The Last of Us’ Ashley Johnson Joins the Voice Cast for Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 3

With Telltale Games’ Tales from the Borderlands now two episodes deep, the crazy adventures of Rhys and Fiona on Pandora are just beginning, though new details reveal that ...Read More

Telltale Games Continues the Journey of Game of Thrones Next Week; New Trailer for Episode 4 Released

As is always the case with Game of Thrones, the lands of Westeros, Essos, and beyond are filled with danger around every corner, and now in the second ...Read More

Teaser Video For Shokugeki no Soma: The Ultimate Recipe Has Released

Bandai Namco Japan’s YouTube channel has uploaded a short teaser for their upcoming cooking rhythm game titled Shokugeki no Soma: The Ultimate Recipe which is based off of the Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma series. ...Read More

Konami CEO Confirms Company Will Shift Focus to Mobile Development; “Mobile is Where the Future of Gaming Lies”

After a turbulent past few weeks in the world of Konami with an uneasy relationship with developer Hideo Kojima and the company officially delisting from the New York ...Read More

Check Out Some Wii U Footage of 90’s Arcade Racer

A developer by the name of Pelikan13 is making a racing game called 90’s Arcade Racer which is inspired by old school arcade racers like Scud Race, Daytona ...Read More

Check Out Galactic Sushi, A Game Where You Make Sushi From Aliens

Acquire, the developers of the Way of the Samurai series, the Tenchu series, and the Akiba’s Trip series has released a game called Galactic Sushi, a game where ...Read More

Check Out One Piece Run, Chopper, Run!’s English Gameplay Trailer

Bandai Namco has released the English gameplay trailer for iOS and Android exclusive title One Piece Run, Chopper, Run!. The runner side-scroller, which is similar to many iOS ...Read More

Expanding to Xbox One and More Could Increase Revenue by 50% According to Former Sony Online President

About three months passed from the sale of Sony Online Entertainment, that has since been renamed Daybreak Games, and the company has expressed the intention of expanding to ...Read More

Hideo Kojima May No Longer Be Working on Silent Hills, But Goat Simulator is Giving Him a Thank You Credit Anyway

Following a turbulent past few weeks between Konami and Hideo Kojima and unclear answers of his departure from the company, sadly one of the most unfortunate casualties of ...Read More

Zynga to Cut 18 Percent of Workforce As Part of $100 Million Cost Reduction Program

In a new interview, Zynga revealed that, in addition to founder Mark Pincus being re-installed as CEO, they would also lay off 18 percent of their workforce (364 ...Read More

Disney Infinity 3.0 Coming This Fall; Includes New Characters from Star Wars, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and More

After helping to bring in the “toy-to-life” feature games alongside Skylanders, Disney Infinity has steadily grown its roster of iconic characters from Disney with famous faces from its ...Read More

Goat Simulator Heads to the Zombie Apocalypse in New DLC Coming This Week, GoatZ

Last year, developer Coffee Stain Studios unleashed carnage in the form of Goat Simulator to unsuspecting players across the world, and after briefly diving into the world of ...Read More

Jason Voorhees Gets Ready for Kombat in Mortal Kombat X’s New Gameplay Trailer

As the first out of the gate in the upcoming DLC packs for Mortal Kombat X, Friday the 13th‘s infamous killer Jason Voorhees is sharpening his machete and ...Read More

Capcom’s New Title, Monster Hunter Explore, Set to Release on Mobile Devices; Characters Revealed as Well

Capcom is currently developing a new title for Android and iOS called Monster Hunter Explore, which is the successor to the previous title Monster Hunter Smart. ...Read More

Terra Battle Hits 2,000,000 Downloads: Final Fantasy Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi Is Coming Back to Consoles

Today Hironobu Sakaguchi’s studio Mistwalker announced that the mobile JRPG Terra Battle has achieved 2,000,000 downloads. This is not just a download milestone, but it also ...Read More

Ys Chronicles 1 Out Now For Android and iOS

Ys Chronicles 1 is now available to download on Android and iOS devices for $4.99. The game uses a virtual stick that’s on screen ...Read More

Minecraft Will Soon Add Default Female Avatar in a Free Update to All Consoles

Developer Mojang posted today detailing the addition of a new female avatar named Alex to Minecraft. She has skinnier arms, redder hair, and a ponytail. The reason for ...Read More

Broken Age Soundtrack is Now Complete, Physical Release Coming in June

Sumthing Else Music Works has announced that the complete Broken Age Soundtrack will be released alongside the full game tomorrow, April 28, 2015. The first half of the ...Read More

Hitman Go Sneaks onto Windows and PC; Available Now on Both Platforms

While the announcement of a mobile version of the popular Hitman series might have initially been groan-worthy, the stealth-action series took an unexpected turn last year with the ...Read More

The Double Fine Adventure Comes to a Close With Part 2’s Launch Today; Check Out Its New Launch Trailer

A little over three years ago, Tim Schafer and Double Fine launched their Kickstarter, Double Fine Adventure, and today with the release of the second and final part ...Read More

Mortal Kombat Creator Ed Boon Hints at Story Mode DLC Coming to Mortal Kombat X

After releasing last week, Mortal Kombat X has already yielded incredibly positive reception and some of the best sales that the Mortal Kombat series has seen yet, and ...Read More

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Mobile Game Coming Later This Year In Japan

Popular manga and recently aired anime Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma will be getting its own smartphone game called Shokugeki no Soma: The Ultimate Recipe sometime this year. ...Read More

There’s Something Strange in This Dungeon Crawlers HD Trailer

Who are you gonna call? The Dungeon Crawlers, obviously. Dungeon Crawlers HD is coming to Steam and Android devices with a familiar theme song. ...Read More

Square Enix Celebrates the One-Year Anniversary of Hitman Go with Sale on iOS and Android

As a particularly highly-praised title on mobile devices, Square Enix is celebrating the first birthday of last year’s hit Hitman Go with a sale for those that have ...Read More

PC Users Reporting Issues with Streaming Install Feature of Mortal Kombat X on Steam

After a much-anticipated wait, the cries of “FINISH HIM” and “FATALITY” can be heard all over this week as Mortal Kombat X is unleashed to the masses, though ...Read More

Mobius Final Fantasy Trailer Shows Fantastic Graphics on iOS and Android

Mobius Final Fantasy has already surprised many thanks to its lovely graphics on mobile platforms, and today Square Enix released a new trailer, reinforcing that idea. ...Read More

Say Goodbye to Your Free Time; Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Now Available on iPhone and Android Smartphones

Many say that if you were to make crack into a digital form, it would look something like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – unfortunately, the absolute best addiction ...Read More

Crystal Dynamics Unveils Lara Croft: Relic Run for Mobile Devices

Crystal Dynamics has today lifted the curtain on Lara Croft: Relic Run, an upcoming “adventure runner” planned for release on iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices. ...Read More

For One Day Only, Grab Mortal Kombat X with Goro Pre-Order Bonus and 2011’s Mortal Kombat on PC for $45

In just over a week, the infamous cry of “FINISH HIM!” will be heard all over the world with the release of Mortal Kombat X, and if you’re ...Read More

Five Nights at Freddy’s Getting the Pitch for a Feature Film Adaptation

Last year, unsuspecting gamers everywhere were introduced to the animatronic nightmares waiting at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, and now after a wildly-successful trilogy of games, the Five Nights at ...Read More