Final Fantasy XV Gets New Screenshots, Amazing Artwork and…Street Signs From Fan Meeting in Tokyo

on March 12, 2016 1:42 AM

Square Enix held today a Final Fantasy XV fan meeting event at its headquarters in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and quite a few interesting pictures and snippets of information have filtered online via social media.

Here are a few of the details shared:

  • Square Enix’s community team is planning an event for the evening before the game’s release.
  • Camera behavior has been improved, and will be tweaked until the last moment.
  • The Regalia (Noctis’ car) was designed researching real world Rolls-Royce luxury cars, and would be worth 50 million yen ($440,000).
  • The hairstyle of each character has been designed taking in account his or her background.
  • When Noctis walks into a narrow street crowded with NPCs, they will avoid him properly, making the town look more alive.

Below you can check out quite a few pieces of artwork and miscellaneous images, on top of some beautiful screenshots of the Regalia, that show it with its hood open for the first time.

There’s also a rather amazing mecha concept, one for the magitek soldiers and panels showing the street signs, brand logos and props (packaging and a smartphone) used in the game, displaying once more how it’s going to be a “fantasy based in reality.”

All the pictures in the gallery above and the information in this article are courtesy of Twitter users まいたこかえる@バハ鯖便宜上T.a.K.A遥かなティペラリー and マグ.

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