New Total War: Warhammer Video Gives a Look on the New Bretonnian Campaign

The Creative Assemply gives the first look on the upcoming free Bretonnian campaig for Total War: Warhammer.

on February 23, 2017 1:22 PM

The Creative Assembly and Sega recently announced the upcoming release of Bretonnia as a free playable race in Total War: Warhammer, and today they launched a video giving a chance on Bretonnia’s campaign.

We get to see the specific mechanics that make Bretonnia unique, including peasantry, chivalry and more. Unfortunately we get no battle footage, even if the development promised video of a quest battle to come soon.

You can check it out below. It certainly looks great, and personally I can’t wait to finally play Bretonnia after years of obscurity in which the faction has been ignored by game developers.

Bretonnia will be released for free for Total War: Warhammer on February 28th.

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