Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer Unsure if Scorpio Will be Shown Before E3; “Great Progress” on the Console

Microsoft's Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer takes to Twitter once more to talk about E3 and the progress made with Project Scorpio.

on January 11, 2017 4:12 PM

During a long Twitter Spree today, Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer talked bit about the company’s future plans and Project Scorpio, mentioning that he is not yet sure whether the console will be showcased before E3, but he’s aware that fans want to see it.

He also explained that Microsoft’ first party development teams are tuning the engines for the new console, and defined the progress across studios, platform team and hardware team “great.”

Asked whether there is something new to be announced at E3, Spencer mentioned that he understands that people tend to like that.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Microsoft will present at E3, and whether they’ll give us one more glimpse of Project Scorpio before the big show in Los Angeles. Ultimately, the wait isn’t too long. We’re just five months away.

Earlier today, Spencer apologized to the community for the cancellation of Scalebound, also hinting that it wasn’t just a money issue and talking more about Scorpio, specifically about the difference with the PC experience.


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