Capcom Arcade Hits the iPhone

on November 6, 2010 7:00 PM

Capcom Arcade Hits the iPhone

iPhone owners who ever feel the urge to play some classic Capcom games will now have the chance to do just that. Will the simple use of the new Capcom Arcade App, you can play ports of games such as Street Fighter II, Ghouls ‘N Goblins, 1942 and Commando. While the app itself is free, the actual games will cost anywhere from $.99 to $2.99, depending on how you want to play. It’s what you’re looking for is more of a “I just want to play a game or two for the heck of it,” then the single-play “tokens” option would be your best best at $.99. If you find yourself wanting the game, then expect to pay the $2.99.

Aside from the ports, if you find the game being too difficult for your liking, you can by a mellowed-out version of the game. If none of this sounds too fun for you to pay even a couple of bucks for, the app does allow 3 plays a day.

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