Atlus Promises Continuity and Looks Forward to New Challenges Under New Sega Ownership

on September 18, 2013 8:41 AM

Today Sega announced the acquisition of Index corporation, and with it of the Atlus brand and its intellectual properties. Following that announcement Atlus released a statement of its own by Consumer Software Director Naoto Hiroaka.

Here’s a summary of the relevant points:

  • After thanking the customers for their support, and apologizing for the concern caused, Hiroaka-san explains that Atlus has a very good relationship with Sega and a considerable business synergy. By using Sega’s solid distribution network he expects the company to expand further.
  • This new relationship will allow the two companies to complement each other’s niche in the consumer game business, and Sega’s Know-how will enhance Atlus’ brand.
  • The continuity of Atlus’ business is considered to be in very good shape.
  • At the moment all the employees of the consumer game department of the company are focusing on the development of future titles, and Atlus is looking forward to tackle new challenges in the future.

There you have it: not only Atlus is going to continue its business as usual, with its whole staff hard at work on upcoming titles, but it’s ready to face new challenges in partnership with Sega.

Now all we can do is to wish them the best and to wait and see the results with our own eyes.

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