BioShock Infinite Reverse Box Art Won’t Have Elizabeth Either

on December 24, 2012 1:01 PM

Fans raged when Irrational Games published the honestly unimpressive box art of BioShock Infinite, featuring a lone Booker DeWitt in a rather standard pose. As a response Ken Levine promised a reverse box art, that quite surprisingly won’t feature the game’s female protagonist Elizabeth either, but will instead have a rather unique drawing of Songbird, that you can see below.

Admittedly fans that won’t appreciate the exclusion of Elizabeth have only themselves (and their colleagues) to blame, as the art was selected via a poll. Though, I have to say that the options featuring the lovely little lady weren’t that hot and seemed to have been composed with a degree of haste, so it’s not that surprising that they didn’t receive overwhelming votes.

BioShock Infinite Reverse Box Art Won't Have Elizabeth Either

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