Pikmin 2 Comes to Wii U Virtual Console in North American eShop

on March 30, 2017 2:02 PM

While Nintendo fans wait for some new Nintendo Switch content, know you can head back to the Wii U for the latest round of Virtual Console releases. Among the pack of newly released games is Pikmin 2, the 2004 GameCube game that was ported to Nintendo Wii later in 2012.

Developed by Nintendo EAD, Pikmin was a critical darling landing no lower than an 8 in most outlets. The re-release for Nintendo Wii — the version being brought to the Wii U — is arguably the most popular version of the game, thanks to the Wii-mote motion control support. Pikmin 2 would later get a sequel on the Wii U itself — Pikmin 3 — which DualShockers awarded a 9.5, saying it “is an excellent game that shows its incredible polish at every turn.”

As mentioned above, Pikmin is immediately available in the North American eShop for Wii U for $19.99. Check out the game’s Wii trailer below:

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