Sony Leaks Revamped PS4 PlayStation Store with New Features, then Reverts it Back to the Old One

Games aren’t the only new thing coming to the PlayStation store on PS4 today, as Sony Computer Entertainment apparently sneaked in an update that completely revamped the pages dedicated to games.

Interestingly, each game’s features and download size are listed in a much more clear way, and high resolution trailers automatically running in the background have been added.

Each game has multiple pages that you can scroll with up and down on your D-pad or left stick, starting from a main game page and extending to Media, Details, Add-ons, Bundles, Avatars, Themes and Recommendations. Of course, not all the games have all of those pages, as some, for instance, don’t come with dedicated themes or avatars.

Update: Interestingly, the new pages have been taken down, and replaced with the old ones. Apparently, someone at Sony pushed a button too early, showing off an update that wasn’t yet ready for prime time. The unfinished state of the update was also indicated by a number of mistakes in the listings, with some games erroneously indicated as cross-platform.

This, of course, also means that this might not me the update’s final form. Luckily, we got plenty of screenshots before the store was rolled back, and you can enjoy them below.

[Thanks for the tip: ManaBoy]

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  • Subject_17

    Looks nice.

  • l’intrattenitore

    Very good

  • efnet

    Kinda looks like ms store

    • crash bandicoot

      I agree and thats a good thing the xbox store looks great

      • fabricio

        but its too complicated to navigate

        • crash bandicoot

          I didnt try it but i think it looks great

  • PixelOmen


  • zero

    Did they update their store to include 1080p trailers yet? Trailer quality on the store has been abysmal to say the least.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      The trailers seem 1080p to me, yes.

      • zero

        I guess it’s because the store hasn’t updated itself over here yet then…

        Attached a screenshot of the trailer for Uncharted 4 and Assault Android Cactus, it’s like looking at 240p video’s on a 1080p monitor, not a pretty sight 🙁

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Looks like they rolled it back. It wasn’t ready, but if you look at the screenshots above, many have the trailer running directly on the background.

          I wish I made it in time to shoot a video. I was doing it when they reverted it back >_>

          • zero

            I guess this speaks for the quality of the trailers, but with the current batch of screenshots in this article, I’m having trouble discerning trailers and normal still backgrounds, so good on them.

            Too bad you weren’t able to shoot a video of it, looking forward to the update, always nice to see something new and shiny.

          • PorHawj2016

            why rolled it back ? they should revamped ps store soon as possible. that those screenshots you posted look great to me

    • Badouken

      I hope to God… I always thought it was my crappy internet connection for years… but now I have Google Fiber and trailers still look like dirt.

      • IceKoldKilla

        Lucky. I live in Spain so I’ll never get it here. I might move out this country soon though. Where ever I end up, I hope I have good internet 🙂

    • colonel179

      In my case, they start at horrible quality, but after a few seconds the videos are HD ( I think?)

      • IceKoldKilla

        Same here.

    • IceKoldKilla

      Might be your bandwidth. It happens to me if many people are using my internet at home or it’s simply having issues. Usually my videos play in what I assume is at least 720p. I’ve also noticed it to start off in what seems like 360p and go up after a few seconds. Same with YouTube in the past or with Twitch which still does that FOR ME at least.

      • zero

        Could be my bandwidth, but I’d like to think it isn’t, as I am able to play Playstation Now without even the slightest hick up, I have a somewhat decent connection, which is mostly used exclusively by myself. Having watched a couple of trailers in a row now, none ever jump up in quality, they just kind of stay 360p. Ah well…

  • sunK1D

    Not a fan of anything playing automatically in the background to be honest.. If I want something to play then I’ll press the damn PLAY button. With that said, I haven’t been online to check this out yet.

    • insertrandomnamehere

      I can’t stand that either, especially if you’re checking out a game that’s a shooter and out of nowhere there’s some video blasting 3rd-rate alt rock music with some voiceover going “YEAAAAAHHHHHH, EXTREME SHOOTER TOTALLY ROCKIN’ AWESOME BUY THE DLC AND ZOMBIE MAPS ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!! EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEME!!!!!”

      • Fear Monkey

        Is that you Mr Torgue?

        • insertrandomnamehere

          LOL okay, I just looked that up and laughed 🙂

          • Fear Monkey

            lol….I couldn’t resist as what you wrote sounded exactly like him hahah 🙂

          • insertrandomnamehere

            It’s funny you mention him because I just started playing through that again this week.

          • Fear Monkey

            Awesome game 🙂

    • Sexy Mcgee

      It was as bad as you imagine. On top of the annoying trailer playing in the background it was a cluttered unintuitive mess. Hopefully, if they choose to go forward with this layout they’ll give you the option to choose the old one.
      If they want to improve any aspect of the storefront it’s the entire psn store hud. The game search function is especially really Japanese. At this point I do most of my PSN shopping through chrome.

    • IceKoldKilla

      Same here. After I scroll down on a game in the PS Menu, it’ll play a livestream most of the time which is annoying. And for some reason even if I scroll back up into the menu, the audio continues to play. I might even go back into the game then later to the PS Menu and BAM I hear a French or Arab or Italian screaming! It can scare you and annoy you. My workaround is to scroll left or right after I finished checking out that mini-menu under the game so that the livestream cuts off and stop loading because as long as it’s highlighted and I scrolled under earlier, it’ll continue to play that livestream every time I go back to the PS Menu. I’ve been in chat rooms and gotten confused hearing another person talk and realized it was a livestreaming playing the background.

    • JayTee

      I agree. AUTOPLAY should be banned from the Internet!

    • ArkhamBean

      I hate that as well whenever you hover over a tile and some random spanish youtuber starts talking >.>

    • themugen

      That’s one part of Netfix I hate on PS4. Let me read the damn details without starting the damn movie!

  • CrusaderForever No Regret


  • Shunan Soap Xu

    Yea, I was browsing the store and all of sudden it became like that. I was like wtf. Then after a minute or so it went back to normal

  • Jugo94

    Not trying to troll or start anything,but this does look similar to the new xbox store. Not that thats bad or anything. They both look great to me.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      the look is similar (there aren’t that many ways to do simple), but the functionality is very different.

    • Badouken

      People said the same thing when the PS store last updated. Its kinda funny really.

  • colonel179

    It looks clean and simple. Definitely an improvement, in my opinion.

    • TallSilhouette

      Agreed. Nice and clean. Looking forward to official rollout.

  • Interesting. Required size clearly displayed is nice.

  • Drasadex

    that actually looks really nice.

  • Sunny11

    Is it just the game pages? Not the main store itself?
    THAT requires a huge overhaul imo its terrible.

    • fabricio

      the whole store changes, this guys only took screenshots from the game pages

  • Rob

    “This, of course, also means that this might not me the update’s final form.”

    What you did there…Saw it I did.

    • ElementaB

      Thanks Roda

  • DanielGearSolid

    Looks like the What’s new Ui on Xperia devices

  • Syltique

    Folders. That’s all I ask for … just folders.

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      And to take off things you don’t want from the front.

      • Harerazer


        sigh. Please stop it.

        • IceKoldKilla

          And to be able to change PSN usernames.

          And to be able to access my USB drive full of music while in a game instead of asking me to close my current app. Seriously the previous way allowed me prior to 3.00 but now it’s turned into a full app which can’t be fully opened whiling gaming.

          And to allow external hard drives.

          • Clarence Thompkins II

            and to be able to access FBI folders when needed

          • IceKoldKilla

            True… true. LOL


            Good news! (For the 2nd one)

          • wardy from narnia

            man,that annoys the “heck” (pg-13/ outta me with the current usb music player…closing the game just so i can choose a different folder/song/title to play within your game that your playing….f.f.s Sony change it back…

        • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

          Sorry for wanting something that should have been on release 😐

    • IceKoldKilla

      That looks like Gucci Mane hahaha

    • PillPopNaNimaL

      This guy gets it….

    • Vergil Reinhardt


  • TristanPR77

    it looks very clean and simple. I like it.

  • jakdripr

    I just hope they change the way we type out the names we’re searching for. Aesthetically speaking the current system looks cool, but it’s not very practical and a real pain in the ass.

  • Sadaharu

    I wish them include more information than 10 photos and minimal explanation. Like user reviews for example

  • tylerc23

    I actually really like that!

  • Stranger On The Road

    I hope that they will keep updating the download size to include all the patches and updates. While not a big deal when the patches and updates are small, it matters a lot when those patches and updates increase the download size by a large margin!

    • Carlo

      The downside to this is that games don’t really need patches to be playable. Maybe they can show both the original size and have a (size) beside it for the FULL size with patches and updates. Because someone going in might be intimidated by the size of the game IF it includes all the optional updates. I have some games I don’t bother updating because some of it is just for DLC’s and no fixes really. As a customer I’m more likely to just go physical if the game is over 50GB in size because not everyone has unlimited data

      • Stranger On The Road

        the DLCs are separately sized and downloaded, but that isn’t the case for patches and updates; they are optionally downloaded if you already have the game installed!

        As an example, Assassin’s Creed Unity, if you buy it now from PSN, it will first download the part that would allow you to start playing. Then it will download the rest of the game; it is at this point that you will see the actual download size since it will include all the patches and updates. There is no way for you to tell when the base game actually finished downloading and it is now downloading the patches and updates. It is just a single continues download bar for the full thing!

        The limited data bundles is the reason that I’m concerned, when the PSN page says ~20GB, I’d say that I can afford it… then I see the actual size and…. DAMN!

        although, if they store the pre-patched and pre-updated version on their servers, that would help since some patches and updates just replace existing files!

        • Carlo

          As was said above it was recently included in patch 3.0 which I didn’t know I thought at first they downloaded all the patches separately. Ah I see where you’re coming from and I agree. Though I don’t have limited data the speed here is atrocious so I only go for games at around 35GB max for digital.

          I’m shifting to more physical now lately as well because of the increasing sizes of games.

      • ajek3000

        Patches are automatically combined into the initial game download now. That’s been the case since 3.0 rolled out at least, so there’s no longer a separate “patching” process right after downloading a game. Also, even physical discs have to install fully to your HDD, so they don’t really save any space compared to a digital download. Though they might be quicker to uninstall and then reinstall later, depending on your internet bandwidth.

        • Carlo

          Ah that I didn’t know. Haven’t bought any game for a while since I’m still waiting for the games coming out come Summer and I don’t use the PS4’s store to begin with. I agree physical discs have to install fully to your HDD but that doesn’t mean you need to patch it. I played Bloodborne recently and didn’t patch anything on it

    • Leia Hart

      I actually think this a great idea. Though I’d take it a step further and list the game revision and patch size under the game size.

  • Jeff Quartz

    It’s funny because i was just browsing the store yersteday and i thought to myself how annoying it was that i couldn’t see if a game had multiplayer or not in an easy fashion, i would have to read through the description to make absoloutely sure. 10 hours later i wake up and see this revamped layout that is waaay better. The display of standard features/requirements for the games are absoloutely essential.

  • Jeff Quartz

    Why does it say that there is a vita version for almost all the games?

    • fabricio

      maybe that they have remote play so you can play them on your vita too

      • Jeff Quartz

        Well that is rather missleading isn’t it 😀

  • benifericean

    another month PS4 closed

    • fabricio

      why? not at all



  • I love the new design. More clean and straightforward.

  • colonel179

    I noticed in the images that it says “cross-platform (PS4, Vita)” I think it should say Remote Play, since there are actual cross-platform games.

  • Khaled Helmy

    We also need to see the download speed……

  • Budz

    Looks similar to playstation store ui on xperia

  • Donwel

    Maybe cross platform is supposed to be remote play and someone typed it in wrong?
    Anyway I like the look of it, looks a fair bit cleaner than what we have now.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Just give me this. That’s literally all I’m asking for

    • orion


    • Plerpy

      The only time I get to see that now is if I download DLC from within a PS3 game. I miss how quick and easy it was. Especially on PS3 which is slow af now.

  • TJ

    looks like the Xbox Store a little

  • C.Day

    I wish this was less the new Microsoft XBOX ONE Windows Store, and more Steam (even Big-Picture-Mode). Pretty and Functional are not necessarily the same thing – microsoft fails to understand this, and apparently Sony might be copying their horribly clunky tiles-template here. 🙁

  • gRammarnazi

    Reminds me of the X1 interface, which is good, but autoplay sucks.

  • omarcominyo

    Looks good

  • GamingSensation

    Loving the new look of the PS4 store would so love to see more improvements trough the forums, PS4 UI and so on

  • Matt Hardwick

    Looks good. More streamlined. Hopefully that’ll mean it won’t take so damn long to load.