CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077 to Be “Better, Bigger, More Revolutionary” Than Originally Intended

During CD Projekt’s 2015 financial results conference, President Adam Kiciński and Studio Head Adam Badowski talked about Cyberpunk 2077, which will come some time in the future for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

We learn that we’re still “a long ways away from the premiere.” Badowski explained that the studio wants to make better and better games, and since The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has set the bar of success very high, Cyberpunk 2077 has to be “even better, even bigger, even more revolutionary” than originally intended, which is why CD Project still has “a lot of work to do” on it. They want it to be a “truly outstanding game. ”

We also learn that Cyberpunk 2077 is a “huge game,” with a magnitude “much greater” than The Witcher, and the studio has “amazingly large ambitions” for it.

Earlier during the call, Kiciński mentioned that CD Projek will invest heavily in the development of its games, and wants to at least double the size of the studio in terms of developers. Currently they have 400 people working on their games, and want to get to 800 or more. Those developers will be split in four teams, some of which will “penetrate new gaming segments.”

Kiciński also talked about the studio’s long development cycles, mentioning that between 2017 and 2021 they have two major games (one of which is Cyberpunk 2017, and the other is an unannounced AAA RPG) in the plans, plus other projects about which they can’t talk at all for the moment.

The studio assumes that those games have an opportunity to achieve an even greater success than The Witcher 3, so the fact that the major games will have a “rather long” development time will not change.

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  • ElementaB

    1 rule I think is great, under promise over deliver.

  • Jeffrey B

    Cyberpunk 2077 GOTY 2077

    • Designer Dragon

      Yeah lets shower a game with accolades before it even exists.

      • Sunia Mukherjee


      • Did you even bother to read the comment you’re replying to? Go back. Try again. Feel shame.

    • OtakuDom

      Dunno man heard it has Half-Life 3 as its competition

    • Rohan Chatterjee

      They are trying to make it better then the Witcher 3
      If they can do that then they will be known as the best developer In gaming

  • PixelOmen

    In other words, look for it in 2018-2019.

  • Gary MacGregor

    After how good TW3 was, I will be buying every game CDPR releases, without question.

  • Elleonska

    I like TW 3, I just don’t like it’s combat, spinning geralt has been etched into my mind.

    • JayTee

      Me too. The combat seemed even worse for me as I played the Witcher straight after Arkham Knight which has possibly the best combat ever!

  • DLConspiracy//

    They have been working on this title for years as their crown jewel. I’m super excited for it. I’m curious to see what type of music they will use for it. Wil, it be that sort of 80s throw back style? They call it Retro Wave. I could really see that in the game. I bet we will here a lot more come E3. At least I hope.

    • FlamingFirewire

      Aw man, thinking about this makes me hope it’s like a “Blade Runner-style” Open-World RPG with 80s music. Would be pretty cool

      • DLConspiracy//

        I would gladly donate my music to the game. Just to be apart of it in some small way.

  • Punished Fox

    this game is coming out 2018, I guarantee it.

    • DLConspiracy//

      My vote is it will be out 2017 for spring but get delayed until the fall.

    • Knowles2

      2017 Holidays. You need a year to build up some proper hype.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    Take your time guys.

  • Subject_17

    We can build it. We have the technology. We can make it better than it was. Better, stronger, faster.

  • jakdripr

    So they have another game dropping this year(that may or may not be Cyberpunk) and then 2 AAA RPGs dropping between 2017 and 2021? Increasing their production rate it seems.

    • Knowles2

      or the other two games are smaller built on already well developed engine.

  • JayTee

    After Witcher 3 I’m looking forward to this though I hope they improve the combat and looting…

  • Sunia Mukherjee

    ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Release Date For PS4, PC And Xbox One Likely In December 2016!

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  • insertrandomnamehere

    She really doesn’t seem to care that much about the bullets flying toward her, huh? She’s got that “did I lock the front door?” look on her face.

    • Viperswhip

      When all that happens is bullets skidding off you and all you have as an effect is a $1.00 skin repair, well, ya, did I lock the door is a legitimate concern, or not, because the police will likely be going there anyway.

  • metalman5150

    CD Projekt Red –
    Just keep on doing what y’all do.
    Build it, and we will come to play it.

  • StarTsurugi

    These guys really take time and care to build games, but I’d wish they’d have something smaller planed in-between.

    • Knowles2

      To me this look like the way they want to go, tentpole releases, with small projects imbetween.

      • StarTsurugi

        I know.

  • DZ_B_EZ

    Aww man. I hate it when a company has huge ambitions all of sudden, its a good thing that they’re exploding and becoming huge and successful, but at the same time I hope they don’t get too ambitious and the work becomes affected in a way to where things get overwhelming and there’s too many ideas. Just make something with a similar style to The Witcher 3 in a dystopian future with the same writing style also and people will throw all of their cash at you. Remember to keep a leveled head.

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Even bigger than The Witcher 3? Holy crap, these consoles are going to fry. I don’t know if I can stay sane with another 900p 30FPS PS4 parity game.

    • Yeah maybe it will be a poster child for the ps5 lol

    • Knowles2

      Just because it bigger doesn’t mean it will be graphically more intense.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Bigger = more things to process. Crazy.

  • Knowles2

    I be surprise if it this year, given how little they show off.

  • Galen Nycroft

    “Prease look forward to it!”

  • roockie112

    The way this game is going looks like we won’t see out till 2020 .

    • Viperswhip

      Why do you say this? CDP is not a, lets show them what we are working on developer. Unless they go to E3 or whatever, you don’t know how they are doing on a title. We will get a proper trailer when the games is maybe 6 months out of if they have it close enough to that for E3. Otherwise we quite literally don’t know when it will be out. Given that one of the devs in Dec 2015 said he was looking forward to possibly releasing the game late 2016, I’d put them at a decent stage of development.

      Now as a GRRM fan, I don’t put too much faith in such statement, but 2017 seems likely.

      • roockie112

        I say it not a in a bad way but the fact that the game got announce a few years ago and they still haven’t even show gameplay of it .

  • tilt

    I hope the wait for this game won’t be as long as FFXV.