Joystickin’ With Jorge: State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition

You should always bring a mace with you everywhere you go. Check out as I single-handily fumble my way through the zombie horde in State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition on the Xbox One. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Titan Souls

Turns out a yeti’s weakness is the butt. It’s always the butt. I try my luck against big stupid Titans in the very challenging Titan Souls on the PC. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Westerado: Double Barreled

It’s the Wild Wild West in Westerado: Double Barreled. I go from hero to outlaw ever since the “accidental” shooting of Rancher Bob. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Mortal Kombat X

So.Much.Gore. Jorge, hero of Earthrealm, goes up against the forces of Quan Chi and other bad dudes in Mortal Kombat X. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: MLB 15: The Show

Wow, who knew it would be this easy to get drafted into the Majors. It’s that time of year where rookie phenom Cobra Jimenez dominates the Minor Leagues in MLB 15: The Show. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Pool Nation FX

Turns out the billiard circuit is full of bad music. This episode we check out Pool Nation FX on the Xbox One. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Axiom Verge

Explore an alien world with a scientist named Trace in Axiom Verge on the PS4. Trace has terrible sideburns. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Bloodborne

I hate you, Cleric Beast. I hate you so much. Death is commonplace in this new episode of Joystickin’ With Jorge as we play PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Dragon Ball Xenoverse

The great Vejorta takes on Perfect Cell in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse. I decided to right all the wrongs in the DBZ timeline in the newest episode of Joystickin’ With Jorge. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Bladestorm Nightmare

I am the ultimate goblin commander. Joan of Arc raises an army of demon and only I (and some dude named Magnus) need to stop her with a magic sword. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Battlefield Hardline

Press X to cop! Watch some good-looking but terribly inefficient police officers break every rule in the book as we check out Battlefield Hardline. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode One

Today we talk about the Barry important issues. Watch everyone’s favorite dad taken the infected horde in Episode One of Resident Evil Revelations 2. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: ScreamRide

I really wish this is how they test roller coasters. ScreamRide shows us how amazing it is when we use human test subjects for dumb things. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: The Order: 1886

Sir Galahad might the best mustache in videogames. Werewolves and rebels stand no chance against guns that shoot freakin’ lightning. ...Read More

Joystickin’ with Jorge: Darkest Dungeon

When the world is going to hell, only Bob the Crusader can come save us from ourselves. Darkest Dungeon will stress you out to brink of madness but in a good way. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Battlefield Hardline Beta

Armed law enforcement officers are no match for dudes with sledgehammers. I play a very bad cop in the open beta for Battlefield Hardline. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Life is Strange

I see what life is like as an emotionally compromised teenaged girl who can control time. This week we play Life is Strange and manipulate time in terribly irresponsible ways. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Super Mega Baseball

The Overdogs prove once again why they are the best fake team in fake baseball. This week we hit the diamond with colorful characters like Robbin Yew and ...Read More

Check This Brand New Halo 5 Guardians Beta Gameplay Footage Featuring a new Mode and Map

New mode, new map same old Spartan on Spartan violence. The newest update for the Halo 5 Guardians Beta brings over a new map and a new mode to the masses. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge – Loadout

Shotguns are great, shotguns that shoot lightning are better. It takes more than a gun named EBOLA to stop me in Loadout on the PS4. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 199 – “Farewell, 2014″

The crew discusses the good, the bad and the awesome this year in gaming had to offer. We end the new year the way it began…. with Jorge yelling at Tony. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge LIVE – Halo 5 Guardians Beta

Stay up late with some hot Spartan Action. This week we are going to play some classic slayer and see how much my Halo skillz have rusted. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge – Tiny Troopers Joint Ops

Jorge leads a squad of tiny troops to their tiny deaths. The tiniest troops make the best killers in Tiny Troopers Joint Ops. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge – Far Cry 4

The Royal Army, murderous eagles and wild elephants aren’t going to ruin my mountain hike in Far Cry 4. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 195 & 196

It’s a two-fer! Join Ryan and Jorge as they chat about the craziest week in videogames. What are you thankful for? ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge – Grand Theft Auto V

Let’s rob a jewelry store! Today we take commit grand larceny and some old fashioned gang violence. ...Read More

Joystickin’ With Jorge – Assassin’s Creed Unity

The worst dressed assassin strikes poorly and infrequently. We try to assassinate someone in a church in Assassin’s Creed Unity with surprisingly good results. ...Read More

Joystickin’ with Jorge – Dragon Age: Inquisition

The power got to my head. Watch me sit in judgment of a Grey Warden and witness the birth of Big Horn Jorge. ...Read More

Joystickin’ with Jorge: The Crew (Beta)

I dive into the seedy world of car clubs in the beta for The Crew. My subpar driving ability takes on the mean streets of Chicago. ...Read More

Joystickin’ with Jorge – Evolve (Big Alpha)

Let’s catch a monster. This week I become hunter and hunted in the Evolve Big Alpha. ...Read More