Andrew House: “Sony Computer Entertainment Isn’t Allowed to Fail Anymore with PS4”

on September 17, 2013 12:30 PM

While Sony has been fairly successful with PS3 and arguably with PS Vita (at least in Japan), the profit margins are still quite low, and Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House is very aware that the clock is ticking, and that a higher degree of success is necessary with the upcoming PS4, as he told the popular mainstream Japanese website Diamond Online.

Sony Computer Entertainment isn’t allowed to fail anymore with PS4, because the game business for Sony is a “Core” (business) that embodies a fusion of both hardware and software.

This comes after an investment fund which is also a major Sony shareholder suggested to spin off part of the entertainment business of the company, a request that was denied by the board of directors. House and Sony Computer Entertainment need to prove that it was the right decision.

Will they make it? House’s statement reminds me of a general putting his army with its back to the river to give the clear signal that this time around retreat is not an option.

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