Sony Finally Announces PlayStation VR’s Price and Release Window

During a media event at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony Computer Entertainment finally gave more precise information on the availability and price of PlayStation VR.

The headset will be released in October 2016 for $399, €399, £349 and 44,980 yen.

Sony kept the price and release date of PlayStation VR as one of its most closely guarded secrets during the past few months, but now you can finally make an informed decision on whether you’ll jump on virtual reality at launch or not.

By comparison, Valve’s HTC Vive will cost $799, while Oculus Rift will take $599 out of your wallet. In a rare example of symmetry, there are exactly $200 setting the three headsets apart.

Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House also mentioned that a new media player supporting virtual reality will be launched at the same time as the headset, and over fifty games will be released from October to the end of the year, including The PlayRoom VR, which will come for free with PlayStation VR.

House also mentioned that Sony intentionally designed the visor in a style that reduces the pressure on the player’s face, and the company’s engineers have reduced the weight of materials to make the headset as light weight as they could.

According to him, the focus was also to offer PlayStation VR as a “great value” to gamers, as Sony firmly believes that the right price is crucial to drive adoption of any new technology. After announcing the price, followed by a round of applause by the media attendees at the event, House said that the package represents “unmatched value for the high quality VR experience” that it offers.

Achieving this price point was “far from an easy task,” House continued,  and was fruit of Sony’s expertise in engineering, design and manufacturing, built over the past two decades of building hardware for the gaming market, with the help of the whole Sony group, which has been designing consumer electronics for nearly seventy years.

Afterwards, he mentioned that the company is proud of the headset’s price point, because it means that more gamers will be able to afford PlayStation VR, and they’re even prouder of the “breakthrough experiences that PlayStation VR will deliver,” and that determined the release window of October 2016 to ensure that the company could offer a “wide breadth of compelling games and content” and produce the volume of hardware necessary to meet demand from gamers worldwide.

On top of that, Sony Computer Entertainment partnered with Electronic Arts to launch a Star Wars Battlefront virtual reality experience available exclusively for its headset.

Update: Following the announcement at the media event, Sony also released a video, showcasing House himself as he summarizes the announcement.

Update 2: if you don’t have a PlayStation Camera, you’ll have to add it to the cost of your investment in PlayStation VR, as it’ll be required, but it won’t be included in the package.

Update 3: if you want to see a lot of images and read the official fact sheet, you can find them here.

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  • Pointy Hat Boy

    It’s certainly not cheap. But it seems fair.

    Definitely day one for me.

  • Elleonska

    I’ll wait for a limited edition bundle with a game or those move controllers, knowing sony they would probably release one a few months after the official release date.

  • bleedsoe9mm

    can’t believe they are selling this without the camera that keeps people from getting sick

    • J.j. Barrington


      • bleedsoe9mm

        the heading tracking keeps you from throwing up , its not optional its required .

        • J.j. Barrington

          Pretty sure I keep me from throwing up.

  • Boerewors

    Thank God my wife won’t be reading this, but I’m actually ‘wedding day/ birth of my children excited’ for PSVR. Who am I kidding, this is way better!

  • Neco The Sergal

    Why did I get an email from Sony telling me that it’s $549.99 ._. ?

    “Coming October 2016
    A$549.95 RRP*”

    • Blaine

      Because Canada doesn’t get to enjoy sharing price-parity with the U.S. anymore.

      • Neco The Sergal

        Hilariously accurate, but it being Sony North America, I’d not assume it’s the Canadian price since the website is US based, aka the url being ‘en-us’, etc. If they made a Canadian-only version email to send to Canadian-residents, that’d be cool I guess, but I don’t see that often on US sites at all.

  • Holychit

    Jesus thinking about playing things like ffxv and so5 in cinema mode is making me drool so bad

  • Boerewors

    Maybe he hasn’t got the money to buy it (yet) or simply chooses to do other things with it. Even when it’s indeed too expensive for him at the moment, that certainly doesn’t make PS VR any less value for money imo; you’ll get an incredible piece of tech for your $399! I honestly can’t wait till I finally have one.

    What I like about PS VR is that Sony didn’t just think about what technology to use, their engineers made sure that VR looks cool when you buy their product; PSVR looks like it’s been taken straight out of a Star Trek show with a little Tron sprinkled on top. This might not sound important, but I honestly think a mainstream VR device can’t look like the ski goggles the competition is bringing to the table.

    PSVR is ready to conquer the world!!

    • mondaymurder23

      life time of indies

      • Boerewors

        The first few years won’t be about triple A gaming as we know it anyway, no matter how bad people seem to want that, the tech is not there yet. They’ll have to come up with new experiences that’ll suit VR better and I see a far greater future for non- gaming purposes than for actual games.

        Not only will we have a huge screen to watch our movies or play our games on, we’ll have the oppurtunity to visit every major city in the world, have front row seats for your favorite sports event or concert and we can shop for clothes, appliances, cars and even homes with it. I just came a little…

        • mondaymurder23

          if you are thinking that way then it’s fine but when it come to AAA games you can cross that one off seeing how sony is running their company

          • Boerewors

            Sony is chasing the easy money as of late, so when PS VR is a succes, we’ll see their involvement and subsequently triple A games. Just like with the Vita they’ll come out with a bang and the devices’ popularity will dictate whether or not they’ll follow that up. But you do gotta realize they’re in a different position now financially than back when they launched the Vita, so they have more room to support it. Still I think it’s a huge risk they’re taking because quite frankly although I think they can support it for a bit, I don’t think they can kickstart an entire industry, something they’re pretty much aiming for atm.

    • Dennis Djoenz

      1. I do not own a PS4 because I can’t afford one. For being honest about it from the get go I keep getting harrassed by him.
      2. He doesn’t pass up one chance to take a jab at me for being stuck on last gen.
      3. Because I don’t own a current gen console my arguments or opinions have no validity??
      4. He bought a ton of games for several people here because he has a ton of money.
      5. He likes to brag he has a lot of money because he will take pics/screens/vids of either his CC/bank/game library and what not and share them on a regular basis.
      6. He took the time to send me a message on PSN with the following message: “Still No PS4 huh?”.
      7. I knew he was again being condescending about it but I played along and just answered him nicely, but decided to call him out on his disturbing behaviour here on Dualshockers.
      8. He became defensive and tried to make it about his supposedly “offer” to buy me a ps4 if my GF at the time didn’t get me one because it’s dumb to cheerlead for Sony without owning a ps4.
      9. That offer was BS lmao, but he sure does invest a lot of energy on little old me. His behaviour is basically cyber bullying. It is quite disturbing for a man his age.
      10. In a Gears of War 4 thread I asked him politely to ignore eachother and be adults about this.

      What do you know here he is talking about me once again. He has mental issues. of that I am certain my brother.

      • mondaymurder23

        lol that’s some life story man

        • Dennis Djoenz

          It wasn’t meant for you lol but ty for the input.

          • mondaymurder23

            lol no i was just find it a bit funny

      • Boerewors

        Yeah, I’ve seen him around here a lot as of late. He failed to understand some sarcastic and/ or cynical comments I was making a couple of times and he followed it up with rants about how young, naive and foolish I am and how he pretty much invented gaming himself (amongst many other things).

        I didn’t know he was this bad though, I just thought he was one of those people who never loosens up, but I didn’t know he was seriously as condescending as you say. Why can’t you love PS4 or PSVR when you don’t own one? I don’t own a Lamborghini (yet! ;D) but I sure am in love with the cars they make.

        I wonder where he’s from, because where I come from we don’t make promises to break them, and I know for a fact the Dutch don’t either (they just don’t promise anything that’ll cost em money at all 😉 ). If he’s bragging bout giving you a PS4, he should man up and get you one or treat you with respect; the way I see it you’re not less of a man for not buying a PS4 my brother, but breaking promises however is something real men don’t do in my book.

      • saiyanknight87

        Damn Dennis you’ve been nothing but cool when i encountered you sucks we have people like this online… smmfh.

      • oldtimer01

        If thats true thats extremely sad what a troll.
        Just flag his comments he will get banned eventually

    • R.K

      PSVR isn’t selling to the mass market at that price. Its a peripheral product whose device to run the games and media is cheaper than it. Obviously yes production wise Sony can’t make it cheaper, but its not gonna dominate the VR segment and leap it into the mainstream crowd.

  • Spoonyrogdrumps


  • ryan

    within 2 years time itll be on sale in clearance,like playstation tv.where acessory cost as much as console only to be obsolete with ps5. imho not wise investment its addon,Not new console.
    I’ll pass on this I know itll be in markdown bins.

    Sony has habit doing this expanding on hardware,Not supporting it. Look at pstv 30-50 bux.
    I’ll wait for 150 bux price tag or under scoop this up.
    no offense guys but if gonna fork over 400 bux for anything it will be nintendo nx not this

    • mondaymurder23

      smart move

    • J.j. Barrington

      Salty is as a salty does.

    • Stranger On The Road

      PSTV was just another device to connect to your TV, but PSVR is a very different experience all together! While you will find it is 2nd hand after release, this isn’t an exception to PSVR, but is true to almost every new device.

      And if the release a new version in the future will stop you from buying one today, you might as well never buy anything new since a newer version is always expected after a while!

  • dranzer1

    A Kinect gimmick that causes motion sickness, move along people

    • J.j. Barrington

      Do, indeed, move along.

  • R.K

    At $400 it’ll never win the casual market. None the less I don’t know why people are even comparing this price to Oculus, even Sony admitted its better and the unit is workable to a lot more than simply gaming and watching media.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Stop trolling, please.

      • R.K

        Just being honest for core users its a good price, but its not gonna win the mainstream market when the device needed to play it is cheaper than the set lol

        • J.j. Barrington

          Actually, that’s exactly why it CAN work. It’s the price of a console. Folks go out and spend that on their kids every holiday. Now, folks that have already bought a console can spend that amount on VR, which may intrigue them, as well.

          Besides, if they were REALLY looking for a budget entry, aren’t there much cheaper alternatives like Cardboard?

          • R.K

            Your comment is assuming that VR has already taken the world by storm. Its interest at the moment is niche. Partly in due to price, even headsets like the Rift, which can do a lot more than PS VR, suffer cause it doesn’t have the price and market to back it. It won’t even sell more than 10 million at that price point. Once again all of this is a prediction, but most parents buy a gaming system because it is a center piece for media they’re kids wanna watch or play. Asking them to dish out $400 so they can play other types of games is a bit optimistic

          • Dotcum22

            Good price I’ll get it and enough will to make it a success the first year.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Considering they spend that sort of money buying multiple consoles for their kids, I’m not seeing the difference.

            If their kids want it, they’ll get it. And what’s needed for that to happen is for the kids to get excited about it… which is why it won’t be coming out until October.

            Expect to see PSVR in stores all over the everywhere. Expect kids and their parents to get all hyped up. Expect $400 to not be such a barrier to casual entry.

          • R.K

            We’ll see based on your optimism I expect 10 million units out the door by the end of its first year. And 5 million plus at launch 🙂

            You are in fact comparing it to console sales so those numbers are a good expectation. Again all of this is just theory none of it is plausible. So I’ll reference this again down the road haha

  • Stranger On The Road

    Woke up at 4am because I kept think about the announcement…. any way, disappointed by the October release window, as hoping for May-Jun! I think Sony is making a big mistake by leaving such a large period between its release of a VR HMD to that of other OEMs VR HMDs!

    Would pre-order it never the less 🙂

  • Dammage

    Pls, just show a game that’s not a glorified tech demo. The only one I’ve seen so far is RIGs

  • Ryuto Arisato

    At least it’s cheaper.

  • R.K

    $400 for a peripheral device who requires a cheaper unit to run is gonna WIN the mainstream market hahaha funniest shit i’ve heard all day

  • PR Gamer

    For those wondering Yoshida confirmed there will be a bundle for those who don’t have the camera. Its $44 on amaozn right now anyway.

    And i see people talking about paying for the move controllers, the move controllers are optional, you can play with the ds4.

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Sony is the best when it comes to hardware in gaming.

  • Panty Sniffer

    better than sexy girls panties

  • TrumpUSA

    Sony wins.

  • ChaoticP

    Nailed it.

  • ChaoticP

    The camera is required so the real price is more like 460$.

  • TallSilhouette

    Bit of a shame that that price point doesn’t include a camera or move controllers, but it’s still a nice one. Sony really isn’t messing around here and PSVR is sure to be the most popular VR platform for some time.

  • press X to continue

    Again harassing other users. I wonder at which point DS moderation will ban you. You are embarrassing.

    • efnet

      I’m doing nothing no diffrent from you or the guy I’m referring to now am I?
      I’ve seen PLENTY of your comments so please stop the foolishness ok?

      • press X to continue

        Yeah, whatever. Two comments here and both to make fun about a user’s financial situation or choices. Nothing to add to the discussion about the topic. And that’s pretty often the case.

        • efnet

          Feeling some sort of way are we ?

  • TrumpUSA

    Pc beggars are really mad here on the comments, keep with your Facebook device and go play social games.

  • stopbeingafanboy

    Sony hitting my wallet hard, you win again Playstation.

  • Salem Bakhswen

    If FFXV support PSVR, i’ll get without thinking.

  • Stranger On The Road

    for those interested, the PSVR will come with a demo disc for those who wish to try VR as soon as they get home

  • megablast16

    A while back I had a debate with another gamer that PSVR wouldn’t be more than $400 for the headset, while he was adamant it couldn’t be less than $500. Vindication is a wonderful thing. : )

    • DLConspiracy//

      Well you are both probably right. Cause the headset is $400 not including the camera and move sticks. At least that’s what I have been hearing.

      • megablast16

        Yeah but he was saying $500 at least just for the headset alone, without the camera and Move controllers.

  • Chris99

    Awesome. Day one buy.

  • Stranger On The Road

    just got a US address just so that I can pre-order it from Amazon and have it delivered to me 🙂

  • Big Boss

    Yep. I called it. 400

  • Dynasty2021

    Yeah I can’t wait for VR to go away. Did the wand take off? Did the eye? Nope

    Super poorly supported peripherals. Now we have to deal with the market getting flooded with more crap games specifically for VR that nobody wants.


    I think that when I find out how much it actually costs to make in comparison to the cost of the consumer I might entertain a purchase.
    $400 is a bit much. I might as well buy another console for another room….

  • If you already own the camera, and move controllers (yeah ps3 ones are good) Then your set. I might have to pick up controllers but I already have camera.

  • omarcominyo

    Another £80 for the camera and move controllers. They should just package it all up for £399

    • Stefan Eckhardt

      That’s a great idea, but why do I need two cameras and four move motion controllers? 😐

      • omarcominyo

        U need a camera for it to track you don’t u? 1 move controller, 1 navigation controller(and a sharpshooter for fps’s which is another £15)

        • Stefan Eckhardt

          The camera is needed, but many (including me, hence my comment) already own it.

          Most games will just need a DualShock 4, if you don’t own one, look again if it really is a PS4 in front of you. Many games will support Move controllers, but I guess the dual Move Motion setup will be much more often supported than Move Motion plus Navigation. Anyway, I am already set up there as well, got two Motion and a Navigation controller, kept them charged all these years to not kill the battery with deep discharge.

          There is no real need for a sharpshooter, never has been besides the feeling of actually holding a gun. Shooting worked just fine with just pointing the Move without attachment.

          • omarcominyo

            Well i don’t, hence mine. Using a controller wouldn’t be as good imo, u don’t need a wheel to play a driving game but it’s much better with one

          • Stefan Eckhardt

            It is easy to bundle stuff but next to impossible to remove something from a fixed bundle. You can even do it yourself!

          • omarcominyo

            Since the VR announcement, sales of the PS4 camera have gone up 975%, sales of move controllers have gone up 305% on amazon.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    And because VR will also be ‘this’,

    A new generation of sexual entertainment will start in a few months, with the Vr technology.

    Can you imagine ‘being’ in a room with 2 naked ladies, with 2 million pixels each, or more (no need to render an entire gta city…just a simple room, with flat walls..) with cgi-like quality, perfectly textures bodies and face…

    worse than Facebook and other social media, with VR, PEOPLE will go out even less, I think.

    this is the first big revolution, since black and white TV, I guess.

    Soon, we will be logging on a website, with the VR on, there will be 3 avatar (seller) to chose from, and we will be able to see the kitchen, food, articles, before ordering.

    so many possibilities.

  • mwalker

    Another niche product. This will fall flat at that price.

  • oldtimer01

    What a troll

    • efnet

      Just calling it how I see it ..

      • oldtimer01

        Its not nice fella why does someone have to have a ps4/xbox/pc to have an opinion on something?
        Why do you make everything about money and how poor/rich people are?
        Are you not Getting any at home or something?

  • oldtimer01

    Look man I ain’t here to argue with you(don’t know you) but making fun of people because their poor is the lowest of the low and is trolling.
    Friendly advice man you ain’t doing yourself any favours

  • oldtimer01

    I’m not having ago just friendly advice.
    P.s ive never seen anyone boost about how much money they have on articles and calling “kids” on here poor its very uncomfortable to read but I’m 30 I take it your very young?