A Trailer of the Next Mass Effect Is Ready, Might be at E3; Won’t be Xbox One Exclusive – Rumor

on May 30, 2014 3:24 PM

BioWare managed to keep the next Mass Effect pretty much under wraps, even if industry insider Shinobi602 did give us a few hints about it, including the working title “Contact,” which apparently isn’t final.

Today he mentioned on Twitter that the game might actually make an appearance at E3, because a trailer has been ready for a little while already.

Due to rumors about Microsoft having secured a big third party exclusive that will be shown at E3, some argued that it could indeed be the next Mass Effect. Shinobi had a self-explanatory reaction to that:

People are thinking ME: Contact’s exclusive to Xbox One? lol

Indeed, it wouldn’t make much sense for Electronic Arts move the franchise away from exclusivity only to do a full 180 degrees turn and make it platform exclusive again.

What’s most important, though, is that there’s still hope to see the upcoming Mass Effect game at E3, or at least some time soon. Trailers are made to be shown, and we have at least three prominent gaming events in the next three months.

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