Airship Q Producer Taku Kato Talks Gameplay, PS4, PS Vita, Relationship With Sony and Much More

on October 12, 2015 4:07 PM

If you paid attention to our Tokyo Game Show 2015 awards, you may have noticed that our best platformer nod went to Airship Q, an adorable mix between platforming and building coming out in Japan for PS Vita on November 19th and on PS4 at a later date, with an western release on the horizon as well.

Since many still don’t know about this little gem, I had a chat with Producer Taku Kato, who landed on the project after several years at Square Enix.

Kato introduced the gameplay, talked on the relationship with the publisher Cygames and Sony, about the work on PS4 and PS Vita and much more.

If you’re curious, and if you like puzzle-platformers and building games you definitely should be, you can watch the full interview below, and the English trailer as a bonus.


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