CD Projekt RED Researching Seduction and Spike Heels for Cyberpunk 2077

on September 5, 2013 1:48 PM

PR Manager Agnieszka Szóstak is one of the ladies working at CD Projekt RED. To be more precise she’s the one that has to arm herself with with quasi-angelic patience to put up every day with the unending requests and queries from us video game writers, and today she revealed something quite interesting about the development of the upcoming next generation RPG Cyberpunk 2077:

(yes, she meant “Seduce”, apparently she was typing on a phone)

If you know the Cyberpunk setting, you won’t be that surprised, as seduction and fashion both play a very important role in the sprawling cities of near-future Earth. if you know CD Projekt RED you’ll probably be even less surprised, as they’re well known for the attention to detail and the research that goes into creating their titles and into making their worlds feel truly alive.

When we’ll play Cyberpunk 2077 two years from now, we’ll have to remember that we owe part of its atmosphere to Agnieszka’s fashion sense.

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