New Mass Effect Andromeda Video Is All About the Voices Actors of Protagonists Scott and Sarah Ryder

Today BioWare released a new video dedicated to Mass Effect Andromeda, and while it shows no gameplay, it’s still quite interesting.

The video introduces Tom Taylorson and Fryda Wolff, who are the voice actors that will lend their voices to Scott and Sarah Ryder, the protagonists of the game.

Funnily, Tom Taylorson is the voice of Octodad, while Fryda Wolff voiced his daughter, Stacy. Wolff also voiced Mira in Killer Instinct, Caira Diaz in Evolve and the female main character in PlanetSide.

Not only the video is interesting, but it’s also fairly humorous, which is never a bad thing, in this day and age.

You can check it out below, and if you want to see more, you can also watch the latest trailer, that was released just yesterday, showing combat, skills, character progression and more.

Mass Effect Andromeda‘s release dates were also announced yesterday. The game will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 21st in North America, while European gamers will have to wait a couple of days longer, until March 23rd.

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