3DS Exclusive Monster Hunter XX Gets New Opening Cutscene, Looks Flashy as Usual

Monster Hunter XX gets the traditional super-flashy CGI opening cutscene.

on March 13, 2017 4:11 AM

Today Capcom released the opening cutscene of the upcoming expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations, titled Monster Hunter XX.

As usual, the cutscene is masterfully animated and quite flashy, giving a good idea of what the hunters in the game will look like, even if the game itself is very, very far from this kind of visual fidelity.

Monster Hunter XX will release in Japan in less than a week, on March 18th for Nintendo 3DS, and local fans will probably buy it in droves as usual.

Check out the video below. With Nintendo moving its focus on the Switch, it’ll be certainly interesting to see what Capcom will do with the franchise, but for now, it’s too early to say.

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