Borderlands Legends Brings Original Quartet of Vault Hunters to iOS

on October 23, 2012 1:29 PM

Pandoran hijinx will be making their way to iOS with Borderlands Legends on October 31st. The top-down shooter will feature Roland, Mordecai, Brick, and Lilith as they make their way through a mobile take on the first game. Skill trees have been adjusted, granting each character 9 skills that include 3 action skills and 6 passive abilities.

Rather than just controlling one character, players will have to control all four as they shoot their way through Skags, Spiderants, Crimson Lance, and Bandits. Bosses will also be featured, as the brief look reveals a “screen-filing Hellhound”. Fight For Your Life and Second Winds will still be in the game as well. All in all, a strong Borderlands experience for $4.99 (iPhone) or $6.99 (iPad).

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