Battle Pokemon World Champion Finalists in Black 2 and White 2

on October 15, 2012 10:54 AM

The Pokemon Company announced that finalists from the 2012 Pokemon World Championships in each division will be the basis for the Pokemon World Tournament distribution events starting October 22.

The events will be accessible to gamers that own Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. Players will be able to access the Pokemon World Tournament once they reach Driftveil City in the game.

The full details on the distributed challenges are as follows:
2012 Junior Division Challenge – October 22

  • Junior Division World Champ Abram Burrows as World Champ Abram
  • Junior Division Runner-up Brian Hough as World Runner-up Brian
  • Junior Division 3rd Place Finisher Brendan Zheng as World Finalist Brendan
  • Junior Division 4th Place Finisher Kippei Takaki as World Finalist Kippei

2012 Senior Division Challenge – November 5

  • Senior Division World Champ Toler Webb as World Champ Toler
  • Senior Division Runner-up Jaime Martinez Alonzo as World Runner-up Jaime
  • Senior Division 3rd Place Finisher Nitesh Manem as World Finalist Nitesh
  • Senior Division 4th Place Finisher Henry Maxon as World Finalist Henry

2012 Masters Division Challenge – November 19

  • Masters Division World Champ Ray Rizzo as World Champ Ray
  • Masters Division Runner-up Wolfe Glick as World Runner-up Wolfe
  • Masters Division 3rd Place Finisher Abel Martin Sanz as World Finalist Abel
  • Masters Division 4th Place Finisher Joe Polkowski as World Finalist Joe

This is a great opportunity for those that own the games to take on the world champions and their Pokemon teams.

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