Captain Commander is 8-Bit Everything Done Right

on February 19, 2012 2:40 PM

Another week, another new fantastic game on Adult Swim. This one’s from Pixeljam, the guys who’ve delivered such amazeballs productions as Mountain Maniac and Cream Wolf, and while it’s nowhere near as off-the-wall bonkers as those two, it still makes me tingly in my indie manparts.

Captain Commander is a fairly standard side-scrolling action platformer dripping in retro that quickly gets crazy and hectic, aesthetically and gameplaywise. The music is fantastic, if not a bit unnerving, as expected from a Pixeljam game. Additionally, the gameplay gets quite  varied as you progress from level to level.

If you’re not doing anything this lazy Sunday, Captain Commander is a brilliant way to pass that time. Embrace the singular bits and play it here.

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