Assassin’s Creed Unity Getting Horizontal Wall Running, Teased by Parkour Pro Athlete

on April 7, 2014 7:15 AM

Ubisoft seems to be very interested in adding parkour moves to its games, as we’re seeing in Watch_Dogs, and the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity seems to be getting its fair share of tricks.

Parkour professional athlete Jesse La Flair left a comment (discovered by Reddit user ProfeshCamper) on one of his youtube videos, teasing a collaboration for the “next AC,” and the addition of a horizontal wall run move to the game.

What if I told you I may or may not have worked on the NEXT AC  and they may or may not have added the ability to Horizontal Wall Run in the game…

Considering that La Flair is a highly recognized athlete that has done stunts for several movies, and that it’s definitely not unlikely for software houses to take advantage of the services of specialists like him as consultants and performance capture actors, it definitely seems credible, especially since La Flair mentions Assassin’s Creed it in the video itself.

Of course we should consider it a rumor until we actually see it happen in the game’s footage or Ubisoft makes an official announcement, but looks like the new French assassin will come with some new tricks up his sleeve.

If you don’t know what “horizontal wall running” means, you can check out La Flair’s video just below.

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