Al Gore Asks You To Spread Awareness Via His “Game,” Reality Drop

on March 5, 2013 6:04 PM

Al Gore has just unveiled his new way to spread awareness about the environment, through his new website and video game, Reality Drop.

Okay, so this may not be the Journey or The Walking Dead of video gaming, and neither can you expect to see it played on the PS4. It’s less of a traditional game, and more of a way of Gore enlisting your help on social media sites while rewarding you points for sharing/tweeting truth or combating naysayers via comments. The points are probably as relevant as they are in Whose Line Is It Anyway? but I suppose they will allow you to rise up in Reality Drop’s rankings and prove you’re as Green as the next guy.

You can see a video of Al Gore himself introducing Reality Drop and the official video introducing the game below. Check out their website and let us know if you plan to score big in Reality Drop.

[via Kotaku and GameInformer]

Introducing Reality Drop from Climate Reality on Vimeo.

Reality Drop’s mission is to reveal the denial and deception around climate change, spread the truth, and clear the way toward real solutions. Learn more at

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