PlayStation Japan President: PlayStation Neo Is Still a PS4; No Plans to Change Sales Strategy

on July 10, 2016 3:37 PM

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia Atsushi Morita was asked a few questions about the upcoming PlayStation Neo and about the future of PS4 in an interview on the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu.

Morita-san mentioned that so far there has been a concept of life cycles for consoles, and the gaming industry, including PlayStation, has moved according to this cycle. Yet now the borders between gaming and entertainment are blurring, and the time in which it was possible to consider the gaming industry in a vacuum have ended.

There are also PC and smartphones that are upgraded with a very short cycle, so there is added value in bringing a high-end PS4 in the middle of the life cycle of the console. However while positioned at the high end of the platform that is PS4, the fact that it is a PS4 does not change.

Morita-san was also asked about possible price cuts for the PS4 itself, and while he mentioned that he can’t say anything about that specifically, he clarified that the strategy for PS4 has always revolved around games, with bundles and special editions related to the launch of large titles. Since that sales strategy has been proved correct, there are no plans to change it in the future.

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