Beautiful Star Citizen Concept Art Shows the Evolution of Terra

on April 19, 2013 7:51 PM

About a month ago we saw the first concept art of  Prime, the capital  of Star Citizen‘s planet Terra, but things didn’t stop there at Cloud Imperium Games: a broader view was needed to simulate a landing approach to the city.

As described in a developers’ post that has just been published on the official site, the art team created three sketches for that purpose. One was selected and refined through several stages in order to reach the final result that you can see above.

In the gallery below you can check out all the stages from the initial sketches to the final concept art, including the annotations by Chief Visual Officer Chris Olivia. It looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

Can’t wait to be able to land on Terra when the game will be released next year, but in the meanwhile we’ll have to be content with the artwork.

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