Total War: Warhammer’s New Video Looks at the Lore of Bretonnia, Shows More Gameplay

The Creative Assembly showcases the lore and gameplay of Bretonnia in new video.

on February 25, 2017 1:53 PM

Today, Sega and The Creative Assembly released a new video of Total War: Warhammer, showcasing the newly announced free faction of Bretonnia.

We get to hear what the realm is all about, and to meet the three main servants of the Lady, Louen Leoncoeur, the Fey Enchantress and Duke Alberic of Bordeleaux. The faction has actually been neglected by pretty much every game developer under the sun, so as an old Bretonnian Player, I’m definitely delighted to be able to finally be able to lead my valiant Grail knights in battle on my PC.

Bretonnia will be available for free for everyone who purchased the game on February 28th, and you can check out the video below.

You can also see some spiffy grand campaign gameplay, and the announcement trailer, alongside an extensive description of the contents of the DLC.

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