Battlefield Bootcamp Will Teach You How to Use Dirt Bikes in Battlefield 3: End Game

on September 20, 2013 4:17 PM

The first round of Battlefield Bootcamp delves into the use of Dirt Bikes on various mulitplayer maps in Battlefield 3: End Game. Dirt Bikes are in the latest and last DLC pack, End Game.

Dirt bikes are a way to get around the End Game maps quickly. Stay off the roads to keep a low profile. Drive round the outskirts of the map and use jumps and cover to avoid tanks and other heavy armor. The dirt bike really comes in handy in CTF (Capture the Flag) mode. Drive with a squad mate to pick up the flag and take it to your base. Hide the bike in hard to reach areas when you disembark to prevent it from being taken, damaged or destroyed.

Throw ammo or med packs onto the bike and drive them around to heal and resupply squad and team mates on the move. Throw C4 onto a motorbike and jump off it to send it ahead of you and use it as a mobile bomb. As an engineer, equip a stinger on a dirt bike to become a Mobile AA or use RPGs to circle a tank and destroy it. A tank’s turret cannot turn as fast as your bike.

You can watch the whole video below.

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