Please show me where PS Plus has offered more retail titles to consumers through Plus vs Xbox’s

      • Leia Hart

        Then they should take your advice and just join XBL. You’re a troll, why are you even here?

        • R.K

          The clear indication that a monkey can’t process your argument is when they site the ” you’re a troll” argument.

    • Harerazer

      If I could only upvote this once for every time I hear someone whining about not getting 12 $60 games for the year.

      • Sarcasmology

        Hehe thank you. Yet save your fingers, because I imagine you’d be at it for eternity 😉

    • Jhora Zakaryan

      What you say is completely valid, yet Xbox is already offering full-priced games with their subscription program. From what I can see, Sony is in a kind of safe position with the number of sold units and PS+ subscribers and they don’t want to pay extra to license triple-A games for PS+. From all those 72 games a year I have enjoyed like 5. The main reason I pay for PS+ is online multiplayer. They couldn’t afford the luxury of ignorance back in PS3 days.

      • Black Heaven

        Well I do think Sony already squeezed out the big games out back a few years ago. A lot of AAA PS3’s were given for “free” (yep, with quotes) back then, and still does right now (Beyond Two Souls PS3 this month).

        That said, their PS4 “free” library are mostly indies (with a few AAA’s every few months), which may (or not) be intended to promote those games.

        • R.K

          PS Plus on PS3 should be giving you AAA titles especially with the console’s age. Not to mention on PS3 its not a required service, its a game subscription in its entirety. On Xbox One and PS4 its a online MP service and games catalog and Xbox got 2 retail title this month while PS4 got some iOS/ tablet Indie game. Not saying they’re bad but its easy to quote value based on what you get

          • Mayhaps, but these retail titles is either failed/bad releases, or really really old. Plus games are limited, simply because Sony knows that hell is out if they put a game on plus who already have been on plus, so they try to avoid it.

          • R.K

            You’re literally just trying to spin it and how I do know? I can say the same for PS Plus then, if these retail games are so easy to pick up why isn’t Sony offering it as well? There really isn’t a spin that can take away from the fact that one service offered two retail titles this month while the other offered two Indies, one of which has been around for a bit. There are tons of people who also have bought Indie games and been sad when it was announced for free. Not to mention some of the AAA’s offered through Games with Gold on Xbox One haven’t exactly been shit. Raymond Legends, AC4, Lords of the Fallen, none of which aside from Raymond I believe has been o PS4

          • Not really. I will link below to a post I just made. GwG has been around since july 2013. That’s 32 months of GwG titles – 22 of those (in the link) has been on plus too. Yes, not bad games, just a bad deal for us who sub to both platforms..!

            The rest of those.. well many.. of those games are small and easy titles (it has been really bad for the past 6 months which is the reason people are complaining). This is the third time I mention it in this thread. Xbox can pick and choose from YEARS of games, while Sony has to tip toe around titles that have been on plus.

            It sucks when you’ve bought a game you could have gotten for free down the road, but I will continue buying games I want now when they’re at the price point I want to pay.


        • omarcominyo

          Beyond souls this month?

          • Mk333

            Yep, Asia got BTS (PS3 version only) and Muramasa Rebirth (for Vita/PSTV)

        • Beyond Two Souls? When?

          • Black Heaven

            Yeah Beyond: Two Souls for PS3. This March.

            Or wait… My account is Asia so it’s kinda different from NA’s. Sorry for getting your hopes up.

            In Asia we have these lineups for “free” games collection:

            PS4: Broforce and Galax-Z
            PSVita: Muramasa Rebirth and A Virus Named Tom
            PS3: Beyond Two Souls and The Last Guy

            The differences with NA is the Muramasa and Beyond, in place of Super Stardust and Reality Fighters.

        • Mk333

          My account is Asian too, but I prefer it this way, since I can try new indies on PS4 and play AAAs on PS3. So there are variety in the selection.

    • JayTee

      I get what you’re saying and agree with most of it, but I think the people that are mostly upset are those that remember when PS+ started on PS3 when we used to get AAA games. Now we don’t (on PS4).

      • Sarcasmology

        I’d like to see a return to form too, yet that means either increasing prices, or dropping support for some of the systems. They spread themselves too thin across the 3 platforms, and tacking on ‘value’ no one asked for (ie. access to the TV show ‘Powers’).

        Thankfully, as time goes on, and the PS3 & Vita become even less relevant, hopefully support is dropped and they just focus on the expanded PS4 library.

        • JayTee

          Agreed. Let’s hope they decide to drop PS3/Vita soon, or could at least go down to one game per month on those platforms.

          Alternatively, I like your idea of being able to choose which platforms you want the games on.

          Either way I feel now is a good time for Sony to mix the service up somehow as there’s many vocal (unhappy) subscribers out there it seems!

    • roto

      No…it’s crap. Previous PS Plus titles on the PS3 include: Arkham City, Remember Me, DmC, BioShock Infinite, Sleeping Dogs, Vanquish, KoA Reckoning, Binary Domain, Pay Day 2, Deus Ex, Spec Ops: The Line, Demon’s Souls, etc. Of course, this is before the PS4 became prominent and a Plus subscription nearly became mandatory allowing them to releasing indie crap every month. So, you can take that beer math of $0.69 per game and smoke it.

      • Sarcasmology

        It is beer math, as the system is a little more complicated than that – rates for 3 month subs, devs are only paid for games downloaded (not total PS+ subs at the time), and lets not forget the significant PS+ discounts offered during the vast majority of sales.

        I thought I’d make it easier for argument’s sake, especially considering the intellect of the audience I was working with 😉 .

    • omarcominyo

      How about a bit of variety instead? Most of last month’s games looked like they could’ve belonged to the same game they looked so similar!!

      • Leia Hart

        With you’re amount of crying, I’d say nothing less than free full priced retail games would be sufficient. Just know your complaining isn’t even being listened to :).

        • omarcominyo

          Nobody’s listening huh? So you admit you’re a nobody then? It clearly hit a nerve with you Mrs Nobody!!

          • Vergil Reinhardt

            I like to put multiple exclamation marks after every comment I make!!! It helps to validate my point!!!

          • omarcominyo

            Good one! I bet you didn’t come up with that little gem all on your own!!

          • Vergil Reinhardt

            No I actually asked someone to come up with it for me!!

          • omarcominyo

            Well they’re clearly as clever as you are then! Great minds think alike and all that!!

          • Vergil Reinhardt


          • omarcominyo

            If that’s all the 2 of you can come up with I’d just quit now!!

          • first time I’ve ever agreed with a troll/idiot online…

            well there’s a first time for everything I guess.

          • omarcominyo

            You really did hit every branch on the way down!!

          • Vergil Reinhardt
          • omarcominyo

            Soz but that really wasn’t worth the effort it took to post I’m afraid! You really aren’t very good at this are you? HaHaHa

          • Vergil Reinhardt

            Soz m8 HaHaHaHa!!!!

    • Leia Hart

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Thatguy

      Why can’t I like this more than once !
      Seriously though, its pretty ridiculous to gripe over something like this. Is it really that hard to look at the selection and just say meh nothing I like, I’ll just wait till next time and just move on without complaining. Arguing over something you’re really NOT entitled is ludicrous if you ask me.

    • wrestlefan01

      i dont support trash i have to pay for

  • Mehhh indeed

  • BlackestNight63

    Haven’t bought plus in 2-3 months and I’m content without it.

  • Mk333

    This is a nice gesture from them. Even if I can’t withdraw the money, I can safely buy the game on steam. These way no one will pay thrice for two version. I hope this will become standard in the future. Even if I support indies, I hate overpaying.

  • megablast16

    Yep, looks like a PS+ game alright.

  • flonkin

    In the future it would be nice to have a credit system so you can choose from a selection of games and films.

  • (✮❀♬Jdm Life♪ ❀✮)

    more trash man

  • Carl

    It’s about money. Indie games probably cost Sony around $100.000 or so to secure for PS+, bigger games would require more than $1.000.000. Besides, AAA games are already known, you will buy Watch Dogs for example at a low price in a sale, but some indie games I find them much more interesting.

  • omarcominyo

    Wish they’d refund me my Plus sub for the year!!

    • Leia Hart

      I do too. Then maybe you’d disappear.

      • omarcominyo

        Are you paid to defend them or do you just do it out of love? SHOO little girl!!

  • Leia Hart

    Cancel PS+, get an Xbone if you don’t already have one, and join XBL. Problem solved and now you can place the monthly complaining in GWG articles.

    • Big Boss

      Don’t want a Shitbox One, Sorry. Also, I don’t pay for PS+.

  • Thatguy

    I subscribed to ps+ to play online games with friends/family. It was not for the intentions of getting free game. So, with that being said, I’m in no place to complain about something I was never entitled to. The “incentive” of my subscription offers me free games ever monthly at “NO” extra cost. Be it good or bad is of no concern of mine. I will download it and try it. If I like it, I will keep it and if not I will simply delete it. Simple as that. This is what the expectancy of ps+ is and “SHOULD” be.
    For anyone, that gripes about xbox gold having better games. Well, then that door is most definitely open and welcoming all who wants to make free games the reason for their console choice.
    My two cents.

    • omarcominyo

      Well I bought my sub for the games and I’d like a bit of variety!

      • Thatguy

        HA. You bought the wrong service, my good sir. What you’re looking for is PS Now. NOT ps+ the service you subscribed to is entirely a different from what you expect.

        • Leia Hart

          No he’d have to pay for that :). This guy wants his game collection funded for $50/year lol.

          • Thatguy

            Yeah, I can see that. I think he’s just trolling at this point. No one can honestly be THAT dense.

          • omarcominyo

            You ‘think’ do you? I wouldn’t call it that!!

          • Thatguy

            Was that a statement or a question ? Half the crap you post are incoherent.

          • omarcominyo

            To you maybe, that says more about you than it does me though! HaHaHa. See you next month!!!

        • omarcominyo

          £12 a month? Love to!!!!

  • Leia Hart

    Why is Dead Star unreasonable? Have you played it? Do you even intend to give it a chance? Or can you not get past the word “indie” so it’s automatic crap?

  • Sarcasmology

    “I’m in no place to complain about something I was never entitled to”

    No need to go that far. Everyone signs up for the same program, and therefore are entitled to what it offers, regardless of what your initial interests in the program was.

    Most people’s issue seems to either be a perceived lack of value, or lack of choice in the games or the diversity offered. All of those are very subjective things that are different for everyone, and can be a pretty hard thing to argue when people know they’re signing up for a mystery box reward from the get go.

  • wrestlefan01

    more garbage..killzone,second son, black flag? i mean really they could release on of those by now

    • Im kinda waiting for Killzone Shadowfall. Looks interesting, but not something I would use money on.

      • wrestlefan01

        same i want to play second son again.but dont want to risk it being free as soon as i buy it.very surprised those two havent been offered as free yet

        • more surprised i havent seen knack offered on plus.

  • Mr BeefCakes

    Luckily I don’t have to renew my PS+ subscription any time soon. Luckily picked up The Division for my PC and I don’t need to pay for online:)