Square Enix Showcases the Secrets of its Most Beautiful Cinematic Cutscenes in New Video

Square Enix Visual Works General Manager Kazuyuki Ikumori held a lecture at the University of Southern California, highlighting the evlution of cinematic cutscenes at the critically acclaimed Japanese studio. ...Read More

Welcome to the LEGO Jurassic World, Where it’s Totally Safe

The park is open and don’t feed to velocirapter riding motorcycles. Here’s what kind of dino-related hijinx you’ll get up to in LEGO Jurassic World. ...Read More

Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Now Available with Cross-Buy Support for Xbox/PlayStation Consoles

With Dragon Age: Inquisition garnering numerous “Game of the Year” awards and “Top 10″ listings during its release last year, those that may have played the latest in ...Read More

FIFA 16 Adding the Ability to Play as Women’s Teams for the First Time Ever

EA Sports released a brand new trailer for the upcoming iteration to the massive sports franchise spotlighting the brand new addition of women’s national teams to FIFA 16. ...Read More

Check Out the Shining Gold Saints in These New Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul Screenshots, New Features Revealed

Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul‘s new batch of glorious screenshots show off the Gold Saints in all their luminescent glory. Meanwhile, we also learn of a few gameplay features included in the title. ...Read More

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Gets a Release Date and New Trailer

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Take a Peek at Disney Infinity 3.0’s Inside Out Play Set

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Square Enix Announcing “Several Titles” at E3; No Final Fantasy XV Listed in Current Fiscal Year

As part of its financial briefing outlining the forecast for the current fiscal year, Square Enix mentioned that it will announce “several titles” at E3, as mentioned by President Yosuke Matsuda: ...Read More

Tanya Prepares for Battle in Mortal Kombat X Next Week

As fans of the long-running fighting series have come to know, there are still several faces waiting to appear in Mortal Kombat X, with one of the series’ ...Read More

Sony’s Andrew House Talks About the Shift from Physical Games to Digital Download on PS4

During his presentation for the Electronics Investor Relations Day 2015 held this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Andrew House talked about the current shift ...Read More

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for PS4 Dominates Japan on New Media Create Charts

Today Media Create released its sales charts for the Japanese market, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt seem to have been welcomed quite enthusiastically by Japanese fans, topping ...Read More

PlayStation Plus Games for June Revealed, Include Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Sony Computer Entertainment revealed today the line-up of games that will join the PlayStation Plus instant game collection in June, with the most prominent being Metal Gear Solid ...Read More

Take a Peek at the Setlist of New Songs Revealed for Guitar Hero Live

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PS3 and Xbox 360 Versions of Mortal Kombat X Delayed from Summer to Late 2015

Earlier this spring, fighting game enthusiasts were able to jump back into the ring and pull off brutal Fatalities in the recently-released Mortal Kombat X, and while those ...Read More

Sony Admits 1st Party PS4 Games in 2015 Are “a Little Sparse;” 3rd Party Full Exclusives “Increasingly Difficult to Secure”

During the Electronics Investor Relations Day 2015, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House talked about first party and third party games on PS4. ...Read More

Sony Explains Strategy and Investment for PlayStation Business, Driven by PS4 and PlayStation Network

Sony Computer Entertainment released today some new information about the upcoming strategy for PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation business segment in fiscal year 2015. ...Read More

Race Through Last Year’s Greatest Moments in MotoGP 15

Hang on tight. Things get really fast in this new trailer for MotoGP 15. ...Read More

Battlefield Hardline’s Criminal Activity DLC Gets a New Trailer

A new trailer has been released showcasing Criminal Activity, an upcoming expansion for FPS Battlefield Hardline. ...Read More

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Pictures Show Friends, Enemies and in-Between of the Expansion

Today Square Enix released a new batch of artwork and renders of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn expansion Heavensward, including two stunning pieces of artwork ...Read More

Tanya Teased as “Koming Soon” to Mortal Kombat X in Early June

Earlier this month, eager fans of Mortal Kombat X got their hands on the first lethal new addition to the Mortal Kombat roster with Jason Voorhees, and now ...Read More

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Developers Send a Video Message to the Fans

Today Capcom announced Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and the publisher also released a video to highlight the news. ...Read More

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Coming Next Year for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

Capcom announced today with a press release that it will release a HD Remaster of the Gamecube classic Resident Evil Zero in Early 2016. ...Read More

Review: Life is Strange: Episode 3 – Photographic Memory

Appropriately enough, the subtitle of Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment’s Life is Strange: Episode 3 permeates throughout the story of Maxine and Chloe where memory and rewinding the past come together. ...Read More

PS4 Version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Dominates Major Japanese Retailer’s Sales Chart

Like every week, the major Japanese retailer Tsutaya was the first to release sales charts for the local market, and this time around they’re quite interesting, ...Read More

Check Out An Hour of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward’s Gameplay: Ishgard, Flying Mounts and More

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s expansion Heavensward is exactly one month away, and during the latest Letter from the Producer Live broadcast Square Enix revealed a quite large serving of gameplay. ...Read More

Check Out Destiny’s New Secret Area “The Lighthouse”

With the release of Destiny‘s latest downloadable expansion House of Wolves earlier this week, a new player vs. player mode, the Trials of Osiris, was made available yesterday. ...Read More

Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Coming to Playstation 3 & Playstation 4 in Europe This June

Guilty Gear Xrd Sign will finally be making its way to Europe on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on June 3, 2015. The game was originally released in ...Read More

Mega Man 8 Will Complete the Mega Man Series on PlayStation Network this Tuesday

Mega Man 8 will be premiering on the PlayStation Network as a PlayStation One Classic this Tuesday, May 27. First reported on the PlayStation Blogcast, the ...Read More

Battlefield 4 Spring Update Brings Fan Favorite Assault Rifle and Game Mode

A new major update to Battlefield 4 will bring new weapons and an old game mode to the multiplayer shooter on Tuesday, May 26. The update will cause ...Read More

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Renders Show Awesome Expansion Gear; E3 Events Announced

If you want to catch a glimpse on some of the spiffy equipment that will be introduced with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s expansion Heavensward, Director and ...Read More