Bioware Adds Multiplayer Promo Codes to Digital Copies of Art Book and Comics

on March 14, 2012 4:15 PM

Bioware and Dark Horse Comics announced today that anyone who buys the digital version of The Art of the Mass Effect Universe will get a bonus code to unlock a Reinforcement Pack. The pack can be used for the co-op mode of Mass Effect 3, providing a handful of useful items.

The same deal goes for the four part comic series Mass Effect: Invasion, starring the owner of Omega Aria T’Loak, following her story after Shepard leaves Omega in Mass Effect 2 as she fights off the Cerberus invasion of her home.

The codes will work on both PC and Xbox 360. They will include random boosters, upgrades, unlocks, and consumables. More importantly, you will receive the Collector Assault Rifle.

If you ever had the urge to shoot something in the face with the rifle you probably were killed by in Mass Effect 2, now is your chance.

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