ShockCast Ep. 206 – “The Wild Hunt”

The Wild Hunt is upon us and so is Shockcast Episode 206. Join the Shockcast crew as they talk about the Witcher, game lengths and dynamic beards. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 205 – “Welcome to the Family”

Jorge gets a puppy, Ryan gets a Meta Knight and we find out Steven reads! ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 204 – “Silent Night”

The not horror, the not horror! This week’s Shockcast has Ryan describing his profound sadness at the loss of Silent Hills. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 203 – “The Force Awakens”

Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi wasn’t that bad, was it? I hope you like Star Wars talk because there is a lot of it in this episode of the ShockCast. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 202 – “Podcastality”

The guys talk videogames and the plastic toy phenomenon on the ShockCast.

Ryan and Jorge talk Mortal Kombat and the proper way to pronounce Deus Ex. Sigh, ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 201 – “Beardborne”

Werewolves, Kojima and Metroid, oh my! The guys are back to talk videogames and other silly stuff. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 200 – “ShockCast Turbo Ultra HD Remix Type-0 Remastered Definitive Edition: Edition”

The guys are back and chat about Hans Solo, Hotline Miami 2 and bad videogames. ...Read More

The Last: Naruto The Movie Characters Star in New Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Screens

Namco has shared new screens for the upcoming brawler Naruto Shipudden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and they show the playable characters from the final Naruto anime film. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 199 – “Farewell, 2014″

The crew discusses the good, the bad and the awesome this year in gaming had to offer. We end the new year the way it began…. with Jorge yelling at Tony. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 198 – “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Find out if Jorge and Ryan are on the naughty list. The guys talk Far Cry, Christmas and Halo 5 Guardians Beta. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 197 – “The JorgeStation Experience”

The true experience. The guys are back from vacation to talk Playstation and award shows! ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 195 & 196

It’s a two-fer! Join Ryan and Jorge as they chat about the craziest week in videogames. What are you thankful for? ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 193 – “Call of Spacey”

Kevin Spacey should be in more games. This week the gang chats about Call of Duty, Evolve and The Crew. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 192 – “Horrorcast”

Eye-patches are itchy as hell. Join your host, Ghost Jorge, as he and his panel of horror game experts talk scares, frights and monsters. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 191 – “Wide Open World”

What makes a good open world game? Our panel of experts loudmouths try to figure out what secret formula is. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 190 – “Comic Conned”

Comic Con, Spawn and this week’s videogame controversy starring that awful game, Hatred. This week Deputy Editor Joel Taveras joins us as we talk Comic Con, videogames and gush over Todd McFarlane. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 189 – “Orcs Are Bad”

The gang really hate Orcs. This week’s Shockcast crew discusses the moral issues that come with mind controlling Orcs with your ghost hand. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 188 – Mining for Gold

We talk about billions of dollars and Smash Bros. with my Smash Bro, Ryan, on this week’s ShockCast. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 187 – “Let’s Talk About Destiny”

Insert Destiny Pun. We’ve return for another ShockCast where we discuss the biggest game of the year, Destiny. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 186 – “Regime Change”

After a brief hiatus, the ShockCast is back to safe the internet from itself. Join Ryan and Jorge as they talk about the last couple of weeks in videogames! ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 185 – “Full Access to the Vault”

Whether people want to accept it or not, the future of the video game industry is moving more and more towards digital distribution. This was underscored once again ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 184 – “A Date With Destiny”

We finally got some much needed respite from the summer drought with the Destiny beta. This has been THE game that’s consumed a lot of gamers’ time during ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 183 – “Video Game Spectators”

Video Games are praised for being an interactive media. Unlike movies, books or television, video games allow people to become part of the story or to test their ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 182 – “Replaying the Classics”

Have you ever gone back to replay an older game and were surprised by how well its held up? How about when you play one and find that ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 181 – “Much Gay, Very Controversy”

Compared to other forms of media (books, film, television), video games are relatively young. It has only been a few decades since the world first saw pixels simulate ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 180 – “Steam: Destroyer of the Summer Drought”

For decades, gamers have dreaded the notorious “summer drought”: the time of year that sees the fewest new game releases. Game companies typically like to release their biggest ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 179 – “Post E3 War Stories”

It’s hard to believe that E3 has come and gone. Although this year’s event seemed like a giant teaser trailer for what we’ll get to see next year, ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 178 – “Live from E3 2014″

While in Los Angeles covering this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as the kids call it, we recorded this here episode of the ShockCast. We ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 177 – “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

We’re just a few short days away from the biggest week in all of gaming. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the single most important event for video games ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 176 – “Who Watches the Watch Dogs?”

On this week’s episode of the DualShockers Shockcast we have an in-depth discussion about the geo-political climate of China…

Just kidding. ...Read More