Behind the Scene Look at the Bioshock Infinite Main Characters

on October 27, 2011 4:15 PM

Machinima posted the first part of a behind the scene look at the voice actors from Bioshock Infinite. The next installment in the franchise will feature two main characters, Booker deWitt the player controlled one and Elizabeth, the captive rescued from the evil Songbird.

Ken Levine and the two voice actors talk a little bit about the motivations and feelings that inhabit Booker and Elizabeth, and what we can expect from both of them. Story seems to be as big of a priority as in the first game, which we can only be glad for.

The first game was truly groundbreaking in terms of narrative and depth of the incredible universe that was Rapture. Bioshock Infinite seems to be heading in the same direction. Video after the jump.

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