Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Review — Never Thought I’d Be a Farmer

We check out Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, a relaxing game that will bring you smiles, love and coconuts.

on February 28, 2017 9:00 AM

So here’s the thing, fine readers: I’ve never played a Story of Seasons game. What’s even more surprising is I haven’t played a farming simulator since the original Harvest Moon on SNES. So this review will be from the perspective of a newcomer to the series. If you’re also new to the franchise and feel intimidated by the large list of games that came before then this might just be the review you need to take that first step into the farming fandom.

Story of Season: Trio of Towns begins by picking your character’s gender and name. Additionally, there’s a small amount of facial expressions to choose from to give the character some personality. After the character creation, the story opens with your father letting the family know that you’ll all have to move because he got a new job. However, you want to stay put; Instead, you admit to your family that you want to become a farmer.

Even though your mom and sister are sad to see you go, they both support you since this has evidently been your dream from when you were younger. However, your dad only allows you to go through with your plans to prove that you can’t achieve your goals. In the end, they allow you to stay with your uncle who is already living the farmer lifestyle.

I’m sure a lot of gamers can relate to following their dreams even though their parents don’t understand. I really enjoyed this premise and held in the back of my mind that I was going to prove my in game father wrong and be the best damn farmer in the world.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Review -- Never Thought I'd Be a Farmer

Once you get settled in, your uncle sets you up with a small plot of land and you’re given free range to do what you want. The game doesn’t really set a pace for the player in the beginning or give them a goal to reach besides getting used to the controls. I don’t know if this was intentional, but it gave me enough time to learn the lay of the land without giving me a time limit.

During the first week of working on a farm, I had the chance to meet all the people of West Town and get to know them. I must admit that I spent the most time with the flower store owner, Lisette. Each person in town has their own personality and daily duties, whether it’s tending to a shop or delivering mail.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Review -- Never Thought I'd Be a Farmer

There’s also part time jobs that helped me get to learn everyone’s name. By doing tasks like delivering items or letters, I was able to quickly learn their routines in case I ever needed to find them. However, some of these jobs are obvious time wasters such as “pull ten weeds”. This is something I thought the person requesting could have easily done on their own.

Something truly great that Trio of Towns offers gamers like me, who are so used to heartbreaking stories or action packed mechanics, is that the game gave me a chance to slow down and relax while focusing on a schedule of daily activities. Every morning when my character woke up, I was greeted by smiling faces and my own tasks to complete before the day was over.

As the game progresses you are allowed to visit new towns with a new items and villagers to meet. There’s the seaside Lulucoco Town which offers great spots for fishing access to exotic fruit and there’s the traditional Asian inspired Tsuyukusa Village which offers rice and other grains to purchase.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Review -- Never Thought I'd Be a Farmer

This game is interesting because each town is culturally different. The NPC’s are constantly referencing things that are unique to their culture which would have made it challenging to localize. However, XSEED’s localization staff truly shows they are unmatched when it comes to these large text games.

Trio of Towns starts of fairly easy and steadily gets more difficult. I feel like the challenge in the game is getting the items required to purchase farm and tool upgrades. For example: Wood isn’t the easiest to come by and it’s definitely not very cheap, so I had to grow and chop down trees. This wouldn’t be so difficult if chopping trees using a standard axe didn’t drain your stamina at an alarming pace. However, there’s something satisfying about purchasing a sweet new upgrade to your farm that you worked hard to get.

I wont touch on story events, but there are days where certain scenes take place which sometimes introduce new items or events to attend. Although, my birthday passed in the game and no one threw me a surprise party which made me sad.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Review -- Never Thought I'd Be a Farmer

One of the biggest offerings in terms of major events is the chance to find romance. I was lucky enough to find my true love within the first hour of playing the game, but some may want to wait till other towns open up. Additionally, you can get your own pets which range from different breeds of cats, dogs, and other animals. There’s love for all here!

During every season there is a Harvest Festival where you’re allowed to submit your crops to be judged. Depending on the quality of the submission some pretty cool prizes are given out. After time, these become more difficult when the judges pay attention to other traits. Sadly, I was only able to compete in the beginner competitions, but one day i’ll be a legend, I’m sure.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Review -- Never Thought I'd Be a Farmer

Being new to the farming genre, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I’ve heard of people sinking 300+ hours into the other games in the series, but I never understood it, that is till now. After spending more than 3o hours in my own game, Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns serves as a great way to relax after a long day or before bed.

The game removes the stress of time limits and boss battles and instead presents itself as an easy going simulator that can be played at the pace of the player. I am happy to say that Trio of Towns is a game that I plan to continue to return to over time and become the best farmer I can be.

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25 responses to “Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Review — Never Thought I’d Be a Farmer”

  1. Oh! Rin says:

    Great review. Getting 2 copies of this tomorrow (me and my niece) great improvement from SoS1, less grinding and meaningless clicking (Looking at you 15k dishes.) No more limited inventory and the one I dreaded the most, decreasing FP when not talking to villagers (There’s 43 here so that would be crazy if this one had that mechanic) Oh yeah no more running around mindlessly to farm since everything you need is actually close to you

  2. Miqubi says:

    I was thinking about giving this franchise a go, never tried it before so it’s encouraging seeing another newcomer to the series enjoying it.
    My only problem is that EU has no release date in sight 😛

  3. bi-lateral general says:

    Story and Seasons and Harvest Moon are actually the same series, so you have played one of them before lol. Great review otherwise. Good to see more people getting into the series 😀

    • azariosays says:

      Ah yes I was told haha it a huge difference from what I remember ^_^ thanks for reading!

    • isturbo1984 says:

      It’s actually not. You don’t know what you are talking about.

      • bi-lateral general says:

        Can I assume that you’re trolling as to not think you’re actually that ignorant?

        • isturbo1984 says:

          Nope. But I can assume you are an idiot. Natsume still owns the rights tot he Harvest Moon franchise, which is separate and still being made by a different developer. While the original developer, Story of Seasons is published by Xseed and has releases completely separate from the newer Harvest Moon games, again, which are still being made.

          • bi-lateral general says:

            You’re assuming I’m an idiot when you can’t tell that the localized title of a Japanese game has nothing to anything. First of all, Marvelous develops the series. XSEED and Natsume localize it. Natsume only localized Harvest Moon games up until A New Beginning. Every game up unto that point was Marvelous’ Bokujo Monogatari series (because it’s a Japanese game series). After ANB, Natsume broke off their relationship with Marvelous and started to develop and publish “Harvest Moon” games by themselves. The games so far have been The Lost Valley and Skytree Village. TLV and SV are not considered to be in the same series as previous Harvest Moon games because they are not Bokujo Monogatari games. Story of Seasons and Trio of Towns are considered the same series because they are both Bokujo Monogatari games. If the author of this article said the last Harvest Moon game they played was The Lost Valley, I would not have said it was the same series as Story of Seasons. But the last game they played was Harvest Moon SNES (a Bokujo Monogatari game), which is the same series as Story of Seasons (a Bokujo Monogatari game).

            I don’t even know why I bothered typing all that when I can literally just post a picture of the wiki for Harvest Moon SNES. See how the says “Series: Story of Seasons”? Yeah.

          • isturbo1984 says:

            Another angry anime avatar on the internet. Harvest Moon is still being developed interdependently from Story of Seasons. Its not that complicated. Not the same. You’re trying to weasel your way out of the fact you are wrong. Yeah?

          • bi-lateral general says:

            Still being developed independently by another publisher that has never made a genuine Harvest Moon (as in Bokujo Monogatari) game. I don’t know what my avatar has to do with anything. Oh wait. It doesn’t. You just made some kind of personal potshot at me because you had no real argument. The Natsume developed games aren’t Bokujo Monogatari. So they don’t matter. Meaning that Harvest Moon up until 2013 and Story of Seasons are the same series. It’s not that hard to understand.

            I can’t weasel myself out of being wrong when I’m not wrong. 🙂

          • isturbo1984 says:

            Still an angry anime avatar. Still wrong. Still not that hard to understand. We need to keep going or do you want the last word? They are two different series. Go Bakujo yourself.

          • bi-lateral general says:

            Lol you have literally 0 proof to back up anything you’re saying.

          • isturbo1984 says:

            Proof? So… Harvest Moon The Lost Valley, Seeds of Memories and Skytree Village, developed by NOT the original Developer, Marvelous… but by Tabot Inc., this is not proof enough the series has moved on from its original creators? am I missing something? these games didn’t come out? I’m making this up?? Youre a strange person.

          • bi-lateral general says:

            That’s not the argument though. My comment stated that Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons were the same series, so the author had played the series before. You said they weren’t the same series. You were wrong.

          • isturbo1984 says:

            They arent the same series anymore, chief. As I pointed out. But I get it, angry anime avatar on the internet cant accept that. So goodbeye. Next time, just say you want the last word. We could have ended this several quotes ago.

          • bi-lateral general says:

            I never argued that they were the same series. I literally said that Natsume’s series is different. Can you not read?

          • TeLin特林 says:

            “Another angry anime avatar on the internet.”

            Nice argument Mr.CreepyPasta

            Just enter highschool? 😉

          • isturbo1984 says:

            No, that was an observation, not the argument I made. Learn to read. Or did they not teach that in elementary school? Thanks for recognizing the avatar though. Sorry your friend is a moron.

          • TeLin特林 says:

            No, they didn’t have creepypasta when I was in elementary school kid. Don’t cut up your friend…those are pretend stories. 😉

          • isturbo1984 says:

            Another angry avatar on the internet upset for no reason. Be careful calling people “kid” on the internet. I’m probably older than you. That elementary school thing I said was a joke. Good-bye

  4. isturbo1984 says:

    Decent review. I don’t think i can ever go back after playing Stardew Valley though. Gonna have to wait for a SV sequel.

  5. Cindy To says:

    Love the game so far but I cannot figure out how to chop the branches. LOL I feel like a total noob when I’ve played EVERY Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons game. Anyone want to help out-I’d appreciate it. I still wish they’d improve the graphics and make more of these games for games that can be easily connected to larger screens. My favorite so far has been Animal Parade. Although in Trio of Towns thus far I love the romance part of the game as well as how many different things there are to do around in the different towns and how planting, harvesting and watering are all much easier. Anyway, I’m overjoyed that this isn’t as bad as a few of the games in this series have been. I’d still like to speak with the developers and add some ideas that my daughter and I have into the game. 😉

  6. Katie Storie says:

    I’ve been a fan of Harvest Moon since I first saw it in a Nintendo Power in 1997, and I’m really happy you liked Story of Seasons so much. 🙂 I ran across your review while I was looking for information of birthdays…Your review is very good; if I see someone wondering if they would enjoy the game/series, I’ll be sure and pass it along!

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