Aion Relaunches Today, Goes Free to Play, Includes Tons of New Content

on April 11, 2012 6:00 PM

I’m a fan of Aion, it has a great visual style and kept my interest for a bit. It may be even more appealing now that it has gone free-to-play. Starting today, NCSoft has relaunched the MMORPG as Aion: Ascension, updating the game client to version 3.0 in the process. They’re using the same business model they did for Lineage II last year when that title went free-to-play.

Now might be a great time to check it out, as well, with revamped zones from beginning to end. In addition to that, there’s a lot of other new content added in the 3.0 update, as well.

Housing: There’s two new housing districts added, which include a wide variety of housing options for both the casual and advanced player alike. For example, Studios are given to every player after they complete certain quests, but more extensive residences are available through a special new in-game auction system.

Mounts: You can now travel Atreia on mounts instead of using your wings to get around.

New Level Cap: The level cap has been raised to 60. To get there, according to NCSoft, more than 600 new quests have been added in the 55-60 level range (aside from the revamped questing experiences in other zones).

New Instances and Zones: Two new zones are available – Sarpan and Tiamaranta. There are also six new dungeons (one 24-person instance, two 12-player instances, two for six players and one solo dungeon).

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