First Final Fantasy XV Story DLC Episode Gladiolus Gets PS4 Gameplay and First Look on Gilgamesh

Square Enix shows off the upcoming Final Fantasy XV DLC featuring Gladio as its protagonist.

on March 11, 2017 2:27 PM

Today, during a stage event at PAX East, Square Enix showcased the very first gameplay of Final Fantasy XV‘s first story DLC Episode Gladiolus.

Keep in mind that the DLC happens at a specific moment in the game, so spoilers will be included in the video below and in the article.

As expected, the DLC Is set in  the moment in which Gladio leaves the party after the encounter with Ravus, in order to test himself and become a suitable shield for Noctis.

The development team thought on how would Gladiolus fight on his own. He doesn’t have the mobility of Noctis, but he has plenty of brute strength.

The UI is different. It includes a “Rage” gauge that increases up to x4 as you block attacks, increasing the power of Gladio’s attacks. On the other hand, when you chain regular attacks, you fill his “Glaiveheart” gauge, enabling the activation of special attack of increasing power.

The DLC includes a score attack mode that is unlocked after completing the DLC, providing additional replay value.

During the video you also get the first look on a familiar Final Fantasy face, Gilgamesh.

Final Fantasy XV is already available for PS4 and Xbox One. Episode Gladiolus will release on March 28th.

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