PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Breaks Sales Record at Play-Asia

The decision by Koei Tecmo not to release Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in the west may have upset quite a few gamers, but it’s definitely proving to be an asset for retailers dealing with the sale of Asian games to western customers.

Hong-Kong-based retailer Play-Asia has been at the forefront of bringing the Asian version of the game (which includes English subtitles) to the North American and European audience, and DualShockers reached out to their marketing and sales department to hear how it has been doing. The answer we received definitely indicates that the response of the market to Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 has been positive.

“I am able to confirm that we have broken all previous sales records for with the release of DOAX3.”

We asked for further details, and we learned that Koei Tecmo’s sexy title set the record for pre-order copies sold in the history of the retailer, beating the previous best seller J-Stars Victory VS by Bandai Namco.

“DOAX3 set our current record for pre-order copies sold of a single title from any region in the history of Our previous record holder was the Japanese release of J-Stars Victory Vs. for the PS3 & PSVita.”

In the past, I have heard some arguing that the refusal to release the game in the west could have been due to low expected sales on Koei Tecmo’s part, but Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 doesn’t seem all that unpopular to me.

If you want more information on how the game plays, you can check out our review. You can also find our gallery and gameplay from the PS4 version, and comparison with the PS Vita version.

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  • Lucas

    Fantastic news, thanks based Play Asia !

  • Stranger On The Road

    I hope that more Japanese games will come with English subtitles when released in Asia, especially those that they know won’t get licensed!

    • Nihelus Aurenis

      It seems to be getting more common. I doubt this will come to the US, so I’ll definitely be picking this up. Haven’t decided if I’ll pick up DOAX3 yet though. I just wish you could view and purchase DLC from outside your region in game or something. Changing profiles for one game is a pain. Better than region locking games altogether though, that’s for sure.

      • Stranger On The Road

        the game works from any profile on the PS4, as long as you set the primary console for the HK account to be the console you are on.

        I’m playing the game using my account, but bought it using my new and shiny HK account 🙂

  • Hajahajahaja!!!!!!

  • Gaming4RealLife

    I will have to find my way to purchasing this one day.

  • Sunny11
    • Netronader

    • Captain Clutch

      This is…in game?

    • –ZERO–

      Oh my lawd, da jiggle on dem Honoka cheeks

    • Shebua


    • Immahnoob

      This is what happens when you give power to the player.

      Awesomeness happens.

    • Pepperkeet


    • Justin

      I can only say wow…..haven’t gotten there yet. Lol

    • wardy from narnia

      me right now……

    • Ero-Sennin

      Thank god I own both a PSVITA and a newly purchased PS4.
      VITA for-Portability and Motion/Touch controls, etc.
      PS4 for-Glorious HD, Tan lines, Swimsuits slipping off in the water, etc.
      So glad Play-Asia and KT made some good profit off this, it’s well deserved!

    • porkchop!!!

      gonna catch that jigglypuff

    • Doc

      BEST. GIF. EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nick Sivetz

      Dude that looks so real Soft engine 2.0 kicks ass

    • jwll1984

      The ass physics are for real!

    • defjam
    • MegaAwesomeMan2284
    • MegaAwesomeMan2284

      Okay Team

  • Jeremy Barnett

    Well then, it is great to see that the love of soft porn is alive and kicking

    • Stranger On The Road

      it never dwindled 🙂

      • Jeremy Barnett

        To be honest, I don’t even know what genre this game falls in, but I always seem to find myself clicking on the images for fullscreen.

  • Netronader

    Lol screw those sjw pricks

    • jwll1984

      SJWs vs SSJ!

      • Philip Weigel

        I almost feel sorry for the SJWs in this image.

  • Wolvy

    Lol lots of desperate folks out there!!

    • Justin

      The game is fun. Doesn’t mean desperate at all.

    • *Don’t read replies*

      either that or jails ordering them lol.

    • Hazell

      I can honestly say the volleyball is super fun. I love playing it, impissed that there are missions that improve a girls happiness that require me to do other activities, I’d rather play volleyball than some of the activities.

  • I’m glad to see it’s doing so well.

  • Immahnoob


  • BigHurt360

    Any word on exact number of sales? Would be interesting to see if it’s beyond niche numbers.

  • Mohammed Allha

    Maybe this what KT plan from the start

    • Justin

      What I’ve always said.

  • Mea K

    I remember how, after getting called out on their destructive influence for a change, the outraged SJWs shook their fists at Play-Asia, declared a boycott and stubbornly insisted the shop’s explosively growing social media reach meant nothing because all those new followers were just trolls from a “hate group” that would never actually buy anything.

    Shows what they know!

  • JFpaes15

    Still sure you don’t wanna listen to your FANS, Koei?

  • Pain Sama

  • Provenflawless

    I paid $180 just for this game. The marie rose mouse pad was a must.

    • Justin

      Honoka mouse pad FTW!

    • Hazell

      Weak, I paid $390. Strongest package.
      Glad to hear you bought it though!

  • Shunan Soap Xu

    It was Koei Tecmo’s deception all along!

  • Shunan Soap Xu

    But the game itself is really lazily made, and bad. A damn completely re-skin of DOAX2. With shameless micro transaction.

    • Philip Weigel

      Would have been nice to have in the West so that the consumer could have made the decision, not SJWs.

      • Shunan Soap Xu

        That’s ture tho.

    • Justin

      See I disagree. Yes there are many reused assets, but DOAX2 was crap. I feel like they went back to 1, then remade that, took out a few things, and added other things.

      • Shunan Soap Xu

        Yea, but the game is still mediocre at its best. Like a solid 5/10.

        • Justin

          Disagree again, but to each his own. I like it for what it is. I wanted an “escapism” fun relaxing game, and not feel like I need to play Division or something intense every gaming minute.

          For me it’s easily an 7.5/8 out of 10.

  • Adavanter Mki

    Cool. I helped! Hopefully this means we’ll get a forth with even more features!

    • Hazell

      DoAX4!! I can’t even imagine the physics in that game…

  • Chris99

    Lol! Take that sjws.

  • Zero Beat

    Thank you, Play-Asia! Got almost all of my Asian limited editions of DoA games starting from 5U from you and have been very happy! Now if someone can shove this info in KoeiTecmo’s and Team Ninja’s faces to let them know that there is worldwide demand so they can get on making uncesnored North American and PAL releases, that’d be great.

  • Ziriak

    Hopefully this convinces them to make and release a western version with the missing characters.

  • Ziriak

    Hope this convinces them to do a western version with the missing girls.

  • I’m proud to have contributed.