Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s Biggest Level’s Size and Tech Revealed; Temporal AA, Improved TressFX and More

on March 20, 2016 4:52 PM

At Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Eidos Montréal Graphics Programmer Nicolas Trudel hosted a panel on the use of the Umbra middleware for occlusion culling in the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

DualShockers attended the panel, and below you can check out some interesting information on the game that was revealed during the panel, including the size of the biggest level, its polygon count, and quite a lot more data on the technology used for the game.

  • Eidos Montreal has a Labs department that focuses on research and development of technology for multiple Square Enix studios and games.
  • The Dawn Engine is a heavily modified version of IO Interactive’s Glacier 2 engine.
  • The following middlewares are being used for Deus Ex: Manking Divided:
    • Umbra
    • PhysX
    • APEX
    • Bink
    • Scaleform
    • FMOD
    • Nav Power
  • Deus Ex: Manking Divided uses Tiled Lighting, with Deferred randing for opaque surfaces and forwad lighting for transparent surfaces.
  • The team developed an anti-aliasing solution using a temporal algorithm. It fixes a lot of the specular flickering and smooths out the small details in objects.
  • A temporal solution was also used for ambient occlusion. The ambient occlusion is computed at half resolution and then upsampled over multiple frames.
  • For reflective surfaces the team used screen space reflections with a fallback on localized cubemaps.
  • Global illumination for indirect lighting used spherical harmonix baked offline. Opaque surfaces use per pixel lighting, and the probes are placed with variable density over multiple levels.
  • The technology for hair has been developed by the studio’s Labs department, and it’s an improved version of AMD’s TressFX.
  • The game will include both indoor and outdoor locations. The maps are pretty big, but not as big as in open world games. Yet, they’re very dense. The biggest level is one square kilometer in size, and includes 300 million polygons.
  • There are a lot of dynamic objects, and between 10,000 and 80,000 objects at any given time. Not all of them are rendered at the same time, only the visible ones.
  • Global illumination, which is baked offline, uses hundreds of thousands of lighting probes.

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109 responses to “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s Biggest Level’s Size and Tech Revealed; Temporal AA, Improved TressFX and More”

  1. Sexy Mcgee says:

    Hopefully the PS4K / Xbox One.5 version has all the PC settings and maybe even runs at 60fps.

    • Giuseppe Nelva says:

      Lol PS4K.

      Whoever believed that rumor and had the gall to put it in an article has zero idea of what it takes to run games at 4K.

      Please let’s keep the discussion focused on the platforms that exist, and not on science fiction slapped on a page for hits.


      • Sexy Mcgee says:

        4k may be marketing hype but hardware upgraded systems are happening. To deny it when the head of Xbox pretty much said so is delusional.
        Kind of ironic your recent stance on rumors since the only reason this site got any popularity to begin with (at the very least the reason I started visiting it) is because Dualshockers was little more than a Neogaf rumor mill copy and paste job at launch of this generation.

        • Giuseppe Nelva says:

          There are two kinds of rumors. Rumors that are believable and rumors that are not.

          A console that runs 4k in any near future is not even a rumor. it’s science fiction.

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            So I guess you need to tell him to stop.commenting on something that isn’t relevant to this specific article? Those are the rules you are presenting us, right?

          • Sexy Mcgee says:

            If anyone has a disrespectful attitude it’s you. Someone shows excitement for the future of gaming and you come in with a dismissive attitude, laugh it off, say it’s ridiculous, and then tell the person to STFU with a sardonic attitude. You want respect you show respect.

            As for the rumor itself. Nobody in their right might expects a console that renders games at 4k in a native resolution without any sacrifice to overall visuals. 4K is just marketing jargon and it’s not the first time platform holders exaggerated or even made terms up to make their system seem more powerful.

            However, considering that Microsoft had applied a patent for scalable hardware a year before this generation started and is now outright saying they want to release more powerful versions of Xbox One, it’s easy to believe a rumor from developers that Sony are planning to release a more powerful version of PS4. Even if it won’t be able to run games at 4k natively, which is what you’re fixating on.

          • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot says:

            You have no clue about what you are talking about lol.

          • Agustin Freyre says:

            Nelva’s specialty is being politely disrespectful, we all know that here haha. Every web has its downsides we have to live with.

          • orion says:

            please, a rumor is a rumor. you make it what you want.

            imo the ps4k x1.5 could be a thing, not that different from the smartphone business model. dev already a pipeline with graphic level intented for pc or x y console, it would not be a such a stretch to have dev making games that are supported on ps4 but on the same disc you could enable better graphic specs or 4k res on the ps4.5 or k whatever you call it. just like you can play games on iphone 5 but are optimal on iphone 6 n such

        • Jeremy Barnett says:


        • Jeremy Barnett says:

          Be careful bud, this one gets his feelings hurt rather easily.

      • Jeremy Barnett says:

        This times 100. I was another site and the moderators were insisting the info was good, based off a story from Kotaku. Kotaku of all places! I have told everyone I can that this whole thing was a click bait scam article, written to generate hype and anger. What Sony was probably talking about at GDC wa possibilities for a ps5, not a ps4.5. Unbelievable how people are so gullible these days.

      • gRammarnazi says:

        Gawker are fukced, Kotaku are part of Gawker. Hits = money. It’s simple really.

      • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot says:

        I was so happy when you guys didn’t report on Kotaku’s made up garbage. Thank you for being respectable enough to not post that clickbait crap. Clearly the only reason they posted the article was to generate clickbait revenue since their parent company just got hit with a $115 million lawsuit.

      • You know, I’d normally agree with you, but I don’t think that I can in this scenario. Patrick Klepek used to be a member of Giant Bomb, so clearly Jeff Gerstmann (the paragon of sensible and ethical reporting in games journalism) trusted him enough to bring him on. Patrick has yet to write an article or make a statement that comes from a place of baiting for clicks. Not only that, but he has acknowledged on Twitter that the 4K element in the rumor didn’t make sense to him either, but he trusted the source and reporting only the parts that made sense wouldn’t be telling the truth. I can almost promise you that he knows just as much or more about games and technology than you do.
        So get off your high horse, do some actual research, and stop directing the discussion towards fiction slapped in a comments section for likes.

    • alex says:

      We rarely get native 1080p. I feel like 4k console gaming is a long time away

      • Jeremy Barnett says:

        It is, especially since over on percent of your consumer base wouldn’t even have a 4k capable television. Why release a console like that now only to force a higher cost on your consumer base as a whole when most wouldn’t even get the benefits that such a console would offer. Makes absolute no sense and companies like Microsoft and Sony know this much better than we do. It was a rumor crappie article and it was kotaku, the website alone should have let everyone how much of a joke it was.

        • WTGHookshot says:

          Now, I don’t believe it is happening, but it could be something that is in the works and won’t release for another couple of years. By that point, 4K content and 4K TVs would be slightly more mainstream.

          And the major point (at least for the PS4K or PS4.5 or whatever) would be to allow PSVR to run better and for all games to be able to run in 1080p/60 fps, not 4K.

          Most likely they wouldn’t even stop selling the standard PS4 system, but release them side by side, like the 3DS XL and the 3DS and the 2DS. The PS4K would be a lot more expensive and for those who can afford it/want it.

          That said, it isn’t happening.

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            Pretty sure I have ever already read that Sony wants the psvr to be compatible with the ps5, and I tend to believe that is where this rumor started, and kotaku furthered that rumor by posting it and trying to give it legitimacy. We will see 4k consoles one day, but it’s gonna be awhile. Heck most average people have only recently made the switch to 1080p, the switch to full mainstream 4k is a long ways off IMO and would drive the price of the console up to the point to make it unsuitable for the casual gamer.

    • Sadaharu says:

      Put consoles aside, PCs capable of running 4K games are like 1% of the entire PC gaming industry.

      And I have a feeling that 4K will die soon when VR tech is mature.

    • TrumpUSA says:

      Sure pc beggar, now go sign another petition.

  2. Zulu_Vegan says:

    After years playing on PC/STEAM, still dont even know what AA is for!

    I just set options to high or max! haha


    • JD says:

      AA just smooths out the edges of the polygons. So rather then an edge looking like a saw blade of jagging polygons. It becomes a smooth straight line

  3. Jeremy Barnett says:

    On a totally different topic, anyone see digital foundrys results for the X1 version of Quantum Break. It runs at 720p, with some stutter and controller lag issues. Real bummer cause it looked to be the most impressive game yet for X1, now I am not so sure.

    • crash bandicoot says:

      Wait for the results whan the game is out if you are worried

      • Jeremy Barnett says:

        I’m not worried, it is Remedy so I know it will still play really well and look great on my pc, just a shame with the X1 version. Seems like all the particles effects and techniques they used cause the overall resolution to have to be dropped to 720p to run optimally. Actually the only reason I hate this outcome is because of the inevitable fan boy flame war that will ensue after it becomes wider knowledge on the web.

    • DF is also anti-Microsoft. Almost every thing they talk about is negative wrt XB this gen…

      • Jeremy Barnett says:

        You may perceive them as anti-microsoft, but they were overtly nice in their write up of Quantum Break. Many times stating how great the game looked with all the advanced effects used to create that game. I see Digital Foundry as right down the middle, they simply show exactly what it is. There is no bias in the computer programs and analysis they are running in checking these games. They literally went out of their way to sugarcoat the 720p issue with QB and heaped praised wherever possible. Problem is, it is still 720p, the same as over 50 original xbox games. Just don’t seem like 15 years later games should still be releasing at 720p, just my opinion.

        • You do realize there’s a neogaf or reddit somewhere where the authors of DF actually admit to being anti-microsoft? This is not a one time occurrence, their write-ups are continually derogatory in nature regardless of resolution. And I don’t believe there are over 50 720 XB1 games, that’s just ludicrous. 900p maybe, but not 720p…

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            Read my post more carefully. I said there were over 50 ORIGINAL xbox games that ran at 720p 15 years ago. Not on the X1 because this is the only game I know of. And sorry but some random rumor post on neogaf isn’t going to change what digital foundry does. There have been cases where ps4 games were less stable than their X1 counterpart and DF was quick to point it out. You can believe what you want but their analysis is correct. MAYBE a day 1 patch will be able to up the resolution to 900p, but I have never heard of such and I am not going to expect it.

          • PRIME_Objective says:

            There is a few other 720p native games on Xbox One: Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, MGS V: Ground Zeros, Pro Evo Soccer 2015, Star Wars: Battlefront, CoD Ghosts, Dead Rising 3. We also have Watch_Dogs and Titanfall which are 792p respectively. That’s from top of my head.

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            I guess the difference being most of those are multiplat games which can sometimes mean less optimization than if it were first party exclusive. Then I noticed Dead Rising and Titan fall and realize that DF is probably right. There is a precedent already set with AAA elusive games running at 720 or 792 on the x1. It lends credence to their analysis. Really no excuse IMO especially considering how technically in depth this game and how much optimization is obviously in place with the other visual effects. I am sure in the weeks to come we will here MUCH more about this, just not on Dualshockers.

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            Oops, we are still talking about Quantum Break;)

        • Vagelis v says:

          Problem is they havent played the game. This analysis was not based on final review code they have played directly. This was based on material they saw on a press event. There is a difference doing a tech analysis in something you see and something you play directly. How exactly you apply measurment tools in footage you are not capturing directly from a source whilst playing a game (like it should be done and they usually do in tech analysis), yet you perform analysis in footage. Unless we are ment to believe that digital foundry did all this by merely looking at the footage on the screen they played it at the event.
          This might or might not be true, but df has jumped the gun so untill a final retail code with day one update is analyzed then we will see. Let me remind you that nx gamer has done his own anaysis and called it 1080p. Fact is in games that use very heavy post processing effects and film grain effects it is difficult to actually tell without having proper code to apply proper measurment. I dont know if df is xbox biased or not, but they have gone against normal methodology they themselves apply to produce a negative article they are not even sure is the case, thus why report it if they have reservations.

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            Completely agree with you bud, and hopefully the final version after the day 1 patch will allow it to hit 1080p, as they originally hoped for. The game looks to be amazing either way, would just be a shame if it were to really end up at 720p and would see definitely turn into a huge fan boy firefight, something I have grown very wary of this gen.

          • Vagelis v says:

            I dont know what it might be or not, but what df has done is highly unethical in regards to how they have done it.

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            Nah it isnt, or we would be hearing about civil cases and lawsuits. There isn’t any of that because they haven’t done anything wrong.

          • Vagelis v says:

            No there wouldnt. Digital foundry has done this before let me remind you the case of project cars in which they formally apologized. Point is they have analyzed the tech of a game they have not played. I explained it to you before. And people who want to discredit the game and the machine are now rallying behind this false information. Because people dont have any patiense and even if they get a wif of anti xbox one news they take it for granted. But the fact is digital foundry has done another project cars and you will see how things will unfold tomorrow onwards. What is worse is that they have done it in a game they have not played but only analyzed via video footage available to sites and youtube.

          • GOLDEN says:

            NX Gamer didn’t get any builds for analysis. HE CLEARLY STATED that in video. His analysis is based on some preview videos from month ago and Quantum Break documents which were shown at Siggraph last year.

            Looks like game is 720p.

            In other hand DF tested final code. Game went gold few weeks ago and review copies were sent to reviewers.

            I’m not surprised about this why Remedy devs DOGDED the question on GAF in which resolution QB will be on XOne.

          • kevin says:

            Well remedy and Phil Spencer both didn’t comment on it would asked and remedy did release a statement saying the day one patch will not raise the resolution. It doesn’t matter to me because I adored Alan wake even though about halfway through the combat and flashlight mechanic got beyond dull the story carried me through and I’ve been looking forward to quantum break for a long time now and it’s almost here.

          • Vagelis v says:

            Quantum Break’s 1080p output is a temporal reconstruction from four previous 720p 4xMSAA frames. This approach gets us high pixel quality in combination with complex shading and effects, allowing us to achieve a cinematic look. However, varying sample counts between passes and temporal upscaling makes talking about resolution, as it is traditionally understood, complicated in the case of Quantum Break. Since the start of “Quantum Break’s” development, the most important thing for Remedy and Microsoft has been delivering a compelling gaming experience with superior artistic quality. This is what Remedy is renowned for. We’re confident that we have achieved this, and can’t wait to hear what fans think on April 5 when they play the game.This is from remedy’s own response to the matter.

            Actually it isnt 720p. Its just a different way of handling a 1080p framebuffer. This is in a very theoretical level akin to how the 1080p output was constructed for killzone sf, just on a very different rather new way. Again the only confirmed point here is that people jumped the gun without having a broad picture on how qb’s framebuffer actually works. And just some tweets of what the guy from digital foundry who will be doing the tech analysis has as initial thoughts: ”@SamLakeRMD Blown away by what I’ve played of QB thus far. Amazing work.”. And what he said regarding resolution ”I think it’s blown way out of proportion. It’s one of the best looking, technically accomplished games on XO.”, ”It’s rather frustrating. I don’t think people fully understand the resolution issue (it’s not “just” 720p – it’s more complex)”, ” It’s more that there is a temporal reconstruction in play that has a definite impact on the end results. It’s very clean.”, ”Nope, it’s something different entirely. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It works pretty well, actually.” Come next week all the trolls and goblins from the mines of moria that pathetically tried to damage the game will be hiding yet again.

      • Jeremy Barnett says:

        Also bud, they aren’t really being negative, they just state what the resolution and performance of major games. It only comes across as biased towards X1 because their games generally run at a lower resolution and fps than their competitor. It’s the facts that are making it look negative for microsoft, not lies and bias from digital foundry.

      • Senpai Gundam says:

        They aren’t anti-Microsoft at all. I visit them almost everyday and they’re pretty fair all around (with some obvious bias from certain moderates).

        • Disagree, their tone is very condescending. Just like Gamespot these days. Eurogamer is more impartial, but DF is definitely biased.

          • crash bandicoot says:

            I feel like people see what thay want to see

          • Good for you, I see a guy with a Naughty Dog Mascot as his name and logo, lol.

          • crash bandicoot says:

            Check my comments im one of the only people whose not a fanboy on this site

          • I have no problems with you, I’m just stating that DF in a lot of people’s opinion, not just mine, are anti-XB, same as Gamespot. This isn’t exactly new, it’s been like this for a while now.

          • crash bandicoot says:

            How is gamespot being anti xbox im going there for news for a long time now and i never noticed that can you explain?

          • Danny and Chris are extremely anti-xbox, so is the girl who does everything in 2 minutes. Everything they say when they are on the air are extremely biased, which is ironic b/c they were neutral during the 360 era. Mary Kish is the only one who enjoys XB on staff, and she readily admits that everywhere. Again, this is nothing new.

          • crash bandicoot says:

            Personalities on the site being biased is different this guys dont write articles thay are on camera people its like saying ign is anti playstation beacuse ryen mccaffrey is an xbox fanboy or anti xbox beacuse of brian altano sh1ting on xbox

          • You’re kidding right? This is more than a podcast segment dedicated to either console, this is the majority of the entire staff sh1ting on XB for the last few years. I merely named the worst and most neutral people on the staff. If you’ve been going to the site for a while now that should be obvious…

          • crash bandicoot says:

            But you dont get what im saying just beacuse this guys dont like xbox doesnt mean gamespot report false news about xbox thay are internet personalities thay can have opinions if gamespot report false news about xbox thats not okay but you didnt give me an exemple about false news same as the case with DF even if thay dont like xbox it doesnt make the analysis videos thay make wrong if thay had a false analysis video about an xbox game before than you shouldnt trust them sorry for my bad english

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            He session to be mixing personal opinion with facts. They report facts, and generally don’t let their opinions get in the way of said facts. Games pot isn’t biased, neither is DF, and this is the first I have ever heard anywhere that they are. Amazing how these allegations of bias start coming out right when negative news starts to be posted.

          • To give you an example of the idiocy at play at GameSpot, they had a video about a year or two after both consoles released of things they wish both companies do better. The video had like 80% complaints on XB compared to PS4, the difference was the complaints for XB were stupid things intended to dissuade people from buying an XB1. Things like “I can’t even find where my games are? It’s so hard to figure out where to get them from.” When there is always clearly an icon for “Games and Apps” and then an alphabetized listing of all games. Then there was install times, where they said install times typically lasted more than an hour to two hours before someone could even play a game. Bull****, again. Longest install time for me, I think was Witcher 3 or Fallout 4, and both were less than 10-15 minutes maybe. There’s plenty of examples like that were their dislike of XB this generation is on full display.

          • Good Hunter says:

            Video link please.
            I want to believe you

          • Check out the video at the bottom with all the personalities talking about the XB1, it starts off with a claim saying a patch took 6 hours to download and 2 days to install Forza, please… —

          • kevin says:

            No I will agree the install times on x1 for disc based games is beyond ridiculous especially compared to ps4.

          • It’s still minutes **not** hours and days longer, which is what GS was claiming.

          • Sorry man, but I disagree. It’s different at IGN where they actually have xbox fans and playstation fans, but gamespot is mostly painted by people who started hating xbox this generation b/c of the bad job that Mattock did. I mean come on, it’s one thing to hate initial policies, but it’s another thing to hold a grudge against a console like some spoiled 5 year old child who doesn’t know how to handle disappointment.

          • Boerewors says:

            After more than 2 years on the market Gamespot only has 2 staff members who own an Xbox themselves, one of which being the camera man who is peer pressured into saying he just owns it for Forza on every occasion.

            Why the heck are we even discussing this? A so called “worried” DS member brings a public service anouncement which is completely off topic, to warn us bout the X1 version of Quantum Break, a game he can “luckily play on his PC because it isn’t exclusive anymore thank God”; imagine is being “stuck with that 720p box *enters list of sub 1080p games*”.

            Although I own a One, like I always own all consoles, I consider myself a PS gamer… Well, until recently that is. These days I’m too ashamed to call myself a PS gamers because of all these people that keep on bashing Xbox when the fact of the matter is that Xbox has got a terrific line up so far and we just had Bloodborne up until now that was truly special, a second party effort.

            All this talk about 720p is so tiring! Even if QB is 720p, who cares? The game looks so beautiful I want to lick my screen! There are tons of examples where a 720p or 900p can look wat prettier than a full HD game, especially on a filmic game, a term btw invented by The Order apologists, the turd we had to admire because PS4. Every resolution lower than 1080p is upscaled and Xbox is using a technique that’s truly excellent. Furthermore there is room for so many more post- processing effects when you scale the resolution down that simply assuming 1080p looks better is complete nonsense.

            I’ve seen PS owners trying to bash Xbox every given oppurtunity and it’s truly pathetic. Especially the ones that pretend to be just some “worried” Xbox enthusiasts that just “have to face the facts that Xbox sucks”… It’s getting so old. There even were people that whined over Halo 5’s story and told MS lied to them in the marketing campaign; ***SPOILERS*** the ads led them to think they’d be chasing Master Chief throughout the entirety of the games, which turned out to be false and now these “huge Halo and Xbox fans” felt betrayed. I’m not even kidding, I saw several people talking this sh*t on this very site.

            While looking at my game collection the other day I noticed I have a pretty substantial One and specially Wii U collection already, and PS4’s is just lagging behind, even with it being my number one for multiplats up until the Elite controller happened. Sure, PlayStation is gonna rock in 2016 with its VR and UC4, but if Horizon would see a delay, which I don’t rule out, we’ll yet see another year where PS relies on 3rd party efforts. Xbox has gotten lots of criticism. But in the meanwhile they’ve been getting the best 1st party efforts so far and been really giving it their best; I wish Sony would show half of Xbox’s effort…

          • crash bandicoot says:

            No one here was bashing xbox I dont get why the other guy started talking about quantom break but if you actually read is comments here he doesnt sound like a fanboy at all and I was just trying to understand why do jeremiah thinks we cant trust the DF video but you came in and started acting like a drama Queen ones again

          • Boerewors says:

            ….said the grown up guy who calls himself Crash Bandicoot

          • crash bandicoot says:

            whats the problem with that? i love crash bandicoot

          • Boerewors says:

            Good for you mate, enjoy the announcement this e3!

          • crash bandicoot says:

            thank you

          • crash bandicoot says:

            And uc4 and horizon are far from being the only ps4 exlusives this year both the xbox one and the ps4 have a good lineup this year

          • kevin says:

            Funny considering Sony has more first and third party exclusives this year releasing then Microsoft. I own both systems and the only thing of interest for Xbox 1 this year is quantum break, gears of war 4 and recore. On my ps4 since the year started I’ve gotten the witness, firewatch, sf 5, salt and sanctuary plus multiplats and nothing on my x1 until quantum break on April 5 finally then my x1 goes dark again until gears of war 4 sometime during fall.

          • Boerewors says:

            Thanks for sharing! It’s pretty obvious you didn’t quite catch what I was going for, but that’s okay.

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            Because they arent, he is trying to further his argument by padding it with false allegations. If anything, Games pot goes out of there way to praise many of the xbox games and especially all the updates and features of the xbox itself.

          • Now you’re reaching…

          • kevin says:

            To be honest xbox fans think every site is anti Xbox these days and like to play the victim card

          • I don’t believe in that bs, I call it like I see it. You want to claim faults with XB1’s resolution, fine. But don’t make up stupid reasons for people not to buy an XB1 and claim them as problems. For the record, I own both consoles but I play the majority of my titles and cross platform games on XB b/c Live is so much more stable than PSN and I enjoy watching TV while I’m playing my games…

          • Vagelis v says:

            And i could argue this is what digital foundry has done with this game until now. They have not played the game. What they say is based on what they saw on a press event. Thus they have not been able to apply any sort of correct tools or methodology for capture of resolution and framerate. Analyzing captured video,VIDEO, is not methodolgy to conclude a games resolution. Even by df standards they have gone beyond their owen methodology of analyzing final code with day one update. Secondly they do not seem to know or be sure what exactly the res could be, therefore they are guestimating. To anyone with basic language skills s headline ‘does this game run 720p questionmark?’, isnt really fact after pixel counting but guestimation. They might or might not be wrong, but they have jumped the gun, thus as a reader i have every right to believe they are trying to create negative impressions. When you are not sure about information you wait to post it untill you can be sure after applying some sort of methodology. Not by trying to pixel count video footage or with the naked eye. Some games use heavy post proccess effects and you need to be careful with assessements. Let me remind you they seem to think it could be a 720p resolution, but then they do a 400x! zoom and state that i.q is well and way beyond what a 720p resolution game would present in a 400x zoom in. contradictions. People need to be patient. Unfortunately df was not.

          • crash bandicoot says:

            I agree

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            Euro gamer is reporting it as well bud.

          • I’m talking about the tone of the articles on each section of the site. Digital Foundry is practically all condescending toward XB. Eurogamer is more neutral…

      • Sadaharu says:

        I have watched that video and to be honest it looks like they really REALLY have liked the game. It was almost like “My god this game looks pretty, technology was top notch, modelling and textures do not give us any chance to criticize even a bit, but just one thing we were not sure of which is the resolution being advertised to be 1080P, which isn’t true on our preview copy labeled as “finished” by the developers. Just letting you guys know and this is our job”

        It’s really just facts.

        And with XB1 it is quite negative because the thing is just subjectively weaker than the already pretty weak PS4… It doesnt matter for a player looking for games, but matters for a media talking about tech specs and game performances.

      • Good Hunter says:

        It’s not like there much positive things about XB1 to tell…

    • Giuseppe Nelva says:

      And why exactly did you post a “completely different topic” on a post that is obviously not about that?

      Consider any discussion about Quantum Break closed.

      First. We don’t know. Secondly, the game look amazing and numbers aren’t gonna change that. Thirdly, this post is about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

      Feel free to comment on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

      • Jeremy Barnett says:

        Why? The answer is two fold. One, there is no relevant article on this website to discuss it and two, because I could. Didn’t realize you would get upset over a few gamers commenting about a game on the comment section of a gaming website, lol. You act like I started commenting on Donald Trump or religion. Either way, definitely led to more user interaction and comments than the original story provoked:)

        • Rower says:

          He thinks he’s cool and in charge because he writes for dualshocker. I sometimes don’t like his attitudes.

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            I suppose it is a claim to fame of sorts for him. Never on any site have I ever had a moderator attempt to reprimand me over commenting about a different game on an article. Isn’t the point of the comments section to drive user interaction and get more clicks and involvement with the website? Why would you want to discourage a discussion about a game on a gaming website, regardless of the article it was posted on? Not sure those that own and operate would agree with that type of behavior, just my opinion of course, lol.

        • Giuseppe Nelva says:

          Here’s the deal. What you did is called “derailing,” (or flamebaiting) which is not welcome in our comment section.

          There’s no relevant article on this website exactly because we did not consider relevant preliminary, rumor-mongering measurements on a non-final version of a game from a site that lately has resorted to count pixels of trailers to have something to say on weekends.

          Incidentally, when I said that the discussion was closed, I meant it. Moderation instructions are also not a topic of discussion, so any further comment off topic will be removed.

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            Guess the rules have changed on this websote, because not so long ago that is exactly what this website was known for amongst gamers who peruse online articles about gaming. Thanks for clarifying the steps this site has taken to repair it’s former reputation:)

          • Vagelis v says:

            Well said Giuseppe. I am glad to know some owners and operators of gaming sites on the internet call things for what they are.

          • Adam Lynn says:

            Got it. Treat the comments section on this site like I’m in North Korea. Only the pre approved material can be discussed here! *salutes*

    • R.K says:

      LOL most people wouldn’t have even known it was at 720p if it wasn’t for DF. The game’s aliasing solution is top notch and it looks incredible, resolution doesn’t always equate to fidelity Einstein.

      • Jeremy Barnett says:

        Yep, it will still look great. And probably play great as well, but we are talking about the supposed final resolution being 720p. Whether it is noticeable to casuals or anyone else or whether the game looks good otherwise has no bearing on our discussion.

        • R.K says:

          And the issue with 720p being? You just acknowledged the game was great looking yet you’re still whining about a resolution, which to even you try-hard eyes you would’ve never caught?

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            Doesn’t matter if I would have noticed 720p or not (I would have), what does matter to some is if these consoles two and a half years in to their life are still struggling to hit full HD resolutions. For some it is a problem because there were early promises made that this gen of consoles would not have this sort of problem at all, and Remedy themselves guaranteed this specific game would hit 1080p. Should these games be having this much trouble to achieve what was previously stated as a guarantee for this gen?

          • Jeremy Barnett says:

            And I wasn’t whining, only stating the reports that are out their for everyone to read.

          • drunken monk says:

            And G. Nelva told you to drop it hours before this comment, yet here you still are. When that heresay is confirmed, DS will post it. Until then, stop derailing and cluttering.

    • Rhett says:

      Why is it never the actually console owers bring this up in the comment section, but always the self-proclaimed pro Sony fans?

      Now all you did was start a needless argument.

      • Jeremy Barnett says:

        Not an argument, a discussion. Quite the difference there bud. Incidentally, I will play this on my pc, if It can handle it. I always enjoyed Alan Wake and I am guessing this will be better. Feel free to argue though if that is what you want to do. Free country and all;)

  4. Jeffrey B says:

    Deus Ex – Transhumanism
    Cyberpunk 2077 – high tech, low life

  5. camnpat says:

    Was whoever took the first picture falling off a chair at the time (while witnessing all the awesomeness)? 😉

  6. PorHawj2016 says:

    can’t wait to play this game on August 23. is there any new gameplay video yet ?

  7. I really enjoyed the last game. Can’t wait :D.

  8. Toru says:

    so the question is! this games will use directX 12 so will this games run better on AMD or Nvidia card (times for AMD and Nvidia fanboys war lol)

  9. Azix says:

    Why the hell not use havok. Why use physx and APEX to screw things up? Do they see the level of destruction and performance in games like rainbow six siege that use havok over physx?

    • AMD_Afficionado says:

      I wonder the same thing. Is Microsoft restricting Havok or something? Did SE want to get money from both AMD and Nvidia so it partnered with both?

  10. prudis says:

    they forgot to mension denuvo as middleware 😉

  11. AMD_Afficionado says:

    Was this slideshow translated from French? The English seems questionable in places, which strikes me as odd.

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