Braid Designer on Sony Santa Monica’s New IP Cancellation: Offers Salty Comments on “Business Suits”

on February 26, 2014 4:54 PM

Braid Designer Jonathan Blow, currently working on The Witness, is known for his fierce indie spirit and for his very honest and blunt opinions on the situation of the gaming industry. Today he offered a few salty comments following the cancellation of Sony Santa Monica’s new IP on Twitter.

Game publishers like to talk about how new IPs are scary and risky and usually not worth it… but this is clearly poor thinking, because¬†every single megablockbuster franchise, that Mr. Business Suit Guy would rather put the money toward, was once a new IP.

God of War was once a new IP. Call of Duty was once a new IP. etc, it is so obvious, how does Mr. Business Suit not see this?

Maybe next time I meet Mr. Business Suit I will ask him to name an Old IP that was not once a New IP.

While I’m not 100% sure that it’s just a matter of “business suits” deciding not to take the risk here, there’s certainly some witty wisdom in Blow’s words. Pretty much all publishers have made plenty promises on upcoming new IP for this generation, and we’ll have to see in the next few months how many of those will turn into actual announcements.

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