Arc System Works Talks a New Fighting Game Series for the PlayStation 4

on March 28, 2013 9:30 PM

According to Arc System Works, they’ve always aimed their new fighting games at newly released video game consoles. Guilty Gear was developed near the launch of the Dreamcast and the award winning first installment in the BlazBlue series was developed near the launch of the PlayStation 3. Arc recently talked with Dengeki Online about continuing this trend and their interest in creating an all new fighting game series to launch on the PlayStation 4.

The developer clarified that this would be an all new series, independent of the aforementioned fighting franchises. They haven’t decided upon a title yet but they’re ambitious about the project and take pride in having developed new series for newly released video game hardware. The PlayStation 4 will launch later this year. Hopefully Arc will have some more concrete details about this new fighting series to share at that time.

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