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Tactical RPG Fort Triumph Hits Kickstarter after Square Enix Collective Promo

Kickstarter is getting yet another alumni from the Square Enix Collective showcase with Fort Triumph. The tactical RPG is from a group of Tel Aviv based developers and is looking to combine a fantasy setting with the ...Read More

on April 22, 2017 10:50 AM
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Everything, the Game that Lets You Control Almost Anything, Out Now on Steam

Developer David OReilly has now been working on his game Everything for over 3 years now. He's only had the help of a few people along the way (including Double Fine who are publishing the game) and ...Read More

on April 22, 2017 10:11 AM
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Kentucky Route Zero is the Next Free Title from Twitch Prime; Available Now to Members

Cardboard Computer's cerebral episodic adventure Kentucky Route Zero is currently free now through April 24th, courtesy of Twitch Prime. ...Read More

on April 21, 2017 12:03 PM
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Rocket League Heading to China in New F2P Partnership Between Psyonix and Tencent

Psyonix and Tencent have established a new partnership to bring the title over to China in a new free-to-play format for a wider audience. ...Read More

on April 21, 2017 11:47 AM
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Saint’s Row 2 Available Free on Steam & GOG for Limited Time; Grab the Whole Series on Sale

Steam and GOG are offering big discounts on the Saint's Row franchise, while the acclaimed Saint's Row 2 is available to play for free for a limited time. ...Read More

on April 21, 2017 11:12 AM
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Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae Expansion Coming May 25, 2017

Remember Two Worlds II, the late 2010 RPG sequel to 2007's Two Worlds? Well it's back. Today, publisher TopWare Interactive and developer Reality Pump Studios announced that Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae, a standalone ...Read More

on April 21, 2017 8:55 AM
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Heroes of the Storm Players Will Get A Free Bundle of Heroes For Logging in Next Week

Players who log on after April 25 will have the opportunity to choose one of four new hero bundles. ...Read More

on April 20, 2017 1:41 PM
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RogueVania Dead Cells Hitting Steam Early Access on May 10th; New Trailer Released

Today, Bordeaux, France-based developer Motion Twin announced that its "RogueVania" game Dead Cells is poised to launch on PC via Steam Early Access on May 10, 2017. Accompanying the early access release date announcement, the developer also ...Read More

on April 19, 2017 9:53 AM
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Syberia 3 Gets New Trailer Ahead of its Release Tomorrow

Today, developer Microïds published a new Syberia 3 trailer ahead of its release tomorrow in Europe and next week, April 25th, in North America, on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. ...Read More

on April 19, 2017 8:31 AM
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Folktale RPG Yaga Announced; Now Live on Square Enix Collective

Yesterday, developer Breadcrumb Interactive's folktale RPG, Yaga, went live on Square Enix Collective.  ...Read More

on April 18, 2017 9:52 AM
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Overwatch’s Genji is the Latest Addition to Heroes of the Storm; Hanamura Map Added

Heroes of the Storm adds another familiar face from Overwatch with Genji, along with a brand new map inspired by his homeland of Hanamura. ...Read More

on April 17, 2017 1:39 PM
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The Final Station DLC The Only Traitor Launches on April 19th; New Trailer Released

Today, publisher tinyBuild Games and developer Do My Best announced that their post-apocalyptic simulation/shooter/exploration game, The Final Station, is getting its first bit of DLC, titled The Only Traitor, on April 19th. ...Read More

on April 17, 2017 12:24 PM
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Rogue-like Action Game ‘Riptale’ Launching on PC April 27

Super God is scheduled to release their 2D rogue-like action game Riptale on April 27, 2017. The game will feature an uptempo soundtrack, large areas and unique attack combos. ...Read More

on April 17, 2017 11:36 AM
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Episodic Adventure-Puzzle Game Winter Launches on Steam Greenlight; Debut Trailer Released

Developer Madorium Interactive has announced that its game, Winter, has launched on Steam Greenlight in hope to earn community support to get onto Steam. ...Read More

on April 17, 2017 10:40 AM
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World of One Launches on April 27, 2017 for PC, Mac, and Linux; New Trailer Released

Today, developer Grimwood Team has announced that its grim puzzle-platformer, World of One, is launching on PC, Mac, and Linux on April 27, 2017. To accompany the launch announcement, Grimwood Team also released a new "release" trailer. ...Read More

on April 17, 2017 10:08 AM
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Build Your Empire for $40 with Amazon’s Discount on Civilization VI

Last year's acclaimed strategy title Civilization VI is currently down to $40 for a limited time for players looking to dive into the series on Amazon. ...Read More

on April 17, 2017 10:01 AM
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Visual Novel Minotaur Finds its way to Kickstarter: Demo Available

Recently a Kickstarter for the visual novel, Minotaur, was launched by the Russian studio U7 Committee. This sci-fi mystery is seeking to raise €30,000 (about $31,800 USD) by May 16th. The team has shown that they're already ...Read More

on April 16, 2017 9:46 AM
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Hearthstone’s Latest Expansion Might Cost You About $400 to Complete

A Redditor has done the math and Hearthstone's latest expansion could cost players roughly $400. ...Read More

on April 15, 2017 6:24 PM
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Steam’s Weekend Deals Include LEGO Franchise Sale, The Elder Scrolls Online, and More

The latest round of Steam's Weekend Deals include the LEGO series, I Am Setsuna, and a free weekend with The Elder Scrolls Online. ...Read More

on April 15, 2017 12:05 PM
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FEZ Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary with Sale; iOS Version Coming Later This Year

FEZ celebrates its 5 year anniversary this week with a sale on various platforms, along with an upcoming iOS version later this year. ...Read More

on April 14, 2017 1:23 PM
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Demo Releases for Anti-War First-Person Shooter Title The Fallen

Developer gold extra announces that its first-person shooter The Fallen has gotten a playable demo and that it has been nominated for the 2017 A Maze. awards. ...Read More

on April 13, 2017 8:49 PM
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Project Highrise: Las Vegas Expansion Releases with New Trailer

SomaSim and Kasedo Games put out a launch trailer for the Project Highrise: Las Vegas expansion today to coincide with its release on PC. ...Read More

on April 13, 2017 3:31 PM
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The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Arrives Today on Nintendo Switch

The ever-popular party game collection The Jackbox Party Pack 3 has now arrived on Nintendo Switch across all regions with five party games in tow. ...Read More

on April 13, 2017 2:28 PM
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Sacred Fire’s Kickstarter Concludes Successfully; Hits Three Stretch Goals

Sacred Fire's Kickstarter has concluded, raising $65,000 USD across 1,435 backers, a decent amount above its $50,000 USD campaign goal. Additionally, the game also managed to hit three stretch goals. ...Read More

on April 13, 2017 2:11 PM
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Roguelike ‘MidBoss’ Launching On PC May 23, Gets New Trailer

The roguelike with possession mechanics finally has a release date. MidBoss will be released across PC, MAC and Linux on May 23, 2017. We also get a new trailer for the game alongside the release date announcement. ...Read More

on April 13, 2017 11:48 AM
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Cities: Skylines – Mass Transit Expansion Launches May 18th; New Trailer Revealed

Today, publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Colossal Order announced that the new expansion for their city-builder Cities: Skylines, titled Mass Transit, is set to launch on May 18th. ...Read More

on April 13, 2017 9:23 AM
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Offworld Trading Company First Expansion Announced; New Planet Coming

Offworld Trading Company's first expansion titled Jupiter's Forge is releasing this Spring. Soren Johnson warns that it will bring an increased difficulty to the game. ...Read More

on April 12, 2017 10:34 PM
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Galactic Junk League: Cyberpunk Update Now Live; New Trailer Released

Today, the first big update for Pixel Federation's early access spaceship building combat game, Galactic Junk League, titled Cyberpunk, launches: bringing a host of new content such as cyberpunk themed skins, new abilities, new league features like ...Read More

on April 12, 2017 9:48 AM
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Total War: Warhammer Coming to Mac April 18

Feral Interactive's Mac port of Total War: Warhammer is releasing next week. ...Read More

on April 11, 2017 3:41 PM
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Stardew Valley: Collector’s Edition for PS4 and Xbox One Gets Launch Trailer

The newly-released physical Collector's Edition of Stardew Valley on PS4 and Xbox One shows a deeper look at the edition's pack-ins and bonuses. ...Read More

on April 11, 2017 11:48 AM