Atlus Shows More Signs of Recovery: The Atlus D Shop is Back

on August 3, 2013 11:48 AM

The popular Japanese online shop selling some very interesting Atlus merchandise Atlus D Shop  uncerimoniously closed down a couple months ago, just before the whole affair of Index Corporation’s bankruptcy, but now that the auction for the sale of the house of Persona is going unexpectedly well, there seem to be signs of recovery.

The Atlus D Shop has been reopened today and is back in business, ready to sell all sorts of goods to local enthusiasts. You can check it out yourself here.

Incidentally, the Atlus D Shop is run by Enterbrain, which is owned by Kadokawa. Whether you want to read something into that or not is your choice.

As a funny side note, one item jumped to the top of the shop’s rankings as soon as it reopened: the Dragon’s Crown poster that you can see below, made for the upcoming edition of Comiket. Is anyone surprised?



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