Bloodborne’s Graphics on PS4 Will Improve from Latest Videos; PC Version Denied; Info Coming on 2/13

on February 7, 2015 11:08 AM

We’re starting to see more about Bloodborne thanks to IGN’s features, but according to Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s Yasuhiro Kitao, we haven’t seen everything of the game’s visuals yet.

A fan asked Kitao-san if the visuals of the final vrsion of the game are going to be better than those in the videos published by IGN, and he responded that they’re still improving, and invited to enjoy the game’s beauty that can be achieved only with the latest generation of hardware.

Kitao-san was also asked whether a PC version will come down the line, but he firmly denied the possibility, inviting to consider the purchase of a PS4, because the game will not be released on PC.

Finally, he promised to go in detail about the information published recently on the 13th at 10 PM (Japan Time). A quick search turned up something quite interesting: on the 13th, Kitao-san will host his usual Nico Nico broadcast focused on Demon’s Souls, but this time around Bloodborne‘s producer Masaaki Yamagiwa will be present as a special guest to provide “more commentary” on the game.

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