BioShock’s Elizabeth Dissected in New Trailer, “Creating Elizabeth: The Women That Brought Her To Life”

on March 20, 2013 1:01 PM

There’s been a lot of attention given to why Bioshock Infinite‘s character Elizabeth is so integral not just to the story, but to the overall gameplay experience. To emphasis this even more, Irrational Games has just released a new trailer: “Creating Elizabeth: The Women That Brought Her To Life” to show just how much effort was made into making Elizabeth.

You’ll see Irrational Games’ level designer, Amanda Jeffrey, lead programmer, John Abercrombie, and Elisabeth’s voice and face, Courtnee Draper and Anna Moleva, respectively, and, of course, Ken Levine, the creative director.

“We knew that if we didn’t get her right,” Levine says, “the game wouldn’t be right. She really is the emotional center of the game.”

You can check out the trailer below, and all of our other BioShock Infinite news here. BioShock Infinite is set to release March 26, to the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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