Aksys Games Takes On Localizing MMO-based Strategy RPG with Ragnarok Tactics

on June 12, 2012 9:25 PM

Localization dynamo Aksys games,the publisher behind bringing BlazBlue to America, today released an announcement that they will be releasing Ragnarok Tactics in North America. Based on the iconic MMORPG Ragnarok Online, Tactics will feature a number of familiar job classes and enemies; the Ragnarok universe will lend itself to a portable strategy RPG due to release on the PlayStation Portable

Slated to release this fall, Ragnarok Tactics will also borrow its namesake’s leveling system, allowing for players to customize a number of their own stat points, as well as skills and class choices. In-game battle will go beyond standard tactical RPG combat, allowing players to utilize skills such as Overdrive, Burst Strike, or even resting mid-battle to regain HP and SP.

Players will be able to choose between multiple factions in single player mode; their storyline and personal character choices lending themselves to one of many possible game endings. The mere mention of Ragnarok brings me back to sniping hodes in the desert and mages griefing town exits with ice walls. Fans of the series or those itching for a tactical RPG fix should check it out.

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