Ace Attorney 5 Gets an Epic Trailer

on April 19, 2013 2:59 AM

Ace Attorney 5 (Gyakuten Saiban 5) is going to hit the Japanese shelves on July the 25th for the series’ debut on the 3DS and today Capcom published a new trailer to give us a new glimpse on how the game will look in motion.

And indeed the shiny new graphics are quite flattering on a more mature Phoenix Wright (Ryuuichi Naruhodo) and on the new female lead Kokone, while the judge remains the usual bald and bearded old dude (even if less pixelated).

The trailer features the Turnabout Countdown case that serves as the first episode of the game. In it Phoenix Wright will have to defend a high school student named Shinobu Morizumi accused of having planted a bomb that destroyed one of the courtrooms at the district court. You can enjoy it below.

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