About DualShockers


It all starts with two kids and a dream. DualShockers was founded by Yaris Gutierrez and Joel Taveras, brought together by blood (cousins, but you would never know it), kept together by our love of gaming. Growing up 1st generation American to parents that emigrated from the Domican Republic, we grew up as the token “family nerds”. Whenever we had family gatherings — which actually meant loud music from the motherland and dancing all through the night — we’d find ourselves in the nearest vacant room, in front of the TV with whatever console was the flavor of the week at the time.

“Why don’t do guys stop with that Nintendo” Grandma would say — even though we’d be playing on a Sega megadrive — she’d call everything “Nintendo”, she’s old and cute like that. But we’d just tell her “one day, this “Nintendo” is going to get us somewhere, you’ll see”.

Later on as teenagers I can remember, staying up late, and watching all of the Final Fantasy VII trailers that were being revealed from E3. And while the conversation may be a bit fuzzy it was that night that we pretty much made up our minds and said we’d get ourselves into the hobby and industry we cared so much about. It may have only been a pipe dream at the time, but it was the beginning of what would eventually become DualShockers.

In 2009, after a short writing stint at another publication where we felt we were being held back, we thought to ourselves “you know what, we CAN really do this.” We partnered up with a friend we met at the site, Al Zamora, and not to sound cliche but… the rest was history. We were now three guys with a vision to shock the industry. Giving it a real shot in the arm by saying what had to be said — what the bigger sites who are too worried about advertising pressure are too scared to say. On July 1st we purchased the domain and only 20 days later we published our first article. DualShockers.com was born.

Following a successful launch of the site, we sought the talents of another writer we encountered along the way. He would become our RPG Guru, editor, and now great friend. The world knows him as Chad Awkerman. Now that all our bases and genre’s were covered, it was now time for DualShockers to start kicking ass and taking names, and that’s exactly what we’ve done since then.

Early on we knew that we wanted to be a non-stop source of anything and everything related to gaming. And we’ve managed to do just that. What started as a team of four has evolved to a staff of over ten strong. Spanning across four different time zones and two continents. In only two years time, we’ve been able to become a trusted, known and most importantly a respected industry source with our stories appearing on such sites as Kotaku, Gamesradar, Destructoid, Engadget, Ars Technica, and Gizmodo.

It’s been a fun ride so far and with a growing community and readership the future of DualShockers has never seemed brighter.