Watch Mass Effect Andromeda’s Deep Character Creator on PS4 Pro and How Dad Ryder Inherits Your Face

Mass Effect Andromeda's character creator lets you deeply customize your Ryder siblings, but that's not all.

on March 14, 2017 1:33 PM

While it includes some pretty prominent third person shooter elements. Mass Effect Andromeda is primarily an RPG, which means that it comes with a deep character creation suite.

In the video below, you can check out how the character creation works, as we create our Ryder and his sister.

In the screenshots at the bottom of the post, you can also see how the Ryder we created appears in game, both in cutscenes and in gameplay.

We also get to enjoy one of the more interesting features of the game. Alec Ryder, our character’s father, will reverse-inherit traits from the Ryder siblings, actually looking like they are related.

I gotta say, while the resemblance is definitely strong, dad Ryder definitely looks a lot cooler than his son in my case.

Mass Effect Andromeda releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 21st in North America and on March 23rd in Europe.

If you want to see more, and don’t mind mild spoilers (of course there are no spoilers here) you can also check out over thirty minutes of PS4 Pro gameplay.

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27 responses to “Watch Mass Effect Andromeda’s Deep Character Creator on PS4 Pro and How Dad Ryder Inherits Your Face”

  1. JeronimoPW says:

    Does the game have any input lag on PS4? Since it uses the same DAI engine (which has a bit of input lag on PS4 – making the controls inaccurate and inconsistent)

    • DonEmu says:

      Even Fifa, Battlefield.etc. use the same engine as DAI (Frostbite 3) and there’s no input lag.

      If there’s input lag, it isn’t inherently the engine’s fault but the programming for the specific game.

  2. Nekrim says:

    Jesus, those dead hollow eyes

  3. sympa says:

    This is the reverse of giving birth where the father’s face changes to resemble the child when the child grows up.

  4. R.K says:

    Graphically I am not impressed at all, it barely looks like a step up from Inquisition and I know Frostbite and the PS4 Pro can do way better. At 1800p checkerboard, I’m hoping the Pro version has graphical enhancements as well.

  5. Allen Snyder says:

    Disappointing options in cc.

  6. -Misaki- says:

    I don’t know what the jokes flooding on the internet about this exactly but I find this to be a tough contendor to pick between it and Zelda and Horizon to play after Persona 5.

  7. Yomna Marnissi says:

    Oh my God, are they serious? This is the most horrible and terrible Chracter Creator I’ve ever seen! Okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating, but compared to other Bioware games that came BEFORE, compared to the original trilogy and most recently DA:I, this is just poor. Like really, I have to cope with 9 pre suggested faces of which I’m only able to change a few sizes and colours? I have defended the game against haters up to this point, but this dissapoints me deeply!

    • Giuseppe Nelva says:

      uh no? You can change a ton of different sliders for each face?

      • Yomna Marnissi says:

        No, take a second look. You can change a few sizes and spacing, but it generally stays the same. The shapes of eyes, mouth and nose cannot be changed and that was a huge dissapointment to me, considering they are able to do a lot better than that.

        • Yomna Marnissi says:

          Correction: You can’t change the size of your eyes and neither can you change the shape of your eyebrows. Tell me again about how we have a lot of options.

        • Giuseppe Nelva says:

          I don’t need to take a second look. I have it running in front of my face. I’m the author of the article.

          The shape of the eyebrows is the only glaring gap, the rest has plenty options.

          • Yomna Marnissi says:

            Then are we seeing a different video there? Because I don’t see an option where you actually can shape the eyes (size stays the same, form as well), mouth shape stays the same, it can only get thicker or wider, eyebrows stay the same, noses stay the same, again they can only get bigger or smaller, skin complexion stays the same. There are some pretty ridiculous makeup options and the hair choices are poorer than ever. In the end the character doesn’t look very differen from the base model. There is no real customization whatsover. And 3-4 slides per option is not really much, not compared to the CCs of the original trilogy and the Dragon Age series. Both had for every feature an averge slide number of 6-9. And you tell me, what we see there is ‘not few’? That’s pretty weak in my opinion. I hope they fix it, because this CC is a bad joke, compared to what I’m used to from Bioware.

          • Tonton says:

            I second, what Yomna said.
            Let’s take a look at the Moses, for example.
            In Andromeda we have the noses of the pre-set head. We can make it bigger or smaller.
            In ME and DA 1 and 2 there were Severin noses to chose and you could still alter their overall size, nose bridge, tip, length, pointiness, etc. In Inquisition you could create it competeley in any way you even wanted. Even add a broken nose. It was magnificent.
            But this? This is just disappointing.
            And this is no blind hate on the game. I love the game. It has many great aspects. But when something is shit, it’s just shit.

    • Maia says:

      its at the same lvl as the original trilogy which is a huge bummer but got way nicer hair, its second only to dragon age inquisition which was over the top

      • Yomna Marnissi says:

        No, it’s not even on the same level as ME1, it’s worse! ME1’s CC was far from perfect but I was able to change the shapes of eyes, noses, mouths and eyebrows. I was able to change Shepard’s skin complexion. At the end she looked nothing like the base head I used. But here I am forced to play as one of these average looking faces, plus a few quirks or as default Ryder. Now, don’t get me wrong I like how default Ryder looks, both male and female, but it’s not my Ryder and that is just wrong, again considering that they have been able to provide us with superior CCs in the past.

  8. valkirith says:

    shitty hairstyles and facial hair. it is the future. there should be lot of hairstyle,weird one..not this common shit..bioware never learn

  9. Gaijin- says:

    Looks like no matter what you do, you end up playing a plain Jane / Joe of sorts. So much for player freedom.

  10. tastyharwze says:

    He looks like Mr. Nelva, or i imagine things…

  11. Big Boss says:

    Where’s the Shepard preset?

  12. Faren says:

    Is this CC a joke? Is this article? This CC is even more limiting than Oblivion. What the hell?

  13. Ben says:

    Deep character creator? Whoever wrote this is retarded.

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